Word for the UK: The Foxing, The Parliament & Brexit


I hear the Spirit say, “Watch and Pray!  The spirit of fear and intimidation is causing many to become spiritually paralysed.

Fear not!  For My Perfect Love now drives out all fear!  My Kingdom is advancing….”’

This headline absolutely amazed me….!

“How Jacob Rees Mogg Outfoxed the Remainers”!

Check out this word I posted on June 10, 2018 regarding The Fox and The Trooping of The Colours.

“The UK – A Spiritual Trooping of the Colours!”

An Urgent Word for the United Kingdom!

“A Spiritual Trooping of the Colours, the (Fox) Spirit of Herod Over the Nation and a Divine Convergence Taking Place.”

trooping of the coloursYesterday early morning I was impressed during my time with the LORD to watch the ‘Trooping of the Colours’ that took place on Friday in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday in London.

Now as I began to watch the replay of the event, the Holy Spirit immediately spoke these words to me, “Daughter watch!  For there is a spiritual trooping of the colours taking place over the Nation in this hour, as My Remnant warriors are gathering together in perfect unity and alignment.

Watch!  For a divine convergence is taking place on the battle field of this Nation!”

Quickly, I wrote down what I heard the Spirit was saying, and then continued to watch the event.

Now there came a time during the festivities while hundreds of royal fans were watching and waiting for the Queen and her Royal Regiment to march onto the Square Parade, when a small fox came running out of the bushes and ran onto the square.

Brazenly, the small fox somewhat pranced across the grounds in front of everyone until it eventually left the square through a narrow gap between a wall and a fence.

As I looked at the fox in amazement, Immediately I felt the anointing become so heavy and tangible, and then I heard the Spirit speak again to me saying, “Daughter Look and See, for the spirit of Herod seeks to destroy and annihilate the Vision and Destiny of this Nation.

 WATCH AND PRAY!  For this cunning, crafty and treacherous spirit is now operating over the Government and the Church in this Nation!”

On hearing the Spirit speak those words, I switched off what I was watching and I began to intercede for the Nation.

I was praying in tongues, the Holy Spirit quickened to me Luke 13:31-32,

“And Jesus said to them, “Go tell that fox, ‘Look, I’m driving out demons and performing healings today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will complete my work.

As I read that verse, I inquired again from the Holy Spirit what He was showing me and He revealed to me that the ‘Fox’ was prophetically symbolic of the spirit of Herod that is now operating over the Nation.

The spirit of Herod comes with the purpose and goal of total destruction and annihilation, this cunning and dangerous spirit comes at a time when a people, Nation or individual is about to reach full maturity, growth, purpose and Destiny.

The spirit of Herod hates anything good or godly, this treacherous spirit seeks only to kill and destroy destinies that are on the verge of blooming.

As I continued praying I began to see a powerful prophetic parallel unfolding before concerning the Nation and BREXIT.

I clearly began to see how this same spirit of Herod which came against the Destiny of Jesus, John the Baptist, Elijah (operating through Jezebel), Moses and Joseph is now operating over our Government and over the Church in the Nation.

This spirit of Herod is warring against the people of God in this Nation, and this Treacherous Spirit is contending for the Birthright and Destiny of Great Britain.

This spirit of Herod is a GREAT THREAT TO THE Nation AT THIS TIME!

While still in prayer the Holy Spirit then spoke again to me saying, “Now is the Time for the True Worshippers to Arise in the Nation, (The Tribe of Judah), Worshippers who will walk in Spirit and in Truth who will Stand against, and combat the powers of the spirit of Herod over the Government and in the Church, the remnant Warriors must arise from their deep slumber and take their place on the battlefield in this Nation!”

Then the Spirit of Revelation showed me a coming together of mantles over the Nation.

I kept hearing the words, “A divine convergence is now taking place in this Nation to combat the powers of the spirit of Herod that is over the Government and the Church.”

The Spirit then showed me again the Mantles of Moses, Elijah, Jospeh and John the Baptist and how these mantles (Anointings) will now begin to emerge or converge in the days ahead.

*** Let us begin to call for a manifestation of these powerful mantles to come forth in the Government and in the Church. ***

God is rebuilding this Nation; God is Restoring, Reviving and Reforming

As I continued to inquire of the LORD the Holy Spirit then lead me to the Book of Nehemiah 4, where we see the rebuilding of the wall and how Nehemiah came up against the same spirit of destruction and death.

We read how just as Nehemiah and his people began the work of rebuilding the wall, the spirit of Herod showed up in all his glory, threatening to destroy and dismantle the wall from being restored.

YES!  The spirit of the Fox came with the goal of distracting, derailing and ultimately destroying the vision, mission and Destiny of Nehemiah and his people.

BUT!!  Nehemiah being as bold and courageous as a lion he stood his ground against the spirit of Herod and he declared these words,

“Don’t be afraid of them!  Remember the LORD, who is great and awesome!   It’s time to fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”   v14.

Nehemiah was not going to be intimidated or threatened by the spirit of Herod.

*** I encourage you to read the whole of chapter 4, it is both very powerful and prophetically poignant in what I believe God is revealing at this time for the REBUILDING OF THE Nation!  ***

After posting yesterday’s video the LORD called me back into the place of prayer and He spoke these things to me;

I heard the Spirit say, “The fox is moving in the Houses of Parliament.”

Then He likened to me the Houses of Parliament as a HEN HOUSE, and He said “Just as a Fox comes to the hen house under the cover of darkness to scatter, to steal, to kill and to destroy, so the fox has come to the Houses of Parliament in this Nation.”

The fox is moving subtly and stealthily.  He is cunning, crafty and treacherous not to be underestimated.

But then I saw the mighty one, the Lion of Judah enter the the hen house and He began to roar and the fox fled in great fear and never returned.

And then the Spirit spoke again saying; “Daughter, just as the fox was seen on parade square in the light of day, out in the open for everyone to see, watch, as My Spirit of Truth and Righteousness moves to uncover, expose and bring to light the works of wickedness and witchcraft in the land.

Watch!  For those who have dishonoured Me and who have turned away and rebelled against My plans and purposes in the Nation, I will cause them to be stripped naked and paraded out in the open before all men, for no longer will my justice and vindication tarry in this Nation!


This is the word in a Nutshell that I shared on FACEBOOK LIVE.  If you want to hear more please see below.

See also my HKP related Word:  The Fox is Moving in the British Parliament!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

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