Your appointed time of favor has arrived!


The shift has already taken place for many within the body of Christ.  Things have began to shift in your favor.

For those who have been going through for what seemed like a very long time, even years.  God is now shifting things in your favor.  You have endured the night seasons and the process of Holy Ghost and fire baptism, you endured the afflictions, hardships, struggles, mockings, rejections, gossip and heartaches, as he revealed by his spirit the hearts to you and filled you with discernment of spirits, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, faith, patience, temperance, and his love.

Now He is restoring, rebuilding all things new in his kingdom order.  All he promised you, He will now begin to bring into manifestation all that He has spoken to you, and concerning you.  This he will do for his own kingdom purposes and plans to be accomplished, as well as His great love wherewith he loves you.  Your times and seasons have always been in God’s hands. Your time to be favored has arrived!

Many of you are now experiencing this favor and you are ready and equipped for every good thing and work you have been ordained before birth to do.

I hear the spirit of the LORD saying, think it not strange beloved, if thine enemies are raging and bucking against you.  It is merely because they are having a hard time adjusting to that which the LORD is doing with his own in this season.

For they thought they had the power to control you and rule over you, and do as they would.  What they failed to realize is that the only power they had to start with was the power God Almighty placed within their hands, and because they misused this power he is now striping it from their hands.  For the LORD raiseth up one and bringeth down another.

Through the years, many of these failed to obey God concerning you, and others He placed within their paths, and because of the pride of their own wicked hearts, they thought they had the upper hand over you.

Many of you have been oppressed by such ones as these and now like David….  Your appointed time of favor has arrived and all that you have been preparing for is here and many Sauls are having a hard time adjusting to this.

God says, stay focused upon Him and do not be moved by their pride, for He alone is in control and you are His.  They will never be able to kill what God has anointed to live, nor can they curse that which God has blessed.  The mouths of the lions will be shut as God will manifest His glory through you.

Therefore no weapon formed against you shall in any wise prosper, but the plans he has for you will began to manifest and all will know it is nothing more than the hand of God upon your life.

The Spirit of the LORD would have you know that their sword shall enter into their own bellies, if they do not repent of their pride and get their hearts right before Him.  For these are the days of vengeance and the days of recompenses.

Double for all your trouble shall be your portion, righteousness, joy and peace shall be yours.  For it is and has always been the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Enter into the new season and stay humble before your God, and watch him move in every situation in your life bringing it into perfect order and alignment according to His perfect will.

Stay blessed in Jesus name!


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller



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Your appointed time of favor has arrived! — 6 Comments

  1. Amen, Amen and Amen! This is an awesome word, I believe indeed this is the time when Father is brining us into a time of manifestation of His promises, let us not be quiet, let us sing with praise and song in advance and receive our promises through our eyes of faith! Amen!

  2. Praise our God , I’ve so been believing and wait for this time’ I have been holding on, and praying that you Jesus amen