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A Great War Against Men in This Season — 4 Comments

  1. I urge everyone to watch “Eve-the lifegiver of YHVH on u tube to watch this excellent presentation that goes into the true translation of scripture that explains the “rule over you” statement. Because Eve was allowed to stay in the garden as she was deceived, Adam was not, but Eve went with Adam so YHVH said he would rule over her.
    So many proclaim this as Gods will that a woman shall be ruled by her husband.
    The translation was not helper but companion.
    Another translation was not rib but SIDE.
    It goes on to explain how women were scrubbed and minimised by these mistranslations. Jow even kne of the disciples was a woman and they tried to masculinise her name (which didnt exist in hebrew)
    All original hebrew translations that were deliberately twisted to suit an agenda.
    It goes into so much more.

    We dont have much time so we need to know the truth and His Word not the words that have been used as a weapon against God and His sons and mainly His daughters

  2. 是的,不要让敌人战胜我们神国大家庭。我们有能力通过羔羊的血和我们见证的话来战胜邪恶的人。阿们!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Yes, do not allow the enemy to prevail over our kingdom family. We have the power to overcome evil people through the blood of the Lamb and the Word we testify. Amen!” ]

  3. Amen So thankful for your life and ministry.Please keep me in your prayers.Love to you and the ones called to stand sister sheilla

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