Word of the Lord for May 2013


This is a time when the significant things in this hour all point us in the direction to the promises from God and lead us toward our covenant relationship with Him.  During times of prayer, the Lord has continued to show me the importance of passing over the river Jordan (from a spiritual perspective), along with the significance of oil, bread, wine, and the power of prayer.  There is a refining process that we have been experiencing and because of it we have become more and more aware of an important transition from where we have aspired to be, to how to obtain victory in those areas now at this time.  The Lord is revealing to His people that the way we approach these things and how we walk in the new realization concerning what is going around us includes the ability to conquer and overcome the obstacles that have tried to hinder us in times past.  This is where the significance of remembering His covenant and carrying a strong spiritual mindset will become essential.  Running after the things of God, allowing him to order our steps, and depending on His voice with a readiness to consecrate our lives, in a manner fit to receive what is needed to move on in victory and the light of His glory.  (The following is a compilation of His words and visions that were revealed to prepare us in this season.)

“Time is of the essence.  You have entered into a season of passing over.  You must set out from the place of where you are now to where you will go-after my presence.  (This is a type of passing over from the most difficult period of your life to coming into of new place spiritually.)  Understand that spiritually, crossing this Jordan represents to you everything that has challenged you concerning the fulfilling of your destiny and that which has tried to keep you from being in the place spiritually where you need to be.  You must humble yourself and allow your spirit, heart, and mind to embrace the understanding that you have not gone this way before.  With my direction, will you be able to deal with the situations that you will face because I will be with you guiding you through as well as ordering your steps, to walk out a new chapter in your life.”


I saw a large shore with many people and most of them were in position to go over a large body of water.  I saw those who carried “the ark of the covenant” before them.  But there were others on the shore waiting with expressions of readiness even great expectation and there were others who looked as if they were trying to make a decision whether to cross or not.  Few stood observing without making any preparations to cross.

Joshua 3:1-7 Amplified Version:  “Joshua rose early in the morning and they removed from Shittim and came to Jordan, he and all the children of Israelites, and lodged there before they passed over.  After three days the officers went through the camp.   Commanding the people, when you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God being borne by the Levitical priests, set out from where you are and follow it.  Yet a space must be kept between you and it, about 2,000 cubits by measure; come not near it, that you may [be able to see the ark and] know the way you must go, for you have not passed this way before.  And Joshua said to the people, Sanctify yourselves [that is, separate yourselves for a special holy purpose], for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.  Joshua said to the priests, Take up the Ark of the Covenant and pass over before the people.  And they took it up and went on before the people.  The Lord said to Joshua, This day I will begin to magnify you in the sight of of all Israel, so they may know that I was with Moses, so I will be with you.”

“This will mark a time of remembrance.  A time when you will look back to this year as a season where I brought you out and set you into a new spiritual mindset.  As you become more and more aware that it is important to know that the accomplishing of that plan will come forth through the process that I have ordained for you, even though you may have a plan with a certain direction in mind.  Even so that which you have envisioned must line up with the spiritual fulfilment of that walk, along with carrying the ground work that I have ordained for your life.  The two will agree.  As you prepare to go over this spiritual river Jordan you must understand that a cleansing must take place.  Consecrate yourself before me, separate yourself, and set yourself apart from the fleshy desires that have distracted you and veered you off course.  Cast off the works of darkness that have tried to take over your soul.  Guard yourself from holding on to negative mindsets and characteristics that will only lead you down a pathway that will delay you from achieving that which you desire to accomplish in this hour.”

“Passing over that Jordan says that you are ready to change and become separate from the world’s system, way, and approach of getting to where you want to be without compromising your calling and position in the kingdom.  So as you pass over this challenge you will experience a lifting of the burden of doing things in your own strength and you will receive new strategies as new opportunities present themselves because you have arrived to the place of my promise.  You are operating in an accelerated time that I will direct you into.  You will be able to relinquish so many things that have hindered and delayed you from achieving important goals.  Realize that through this, you will also cast away the unnecessary things that have tried to hinder your faith.  Understand that the cleansing is essential to reaching where you need to be.  Refuse to let the stubbornness of sin and pride keep you from moving up into the place that I have prepared for you.”

Romans 13:14 (Amplified)   “But clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and make no provision for (indulging) the flesh [put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature] to (gratify it’s) desires (lust).”


“This is the time where you must wear the humility of a servant and the garments of the priesthood to carry the ark of my presence so that people may go after it.  Allow this to be a time where pride and flesh will no longer dictate to you who you are, nor whom you will become.  Lead by example so that those that follow will be the warriors that will take the people into a place of victory in battle and breakthrough in times to come.


