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A Prayer for Protection — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Marietta, Just finished praying the prayer you posted and began weeping when I finished The Song “No Other Name” But The Name Of Jesus came up out of my spirit and began to weep again. I didn’t know all the words so I looked up the name of the song and divine hymns gave me a the lyrics and a wonderful anointed singer. Thank you for bringing me closer to God today. I felt a warmth over me and knew he was around me and I’m so appreciative. I was being drawn to a closer walk today w/God as I have been consumed lately w/ the cares of this world so today and each day I’m going praise God more. This prayer you posted set me free from this as peace has been replaced into my heart and mind. God is truly using you. Thank you for listening to God.

  2. Thank you Marietta – had a couple of dreams the other night concerning traps set for me so I have prayed for protection

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