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You Are Part of the Resistance Force — 7 Comments

  1. Sheesh!! Amen and Amen!!
    I have a person in my life right now going through what I’ve already went through, it’s hard!! She’s tried telling me that the reason her stuff is affecting me and my family is because we are all in this process together. When I spoke to her yesterday the Spirit of God came upon me and said to her, “You are going through this because of the poor choice you made, and these are the consequences of your choice. I’ve only been a friend and have tried to help, but this part of my own process is already behind me, and I choose not to make those choices in my life anymore.”
    The Lord spoke over me in January of this year, “I have declared over you that the last season has ended.” He then opened my eyes and showed me in the Spirit a picture of me lying on a table, and in His Massive Hand was a container of Healing Balm being poured onto the open sores on my back.
    Every Word you gave today has spoken right into all He’s doing right now in my life!!
    What an amazing and pure beautiful confirmation!!
    I’m grateful to both you and The Father Deborah, and I thank you both for sharing this incredible Word.
    God’s blessings beautiful lady :)

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