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It’s Time to Occupy the Kingdom of God on Earth — 2 Comments

  1. Thomas and Carol Gaddy were joined under covenant of holy matrimony 55 years ago. God brought them into his kingdom in 1987, JESUS CHRIST the MESSIAH- JESUS is our LORD.  God requested them to live in the house and tend his garden. fully restored in 2015, the mayor drove up with city police. Demanded that the home be demolished City attorneys filed injunction and lawsuit against the gaddys.  The lord sent his word in st.john chapter 10, v. 27 to be our counselor in the lawsuit. JESUS instructs us to write all the court filings. We have had to fight them in 7 cases so far, over the past 7 years. They have used many attorneys, district attys, city police, county sheriff and deputies, judges, politicians,but they have all failed! Gaddy s first born has walked through the fire with them, and paid $$ thousands to bail bondsman getting his parents out of jails. These criminals( government employees) have physically attacked both thomas and Carol Gaddy at their home at night, and at a public store parking lot at dark. Their purpose was to bring criminal charges against the gaddys in two different judicial districts in tennessee. Carol has been jailed 4 times, thomas jailed 3 times over the course of this battle. Both elders are still healing from the physical attacks, both are stronger prayer warriors, and both still occupy their lovely home in the lord’s garden. ALL GLORY TO GOD AND OUR MIGHTY COUNSELOR JESUS CHRIST!!

  2. God gave us an assignment in 1997 to buy a house and acre, located in sequatchie county, tennessee. God spoke ONLY 4 words to Carol Gaddy, who was a real estate broker, at the time. God said( THATS MINE REDEEM IT!). a mostly boarded up house, was being used as a beer bar for 20 years. The owner was afraid of the renter, but wanted very much to sell it. The home had been built just as the American civil war ended. We bought the property, recorded the deed, then told the renter he had to leave. He said he would pay us the $200. Per month rent, but was not going anywhere. As we occupied the land for cleanup of trash, rusty barrels, thousands of brown beer bottles, we prayed. God sent a purple cloud off the mountain, we looked up and saw it coming in our direction, we held up a tarp over our heads. God rained down hail onto that metal roof for about 7 minutes. It was a very hot, sunny April day, many trucks parked out front.the ground was covered with visible steam going up,ONLY THE ACRE . THE MEN CAME RUNNING OUT THE FRONT, AND CAROL POINTED TOWARD THE SKY AND SHOUTED, THIS IS A SIGN FROM HEAVEN, YOU BETTER GET OUT!! THEY WERE GONE IN A WEEK!!

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