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“You Chose Patriotism Over Me!” — 2 Comments

  1. It is genuinely sad, so much of what I hear on the internet is a mixture. There is so much fear passed off is “ sermons “ it starts off in the gospel but ends up discussing politics. It grieves my heart. Let’s get our focus on Jesus not politics/ policies of a fallen and corrupt government. Jesus alone is our only hope. I am think the church has strayed to another gospel.

  2. Spot on!
    Confirmed with all I am hearing.
    For years, I have been hearing in the Spirit about the ‘Remnant’ is to arise in this land. The true sold out blood bought Christians will not bow their knee to baal. A lot wont hear this message. Once again the Lord has us having a Prayer Rally in my area at the courthouse. Who usually comes? The ones who need Hope the Lord! A lot of times, it is very few. We repent and cry out for mercy. The homeless, the rejected can often be ministered to in this hour. The true remnant can always Arise! The counterfeit will fight against the True Church.

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