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You are Chosen for a Mission! — 4 Comments

  1. I Am The Chosen One, Indeed So Father, my God, I thank you for your Words, this day, on my Birthday August 16, for I delight Greatly in them.
    I thank you for the connections, the Right connections, you are bringing to me. Let your Glory Shine upon me, all around, within me, as I go from Faith to Faith, Glory, to Glory, set me upon High, let your light shine upon me, brightly, let your presence be seen upon me, wherever I go, let it touch hearts, bringing all unto you, to change hearts, to recognize, that you are the one and only true God, that there is no other besides you, for we were all created in your image and likeness, and without you,we will fail, we will fall.
    I need you every hour of my days, so happy to belong in your Kingdom of love, joy, peace, and happiness, for you truly are everything to me. I love, love, love, you Father, my God. Amen !!! Blessings to you Abba Father.

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