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  1. hi, Prophet Ken, thanks be to God, for he has revealed to me some truth as same as he revealed to you( such as Ro11:11-24, Eph2:11-22, and Ps34:4-10 is the first verse that God gave to me through a believer that I met the first time about 20 years ago ) . and YES ! About ABIDING in him is so important NOW ! But how ? we can keep reading Jn15;10:” If you obey my commands, you will REMAIN IN my love , just as I HAVE OBEYED my Father’s command’s and remain in his love ” We must ABIDE IN his love by keeping his commands ( Jn14:23, 1Jn5:3) – ‘ The Ten Commandments ‘ – the covenant that God made with the house of Israel and the house of Judah ( Ex34: 27-28, Dt4:13) ; we as gentiles can be grafted in through the blood of Jesus ( Ro11:11-24, Eph2:11-22 , Ex24:8, 1Co11:25) . and HE is faithful to keep his covenant ( Dt7:9, 4:31, Ps89:34, 105:8-10) that will be written on our heart ( Jer31:31-33, Eze11:19-20 ). thus the other sheep ( gentile believers ) will be brought in … and there shall be one flock and one shepherd ( Jn10:16, 11:52, Eze37:15-28) : “ONE LORD, ONE FAITH , ONE BAPTISM; ONE GOD AND FATHER OF ALL , WHO IS OVER ALL AND THROUGH ALL AND IN ALL ( Eph4:5). and that’s the WHOLE gospel for ALL!  thank you and God bless you !!!

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