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  1. I am glad that you had a “dream” that put you in heaven and in earth meaning your husband is in heaven and you are in earth having an “adventure”.  Meanwhile, perhaps the original owners of the land from the time of Teddy Roosevelt can reclaim the land as one could consider it stolen from their family line. Gates is a robber. Regarding 2025 and another evil agenda from the globalists as part of the plandemic, we say no in Jesus name. Amein and amein. It appears to be a warning of more evil to come.

    • A sincere Thank You to everyone who gave comments, insight. And Thank you Adrian,for sending link to ‘Scottish Kincaid’ clan. I had not known about it. Interesting,I was surprised to learn at a family reunion years ago from a relative- that in my family line (maiden name family ancestry)- it had descended from a Scottish & Welch royalty line. There was a good King, who had sent ministers to the young colony (early America) in 1620-1700. They came to the nations first state, (Delaware),which, I just happen to live here for last 20+ years. Hhhmm. Adrian, you have shed light on this! The ‘interest’ the Kincaid-man in dream appeared to show – could it be I have ancestors in heaven – & they are interceding now (not just for me, my relatives) – but the “Colony called ‘America’. Fascinating how the Lord even uses the simple things to connect•the•Dots. God bless you. Sincerely- Elizabeth

    • I just did a search on the ‘family crest’ (Kincaid name).
      The pic & motto is “This I’ll defend”.
      Just learned its also the motto of The US Army.
      (Lord gave me several songs about ‘the Army of the Lord over the yrs. And my late spouse served in US Army).
      The remnant of the Lord still serves – in the Army of the Lord. My, my,there are no coincidences in God. Thank you Holy Spirit ✝️

      • Hello Elizabeth! Many thanks for your fascinating reply.
        I did feel explicitly to send you the Clan Kincaid link, and also I felt at the time that the clan motto was something that you might focus on. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t feel that it was my place to get any interpretation on your dream however. Which is funny because people have asked me for help with dreams, in the past.
        My wife would likely say to you something about this passage: “The building is my assignment here on earth — what my journey entails.” She’d probably tell you that there is likely a governmental side to your ministry (prophetic words I guess). To me, HKP is highly governmental, surely everyone reads it?!?!?
        Ironically, I spend a lot of time in Scotland (for work, in St Andrews, actually a very very governmental place though no one seems to notice). Lots of angelic activity of late. Crazy. I don’t know much about clans though, my family is French/English. Yours in Christ, Adrian.
        PS. If you need any advice on Scottish clans, I can still try to help though. A disposable email address for reaching me if ever: ag789 @ cmail .nu

  2. Hi Elizabeth, (we ask You Father to show us the meaning of this dream in Jesus name. ) what came to my mind about the man being sort of friendly, the Scripture where Jesus says, he that receives you, receives Me. The man’s face was a bit toward you. And to go along with that;
    Many of us are praying for those caught up in the satanic agenda, all those worker bees and ones at their top (but really the lowest of the low)—many of us (well I am anyway) are praying that God forgive and remit their sins (John 20:23 “whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them”) and the enemy will have less to hold against them and less power over them. This also helps them to receive you.

    So these were my prayerful thoughts along with the fact that God is Way ahead of their sinister plans of bio weapons and depopulation and worker bee gates land grab etc and already has a strategy to annul them as we pray. “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.”
    Just a thought that there was a unity in prayer, like psalm 133, that was established with your husband in Heaven, (like the unity of one flesh—husband and wife—husband covering etc). (Ben—son of my right hand—closeness) a unity much needed now, the agreement and love included—that God will give us with other awake people to pray with.
    God bless you all. Joanie

  3. Very interesting indeed. As u have so many dreams from the Lord, I can say only that the fact your husband was there meaning may be that the what you see now was in fact real since your husband was alive. Maybe that was the time they started to apply this plan about buying the land, and the pandemics. Father God thank You for keeping us close to You, in Lord Jesus Name, Amen. Sorry for my English, I am Romanian.

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