Father, If It Be Possible

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They tried every way they could.  There was constantly some kind of plot; some kind of underhanded attempt to wipe out what He was.  I can’t help but think, how that everywhere He went, there was some evil person sitting on the front row.  They were just looking for some kind of fault; something they could accuse Him of.  Even Pilate, knew the very real reason why they wanted Him dead.  You see, He was a true threat to them.

If anyone is trying to truly be like the Lord, to earnestly follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, they are going to be a threat to someone.  I feel led to say again, that if the enemy is not trying to trouble people and often accusing them in this last hour, it’s because they are no threat to his kingdom.  There is trouble on every hand; destruction is at the door, people in other lands are being slaughtered for the name of Jesus Christ, and it seems many are sated, and quite comfortable.  Entertainment thrives; so little intercession.

This is the beginning of what we call our Lord’s Passion.  Jesus, is trying to touch some people this season.  They are weary.  Family has denied them; there is no real compassion or encouragement; no sense of responsibility.  I can only share my journey; my experience.  When I look back down the road, it’s easy to see that the enemy and his forces, actually did everything possible, to destroy me; even determined to take my very life.  And I can’t pretend today, that people I worked with in the church, were not a part of it.

Jesus had something that the church leaders of that day, did not have.  He was anointed; they were not.  They tried every way possible, to destroy His spirit.  You see, if you can destroy someone’s spirit, you’ve destroyed the person.  I’m not boasting; I’m just trying to be real; to help some soul today.

There was a humble spirit in many of us; a genuine anointing and a true sense of worship, some others, did not have.  And they hated that.  I wish I could say it only came from the pew; but it didn’t.  Oppression, was endless.

Here’s the message today; the joy that can truly be ours.  They tried to kill our Lord; they truly thought they had accomplished it.  Hell, celebrated.  But you can’t kill or destroy, the Holy Spirit of God.  Someone forgot, that He was the Lamb slain, from before the foundation of the world.

God did not gift people, to see them destroyed, and not restored.  Jesus paid it all.  I owe Him so much today.  They couldn’t keep Him down.  He, overcame them all.

Father, If It Be Possible

Jesus was God, manifested in the flesh.  But, He was still very much flesh.  God the Father, has never been tempted; not in the way we understand it.  But His Son, Jesus Christ, certainly was.  The one we know as Satan, gave Him a good round of what it’s like to be lured, with the things of this world.  Many today, do not believe that the dark side in the spirit, actually exists.  I’m always pulled up, when I read where he told the Lord; if you’ll just bow down and worship me, I will give you all of this.

The fleshly part of Jesus Christ, did not want to die either; no more than we do.  Laying down your life for your loved ones and friends, is one thing.  But to also do it for those who despise and hate you; those who have done all they could, at every turn, to belittle you, trick you and kill you, is a different kind of issue.  We have a hard time praying for those who despitefully use us; much less be willing to die for them.  There was a human side to our Lord, that many have often talked less of; perhaps, because of doctrinal definitions.  How long, do you think He knew, He would have to die like that.

For the past few weeks, I have been continually running across places in the Holy Text, when Jesus referred to His Father.  How many times did He do that?  And in the writings of the Apostle Paul, so many times lately, I have seen him make comments about “greetings from God our Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

I’m not going to debate this; there’s been too much of that already; I’m just stating what keeps being impressed on me.  I do have a hint of what it’s all about.  I just heard that another large group of people in another country were killed, and many of them were Christians.

People, are the body of Christ; not their building, not their denomination or even their ethnicity.  And whether some believe or understand it or not, it is not just one group and its members.  I think it saddens God, that while so many are giving their very lives for the name of Jesus Christ, we don’t even count them as our true brothers and sisters, because they don’t believe or understand exactly like we say we do.

I have often wondered, if Jesus also knew that He was going to die so horribly, for those who would fight and argue over who was a part of Him, and who was not.  What did He think.

Our flesh, does not want to die either.  And some of us, have sold out for a lot less than Judas paid.  We’ve recently talked about betrayal.  Can we truly feel how Jesus must have felt, when one He loved so much, sold Him out.  If we were honest, there are those times when we also say, God, if it be possible, I don’t want to go through this.  I don’t want anymore; I’ve had enough trials and tests; I’m only human.  I can’t go on anymore.  But then, just like Jesus did, after we have wept sorely and cried it all out, we say, even so.

I still want Your will to be done in my life; and I still belong to You.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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