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Your Sorrows Are Seen — 12 Comments

  1. It amazes me when He writes directly to me through others. Just incredible what we’ve been through in such a short period. Or long period. He has been so faithful.

  2. To my surprise, today what God inspired me to pray was about “deleting your bad records from the birth.” They are all evil,false,and distorted words and curses from other people and all evil,unfaithful,and negative words from my mouth. God led me to cleanse all those things with Jesus’precious blood. It took almost 3 hours. After doing that, I felt more peaceful and God gave me a new joyful song and freedom. Also, my sorrow and bitterness were gone. Hallelujah! Thank you, all prophets.

  3. Amen i agree with above, standing, talking care of my severaly mentally handicapped daughter,my husband had vascular dimenthia. It was very tough since 2018.. He did not want to let go and blamed me for his condition getting worse. He died 4 April 2023 in his sleep.It was very bad only Daddy God sustain me until now. Glory to God.

  4. Literally Word for word the situation that I’ve been in and almost consumed by for several years. Yet God knows. In the background of it all that’s been my treasure. God knows. Thank you.

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