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A Season of Refreshing — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, Jesus! I found this post very insightful. I wanted to understand what season of refreshing means and I stumbled on this. This is my season of refreshing! Thanks for sharing, ma’am.

  2. God is the strength of my life. If not for the Lord on my side, the enemies could have snuffed out my life long ago. I thank you Jesus for delivering me, my family & all that concerns me from the hands of the evil one. Thank you Lord for your Mercy, Grace, Holy spirit & faithfulness. I agree I am weary & need God’s refreshing spirit upon my soul. The battles has been so great but God is greatest & this is always my Hope. This word is still for me. Lord I need you more than ever before. As you have spoken through your servant (June), may you watch over it to perform it speedily in my life & other brethren in Jesus Christ name.  More Grace to you Prophetess Reinke!

  3. His Kingdom come, His will be done.  i am so weak and weary and so in need of Him,.fill me and let me speak the Words You would fill my mouth with, in Jesus my savior, amen

  4. Praise the Lord! God bless you, Minister Reinke! I pray that you are doing well in the Lord Jesus, prospering in him, in all areas of your life. I give the highest Praise, hallelujah Jesus, just thankful for who he is to me and what he’s done for me over the years, how the Lord has kept me.

    I thank God, for using you in such a mighty and special way to assist the Church Body through these trying and challenging times, through the wilderness in which I personally experienced more often than I would have liked to, but to God be all of the Glory, he knows what’s best for my life, his will be done. Personally I do feel drained, somewhat frustrated, but never the less, I sincerely and truly love the Lord, desiring him, his will, call, purpose and plan for my destiny in him.

    I’ve grown in the Lord quite a bit, not by my strength, might or power, but by his Spirit. I take no glory, but recognizing the Holy and Only One who carried me through the trenches, the valley of death, through the attacks of the enemy, it was Jesus Christ who Saved my soul, making me whole in him, delivering me from the entrapments, from the hands of the devil.

    God bless you, Minister Reinke! I pray that the Lord continues to refill with his holy fire in the Holy Ghost, engulfed in his Anointed Power, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, performing miraculous works for his Praise and Glory. Have a blessed day in the Lord!️❤️

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