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You only Think you have Unconditional Love! — 4 Comments

  1. I am a Christian and I am not perfect but I know the Holy Spirit lives in me and I have loved people who have pretended to be my friend and stab me in the back causing me much pain and sorrow. some of what you say is confusing because the Holy Spirit has also tried to teach me that it’s okay to walk away and not be somebody’s friend to continually abuses me.  it doesn’t mean I seek revenge or act on loving toward them but I don’t have to be their friend in fact often I just need to close the door because the devil is a liar deceiver and an interloper. it is very confusing when I am encouraged to maintain in relationships with people who are not inerested in relationship but just want to use me. I’m thinking of a scripture that said if they do not receive you shake off the dust on your feet. this requires wisdom

    • Dear family member, the only true perfect one is Christ Jesus . When Peter beheld Our Lord while walking on the water he was able to defy the laws of nature. But when His eyes beheld the storm and churning waves he began to sink. Remember as Christ is so are we in this world and as we behold him, keep our eyes on him, see him in the scriptures, our perspective becomes like his perspective and the power of the Holy Spirit gives us power to overcome those things that cause men on their own, to stumble. Look not to yourself or your ability to overcome the pain of past wrongs, look to a loving Savior that has enough power to heal your soul and refresh your spirit. He will lift you up comfort you. Praise Our Lord! Bless you and may the grace of God enable you and strengthen you.

      • Thank you Leaunna. Your response to my comments and question is very wise indeed. This is an area that has perplexed me and caused me to yo yo many many times in my Christian walk, causing me to stumble and fall backwards as well. Recently as I received prayer, I was given the word to fix my eyes on Jesus. You have reminded me , thank you very much for taking the time & care. god bless you! Amen

      • Bless you dear beloved one of God and I give The Lord Jesus the glory. For it is he that imparted this wisdom and it is He that wants you to know how much he truly loves you,desires you to rest ,and let him take care of you. He truly wants you to know His love is unconditional and he wants you to recieve his care for you. May The Lord’s love for you overflow in your heart and he overtake you with His blessings!! Praise Jesus Our Lord!!