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Complete Release At The End of the Rope — 2 Comments

  1. Great words, but in my humble opinion, “says The Lord” or “The Lord says” needs to be added at the beginning or the end. He gets all the glory. Amen.

  2. Glory, These words spoken, is me, where I have been, it is I Father God, one who has held you closely to my heart, inspite of all the trails, the testings, the hardships,
    which I had to endure for your sake, because of who you are, and all which you have brought me through. I give you thanks and praises, for at the appointed timing, the moment, this moment now, I am releasing the Rope. I am letting go as you have spoken it, completely releasing the Rope, for my whole trust is in you, and you alone. I shall fly high above all, as an eagle, I shall soar above all circumstances which held me back. I am coming forth as gold, tried in a refiners fire, to show forth your Glory, in all and everything, in which you have raised me up to be. Thank you, for ministering to me, as I have sought you this day, and everyday in the secret place, you alone are God! You alone are my sheild, my protector, far above anything this world has to offer, for this is my set time of Favor, abundance, supernatural, all in all in which you are, for you have set me
    high above the nations, to be a blessing, and I delight truly in you always my forever King, and Lord of Lords.

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