Avoid Demon-incited Protests — Pray To Stop Them! — 3 Comments

  1. Part 2
    Western democracies are being purposely taken down, by the rolling lockdowns and the freedom rallies are pushing back. These rallies only become violent went police and military units attack the people and carry out the government’s anti-life agenda.  Our democracies are at risk when there is no healthy dissent or skepticism regarding the Covid-19 pandemic as we have been terrorized and traumatized by 24/7 news cycle. To save ourselves we must turn off the media and turn on and tune in to what the Father is saying. “Fear of man” or “Fear of God”.

    What is unique about our democracies is that we all have Human Rights and Freedoms Charters which enable citizens to actively engage in civil disobedience. As the months have passed with no end in sight, the church should have been the first to resist and lead the charge of dissent.  But they have largely rolled over and bowed the knee, so citizens who understand the cost of destroyed economies, increased hunger and starvation, lack of medical care for all manner of problems from delayed surgeries, suicides etc. have carried the banner and taken up the charge for freedom from tyranny and totalitarianism.

    So will we join hands and hearts? Yes Lord, we will.

    Only The Holy Spirit-led Church knows, understands and can.
     WE have command and demand authority of The LORD Jesus.
     WE have allow and disallow authority of The LORD Jesus.
     WE have bind and loose authority of The LORD Jesus.
     WE have forbid and permit authority of The LORD Jesus to cut off and destroy the power of Satan, and stop these unGodly protests.

  2. Hi Jacob, you are so right to point out that some protests are backed by a demonic agenda, however, further discernment of our times is necessary. It needs to be pointed out that there are two streams (attacks) occurring at the same time. One, the election of President Trump and second, the pandemic. The source of spiritual activity is the same, but not necessarily the outcomes. One is for the soul of a nation and the other is for the world.

    Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg are environmental movements whereas BLM is a civil rights matter that has been high jacked by Antifa – anti US government.  The world under lockdown is a separate but ancillary agenda to the climate group and is being driven by the World Economic Forum, UN, WHO, IMF, World Bank et al.
    It’s called the 4th Industrial Revolution, 8 predictions for the world in 2030, “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”, part of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”. Video from World Economic Forum (Davos)

    President Trump has said, “There will be NO LOCKDOWNS”, Nov 1, 2020.  Bravo! Praise God!

    To understand the “Great Reset” please note Alison McDowell’s work and exposure in this regard. Human Capital Markets, Digital Identity, & the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, is a good source to understand what we are up against.

  3. Yeshua Let us Continue to look to You! We Decree that the Government Shall Be upon your Shoulders!  We plead the Blood of Jesus against the enemy’s plans & influences against the 2 candidates & those in leadership Now in Jesus Name! Oh Lord, We also Pray for a release of God’s ANGELIC HELP over the nation, and that they go from community to community, coast to coast, and entrench God’s WILL during and after this election process in the America & bring Unity to our Land.  Let Your Peace Reign in the Earth!!  LET GOD BE TRUE & Let God ARISE – ALL HIS enemies Be SCATTERED!

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