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  1. This “word” was such a blessing to me personally for at this time I am in Kenya ministering to various groups.  Yesterday I ministered in the village of Lamech to the women.  I had a message to speak but when we were ready to begin only 5 women were there.  I felt lead to change the message and your ‘word’ was almost the same as what I presented.  I then felt led to do a foot washing of these women and the Holy Spirit gave me words of knowledge and I was able to prophecy to several of the now 30 women who had gradually come to join us.  What an amazing and new time of restoring and encouraging time of change for them and for me.  I believe that as I am sent to minister; I am the one who truly recognizes the change within my own life through the Holy Spirit’s presence and revelation.  I am overjoyed with His confirmation through your precious word sister .  God bless you more and more! :)

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