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An Hour and Season of Divine Demarcation — 7 Comments

  1. I for one feel that the enemy has been trying to advance the rule of antichrist before time and before the true church is ready.  So I say “yea and amen!” to this word.  What he has intended for evil the Lord will use for good by waking up and preparing His elect.

  2. yes, praise GOD for His working and his establishment of Truth and His Kingdom and Restoration and His Counsel!
    and how URGENTLY needed and Timely are these prayers and decrees ..I really am encouraged and am feeling new inner strength!!

  3. Yes, I claim and believe this prophecy and thank you for it Father, in the name of Jesus.  I pray to do my part to glorify you.  Be glorified Lord and rule and reign in us!  Thank you Sister!

    • I decree now the sounds of Victory and Freedom will be upon the lips of a rising Remnant as the mighty whirlwinds winds of God’s Seven Spirits begin to move and advance across the nations of the earth!

  4. I pray with ALL MY HEART Dear Father that this will be the case. We have NEVER needed this more than we need it NOW. I pray that it is happening even as I write this message. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

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