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A Word for Venezuela: Maduro to be Removed! (Updated) — 16 Comments

  1. With all due respect, but I think you should ask the Most High for discernment. American wants to invade and lie about Maduro so they can steal Oil and Gold. They are just lying.. Amerika has a deep state… Maduro is not what the globalists and the liberale are trying to make him… I REALLY think you should watch real news, because your prayers are based upon fake news that is putting hatred towards Maduro.. He is socialism and Americ has tried more then 50 years to invade Venezuela for no reason.. Venezuela is were they are now because of America’s sanction.. They are REALLY trying their best to make Maduro look bad for their OWN PROFIT. I also thought that Maduro was bad until I did some research about this whole thing… They are going so far right now to invade Venezuela through THE caribbean.. they are putting the lifes of them in danger just for money and power.. REALLY look into the deep state of american.. as trump is exposing some stuff about it.. Colombia has also sold their soul to the devil..

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