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You are Warriors & Peacemakers! — 1 Comment

  1. So true, dear sister. Every day at work the elderly say to me, even in front of all others, that I am good worker, a peacemaker, a very loving and careful, responsible, humbly and strong woman. So many good reflections, so many agree. One lady said I would be able to be a mother for many children, or the leader of the senior home. I am not a person who likes to get flattered or praised. But after so many complements I started to write them on calendar sheets… no one knows. It is the task of Christians, to be a blessing. Though often ugly jealousy arises around, I go on with work and day by day giving my best. True disciples work harder than others, often with sweat running over face and body. Thank you for your encouragement, dear sister Deborah !

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