Wrestling to RISE!


“Tossing and turning

questions and yearning…

What is this road that seems to be unending?

Where is the reason in this current season…

Vision is cloudy and thoughts are sometimes pounding…

What is this road that seems to be unending?

Doubt and fear would like to settle near…

Discouragement and worry are making a play.

BUT then I hear a still small voice within My Heart… the wrestling will produce the RISE so hang tight My Child of Light!

Do not drop your sword or shrink back in fear!  You are being equipped for your call, so do not fear My Dears!

Come closer and closer and seek My Presence… empowered you shall be when you come an sit with Me!

Wrestling and restlessness may be what you feel… but remember that my power shall always prevail.  Raise your sword and don’t shrink back…

It is in the wrestling that this journey unfolds but “I AM” is the driver and knows the lay of your land… land that is marked by the Blood of the Lamb!

Know this My Child, I have your hand and at the end of the wrestling you will RISE by My Hand and not by man’s!”


Blessings and HIS abundant grace to you!
~  Stacey Talbot

Stacey Talbot

Stacey Talbott of Woven Impact Coaching is a passionate purveyor of HOPE through Jesus!  Called as a Prophetess/ Seer, Stacey operates under the power and unction of Holy Spirit.  Physical, emotional healing are part of her ministry.
Stacey is a Certified Christian Coach who loves to speak the heart of God into others.  She also loves to write for the LORD, encouraging others with HIS life giving words, in various forms including prophetic poetry.
Stacey may be contacted by email at coaching@wovenimpactcoaching.com or via Woven Impact Coaching or her Facebook Page: Deeper Things ~ Thoughts from Heaven.

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