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  1. Great uplifting words that brought up new tears, tears of joy and gratefulness, because of your love and the true words. Thank you, dear sister June ! God knows each and everyone who is guilty on circumstances. While I type this, a great light started to shine in the mountains. The sun reflects somewhere far away just in this minute. It is twinkling like the star at midnight and the morning star. While the observers tortured me with their lightshows on cars and motorcycles and other ideas, and while they so often surround me with cars with 666 on the plates, everytime when I leave home and go to the bus or train station, everywhere, even up to the parking area of the new working place – when you went through this “program”, you enjoy heavenly signs and wonders more than anything else on this damned earth. Yes, this earth IS damned and one day will go down completely, because of the evil of its people. Read Isaiah 24. It is the HOLY WORD OF GOD.

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