Year of Great Faith, 2011

This prophecy “Year of Great Faith, 2012” is written by Prophetess Nancy Haney.

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This past year, 2010, has been an amazing year of just what the Lord said … Victory … Triumphing … Testimony.  Twenty represents “redemption”, through victory and triumphing, celebrating what is already completed because of the cross.  Ten means “testimony,” overcoming our enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev. 12:11a).  Redemptive testimony is Victory … Triumphing … and it leads to Overcoming!  That describes 2010.  And it is hard to believe the 12th month is upon us … and not too far off is our next year, 2011.

So what can we expect in 2011?  What has the Lord been releasing in my heart about 2011?  A while back the Lord started to drop some hints about what is to come in 2011, and to be honest, I was a little apprehensive because it will not be an easy year.  However, as I waited on the Lord, listened to Him, and searched out His Word, I’ve come to realize, 2011 is going to be what gets us from 2010 on to 2012.

2011 is going to be a year of Great Faith!  The Lord said, “Tell them…” without understanding and walking out 2010’s Redemptive Testimony and Overcoming, we will have a difficult time in the year 2011.

He began to direct me to some interesting things about the number eleven.  (Some of you may know one of the ways the Lord loves to speak to me is in numbers.)  Eleven, as in 2011, is the number that connects 2010 and 2012.  So this Great Faith for 2011 will be essential!  Eleven is described as a number meaning Judgment and Disorder (Biblical Mathematics; Keys to Scripture Numerics by Vallowe).  The book, “When God Speaks” (by Pierce & Sytsema) refer to 11 in this way:  Mercy, end, finish, last stop, incompleteness, disorganization, disintegration, lawlessness, disorder, the Antichrist; judgement.

Eleven is one beyond ten, and one shy of 12 … the number between 10 and 12.  It is a number of transition … getting from one place to another … a crossing over … a shifting.  Eleven signifies a change in power.  It is the number between 10 (testimony, law and responsibility; the number of divine injunction and government) and 12 (Governmental perfection, apostolic fullness, the Holy City of God; God’s covenanted ones, particularly His apostles).

As I continued to meditate, pray, and research, I believe that God revealed a picture of what this Great Faith is and how it connects 2010 and 2012…. It is a bridge!  It is God giving us a way.  It is God using us, His people, as bridge-builders, helping others cross over.

He describes this in 2 Cor. 5:18 & 20 in that we are reconcilers and ambassadors.  A bridge is intended to reconcile or form a connection between two things; to form a support.  Can you see how this is unfolding for us for 2011?  Can you see how Great Faith is a bridge?  Faith (Heb. 11:1) is what is unseen, what is ahead, 2012 … but a bridge, Faith, 2011, will bring the unseen into view!

I felt the Lord was really confirming all He was downloading in me as He revealed to me secrets from His Word about Gen. 11 and the first part of Gen. 12, as well as 1 Kings 8 (11th book in the O.T.).  This year I believe we are to return or establish the ARK – Restore His presence…and the power of the Holy Spirit as the most awesome prayer to be declared by King Solomon is in that text.  There is so much more as He has us on this quest to reveal what He wants to make known to us in this hour…to help equip the Saints!   We need His Great Faith.  And as we continue to testify, my sense of what He is unfolding is that He is going to prove Himself once again… Why? Because from the Old Testament through the New Testament to present day, He has proved Himself true and faithful.  He has not changed.  If only we will review our testimonies, we will see His faithfulness over and over again!   Amen!

This is going to take Great Faith, like Abraham – the father of Faith.  It was Abraham’s faith that made him righteous!  Faith, because he believed, and it was counted to him as righteousness.  (Heb. 11, The Hall of Faith)

Think about the times the Lord said to erect stones as a memorial (established to remind people of a person or events) …. Testimonies!   Remember in Joshua 4:6-8, when the people passed over the Jordan …. when they crossed over, transitioned to the other side … What was the bridge???  The Ark, the presence of God.  If we have received Jesus Christ then we carry the presence of God.  And we will be those bridges in 2011, if we hold fast to Great Faith!

I want you to know I’m praying for all of us, that our confidence in the Lord will grow to a greater level of faith for everything we put our hands to, for all whom we love and for the knowledge that with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).  Remember, no matter what, all things are possible to US who believe, (Mark 9:23).  I am believing and standing on those two verses for all of you and for myself!

What does this mean for us?  First, it means that through faith, the things that are possible to God are made equally possible to the one who believes.  Secondly, faith is the channel that makes God’s possibilities available to us!  Amen!  No wonder the Bible as we know it from beginning to end, consistently emphasizes the unique and supreme importance of faith!  That’s why I’m excited about the new year unfolding as a great year of Faith.  And the picture of that great faith is like a bridge over troubled, turbulent waters.  We, you and I, are the bridge builders, the ambassadors.  Kingdom purposes beckon great faith to reconcile the span between 2010 and 2012.  We will need this bridge of great faith to get us through this upcoming year of 2011; this year of transition, judgement, disorder, etc.  Can you not sense this stirring already?

Please continue to hold fast.  We have been, and will continue to feel the pressure of a narcissistic society; that attitude of being self-absorbed, self-centered, reflection of “me” or “this is what I need” or “who I am” view.   We know this narcissistic temperament holds a worldly standard.  Even our Christian brothers and sisters are having a hard time realizing / remembering that God has provided the bridge of Great faith so we can look beyond ourselves and what we think our needs might be according to our circumstances.  When troubled waters roar like sea billows we must keep our eyes and hearts on HIS standard verses what “we” think we need.  Even in the calm of the waters, we must continue to reflect what HE loves so we are not swayed or held captive by an attitude of narcissism.   We want an attitude of more than “who I am” … we want only “who I am in HIM!”  All of us in HIM…

As this next year approaches, please pray for eyes to see and hearts to be faithful to the knowledge and understanding of faith and belief.   More and more, I am realizing, there is really no distinction between faith and belief.  Believe in faith, faith to believe!

Yes, year of Faith!  Buckle up…and cross over, no matter what it looks like below…You will get to the other side and so will I!

Blessings and Love, Nancy Haney

Nancy Haney, of Nikiski, Alaska, is the president and founder of Point to Hope Ministries, a non-profit ministry devoted to bringing to the nations the message of “our hope in Jesus Christ.” Nancy is an ordained pastor and apostle serving with her husband, Henry, at Nikiski New Hope Christian Fellowship located in Nikiski, Alaska. She just completed 13 years of leadership in Aglow International at all levels including Alaska President and State Prayer Coordinator. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, and has served the Lord in many different capacities for nearly 30 years.


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  1. Thanks for speaking the truth…I haven’t heard anyone dealing with 2011 as the year of judgement and disorder…I saw what the numbers meant but just wanted to see if anybody would really touch on the topic…without sugar coating it