Come Alive!


I ask you, “Can these bones live?”

Let me say it again, “Can these dry dead bones you see around you, live?”

I know you find yourself in this dried up valley, but your Sovereign LORD knows.  The breath of life is blowing, restoring, and resurrecting!


© Gurbir Grewal (flickr)

This picture exactly sums up how I felt when I woke up this morning.

I feel and sense things that looked so dead and hopelessly unable to be fixed coming back to life under his mighty hand.

I can’t explain to you the intensity I feel in the atmosphere, but some things are beginning to rise up that you never thought you would see again.

You thought your prayers went unnoticed, well you are about to get a big surprise!

The Resurrection and the Life is walking onto the scene!

Dreams are awakening and promises resurrecting!  The death sentence has been loosened!

The parched areas are receiving refreshment and the lifeless areas are seeing the wind of resuscitation!

I cry out in the name of Jesus with hands raised in praise,

“Dry bones hear the word of the Lord and come alive.

Come from the four winds Oh Breath of God and breathe upon the slain and weary.

Breathe upon your children!  Oh I hear that rattling sound!  Some things and some people are getting back up again!

I declare in the mighty name of Jesus!

Come Alive!  Dry Bones come alive!”

I feel this with every fiber of my being when I say,

“Lord we have cried out to you and trust you shall deliver your children.

Nothing is impossible with you.  Quicken to life the lifeless and bring strength to the lethargic.

Breathe oh Breath of My Almighty God, Breathe!  And to every need, every prayer, every hope tucked away in every heart I declare!”



Dana Jarvis

Dana JarvisDana Jarvis has a calling upon her life and Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry came from a Word the LORD spoke to her.  His words resonated in her Spirit and is what Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry is all about ~ to Equip, Empower, Encourage, and Raise Up his Sons and Daughters for such a time as this!
A Prophetic Seer/ Intercessor, Minister, Author & Christian Coach/ Prophetic Mentor, Dana is blessed by Abba to be one of His Leading Ladies for such a time as this.  Feel free to contact Dana as she would love to hear from you!

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