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  1. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, dear Sister Sherry Edwards Mackey! A powerfully and embraced, Anointed by God. I embrace and feel the delivery of this message is given in the sincere/true love of Jesus Christ. I definitely find myself listed in this post, having to be reconstructed, reprogrammed in the Holy Ghost, to bring out the beauty instilled inside of my heart and soul, birthing God’s divine will.

    Learning total submission, obedience to His infallible and Holy Word, which is Jesus Christ, the living and written Word. Thank you, for sharing, so much appreciated. God knows I true to be true to myself, with not pretending, but genuine with what I’ve experienced and been through or going through. This message hits direct, head on with everything currently going on in my life right now

    God bless you, beloved Sister in Jesus Christ! Much respect and love, praying for you and your family, as all of God’s true soldiers in Him, continue enduring, pressing in hard on this journey, learning through the experiences, knowledge of what the Lord has intended for us to learn.️♥️

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