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You Were in the Throne Room of God? — 3 Comments

  1. Glory to GOD!! Amen!! This Vainglory, covetousness, lasciviousness , etc. is running rampart in the Body of Christ. ALL these things are sin, but these are the same people speaking and saying the Holy Spirit has spoken to them.  This foolishness has to stop for GOD isn’t pleased and yes HE is not mocked! I pray repentance and GOD gives mercy just as HE has given it to us.

  2. Amen. God will not be mocked–He said it, not me. (See Galatians 6). Time to stop playing with God because He’s certainly not playing with us. He’s a loving Father full of mercy, but He is a just God. So thankful for the redeeming blood of Jesus.

  3. He sure DID… I was already Dead when that happened… :) He is the MOST Loving Gracious Kind and Patient Friend I have ever known. He has made me, by HIS Grace, a member of his house hold and has raised me since that time in His Presents… Life is real, with him. It is the Work that He does in me that is Everlasting. When I need an attitude adjustment, He helps me see it and helps me get there, Always with gentleness and encouragement.  You just can’t help Loving a Guy like that… :) I know no fear before Him. I hold Him in the Greatest respect and admiration. My loving Father and Mentor… Jesus Christ

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