I saw a vision of a white cup filled to the top with oil, and then all of sudden it was turned to it’s side and the oil flowed out and seemed to never stop.  (There was more oil coming out than that which seem to be in the cup (an overflow).)  Then when it was empty it turned back into it’s upright position and was full again.  I knew there was a mighty release more than the cup could hold.  I knew this came from the divine supply of the Lord.  A couple of days later I saw a huge hand coming out of the heavens and out of its palm was pouring oil.

“I am pouring upon my people the oil of my covenant that was established before time.  You will begin to see it’s effect in the days to come.  As I pour out the oil upon you, it will be evident that I will be with you to help you, direct you, and show you things as you cry out from your place in prayer.  The oil symbolizes access into places you could have never walk into as well as the ability to come out of situations that you otherwise you would not be able to come out.  It is the oil of favor and joy giving you the grace to come out of troubled areas into a place of breakthrough.  Testimonies and miracles will begin to come forth; so many wondrous things will begin to happen.  Know that I am moving upon this time for all to see so that a greater measure of My glory will come forth.  Revival fires will burn.  You will feel the power of my love coming forth upon my people and joy will come in the midst of them.  A peace will be released that will bring a fire and a light upon my people that will flow like liquid fire.  It is my portion given freely to you to believe again, to hope again, and to reach up and reach out to touch others’ lives in ways that have not been in this measure.”

“This release will be the beginning of great things that I have prepared for my people.  Cry out in the Holy place of prayer.  Press in and don’t let up.  Press in my people, don’t give in, because as the prayers are being released out of my house, between the porch and the altar, as they pour out they will touch and cover areas that could not be covered in any other way.  As you pour out prayer you are holding back greater loss and greater devastation.  Many troubling things are about to surface even more so towards the last six months of this year.  There will be more terrorism even war plans will be attempted but also there will arise a greater vigilance and a greater cry will come out of the sanctuary.  It will become intense as the intercessors and watchmen cry.  For they will arise with great strength and unity, and the oil will increase.  Prayer is like the oil and the oil is like prayer.  As it pours forth and pours out, it will heal, cover, protect, and break yokes. It will pour out in a great measure.  For even the wine and the bread as instruments of communion are symbols of my love and power.  In this season they represent my covenant to you which holds precious promises that will never be forgotten, but fulfilled in the time to come.”

Psalm 45: 7 (Aramaic Translation):   “You have loved righteousness, you have hated evil, because of this, oh, God, your God has anointed with you the oil of a joy greater than that of your companions.”

“For the vision to watch and pray is coming forth now in a greater measure and it will take on a louder voice that will not be silenced says the Lord.  The power of prayer is being activated across the land and it shall increase.  Much worse would have come upon this land if it had not been for prayer.  The warfare against this nation has increased so continue to press into prayer. Pray with power and pray without ceasing.  Prayer is the key in this hour.  And it has been passed down from generations to generations.  It will never lose its strength.  Let the prayer pour like the oil.  Let it pour out in your homes, at the gates, in the secret place, in the glory, and in the worship.   As the prayers come forth so will my oil and the flow of miracles will come.  Salvation will increase, deliverance will come forth, and many souls will be won.  Cry out for Holiness over this land before it is too late.”

Psalm 105:8   “He has remembered His covenant forever the word that He has commanded to a thousand generations.

“Open up your heart so that you may receive my grace and my glory.  Open up your spirit so that you may know what is about to unfold.  Open up your heart so that may understand why this season is so important as you transition across troubled waters to solid ground.  So rise up and take your place.  For I will lead you by my very hand and I will surround you with a hedge of protection.  As you follow me the favor that I will place upon you will guide you through.  Know that I love you with a love that’s everlasting.  I desire that you walk in victory in ways never seen before.  All that you have been searching for is right before my presence.  This is not an hour to wait and see, nor to wait to find out how things will fare, but it is a time to overcome and a time to conquer obstacles.  It is the hour to hear and not forebear.  Know that you are preparing to be the sons of the greatest army in this hour.  For the work of the Kingdom will come forth mightily.  You are a part of this destiny says the Lord and it will come to pass. It is my word and my promise to you in this season.”


Prophetic Intercession:   Please continue the pray our list from the Word of the Lord for February 2013.

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The Lord has placed upon my heart to send out a special free gift of oil to all who send an offering during this time.  This anointing oil has been prayed over and the Lord has promised to do great things.  Please when you contact us, make sure that we have your name and address clear and legible so that we can send out your oil as soon as possible.

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