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America — There Are Rocky Roads Ahead — 11 Comments

    You yourself would not name him, IT DOENT GIVE ME CONFIDENCE.

    • Alex I didn’t speak who he really is merely because I spoke “only” what the Lord gave to me. Your confidence need not be in that the name wasn’t spoken, but in the truth of what the Lord spoke and in the truth of who he really is. Enough said. Selah`

  2. Whoa to those who do not see it was and is the one true God who has used this man as a trumpet call for the true church to be awakened as the one true god has brought this divide as a prelude to the greatest move of God is this or any other country’s history. First the natural then the spiritual all by his hand.

    • NO, woe to those who do not see how he has “deceived” so many; especially among the church. Mark my word, those who follow him will go down with him.

      • Stephen I said nothing about following any man. The trumpet is a sign we are not to follow signs but we would be wise in seeing what they are for. This man came on the scene so many eyes would be open to the lies and corruption not only in the government but foremost in the church in America. In so many ways just like the natural so many are only out for gain fleecing all those in the name of Jesus Christ. The church in America will now be given another sign this time spiritual if not headed this country will be no more. I would also say hate is only a weapon that will stab someone in their own heart. A warning not a rebuke.

        • David….BE WISE IN KNOWING WHO HE REALLY IS. MANY DO FOLLOW HIM; ESPECIALLY IN THE CHURCH. THEY ARE INDEED DECEIVED.  Indeed much of the church has fallen, and perhaps he is a sign, but woe again I say, to those who have and would continue to follow after him. I don’t call him a trumpet, unless his foul mouth utters words as loud as a trumpet but the tune is a very foul one. Enough said. I don’t hate; I only speak and yet know who he he really is

  3. I don’t want to assume I know, so, who is the man who is now under surveillance?

  4. Happy Birthday President Donald Trump! We love you! You are God’s messenger. You are loved by God and protected. No man will touch you. Live your best day, God loves you and we do too!

    • Now I see how some even here, are deceived. It’s unfortunate and yet perhaps predictable. If indeed as you say, Jeff, he is not God’s messenger; he never was. Dear Lord, open their eyes.