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Angels Opening the Floodgates — 3 Comments

  1. I agree. The first of the’Keys to Anointings’ is Zechariah 10:1. When a person or a church asks for rain, ask for pouring rain.

  2. Dear sister, in the midnight hour my last message (for now) goes out to you: I LOVE that song !!! :)
    Today after work I sat almost for 2 hours in my car to be with and in the WORD OF GOD. One of the Holy Scriptures that I marked today with a pen was about the blessing of the outbursting rain, after prayers.
    I type this on cell phone, almost sleeping, too tired to check it out again, but it was somewhere in the Books of Chronicles.
    Stay in touch, be blessed you and your whole family, and blessings to all who read this. Remember – we are in the days of repentance (Elul) in an important time frame, time window between old and new. Take yourself time to reflect in quietness what HIS WILL is, and BE READY. BE READY. BE READY.

  3. My God Thank You!!
    Thank you once again Deborah for your Faithfullness to share and your pure beautiful heart. I needed these Words like a dry sponge needs water. I woke this morning with this prayer “Oh my Dear God please help me.” This is not an uncommon prayer. His Faithfullness to that call upon His Righteous Right Hand to help me has proven itself time and time…and time again.
    This I will read throughout my day, I’m texting it to myself :D
    Bless you and yours today Beautiful Lady :)

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