God will do exactly as He says!

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Don’t let tradition lead you

Many are celebrating GOOD FRIDAY, but I urge you don’t let the celebration of the ****Greatest sacrifice**** in the world to become a ritual in your life, or just a tradition without personal meaning!

This week the Lord has been reminding me personally of that PAINFUL HOUR…. where He cried out to the Father, feeling FORSAKEN…. Saying “Why has thou forsaken ME” and “if it be possible, take this Cup from ME…. but nevertheless, NOT MY WILL FATHER BUT THINE WILL BE DONE”.

Let this thing be REAL, in your life daily, in the midst of a Fallen World!  As you remember the CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST, in your every day life!  As you carry your Cross, remember that He is leading you into the MANIFESTATION of HIS FINISHED WORK in your own life, that we can finish OURS…. through the Healing, saving Power of His shed Blood…..!!

Don’t let tradition lead you, but only the words of TRUTH.  There will come a time, when you will need to make it personal.  And you will forever hold it in your heart.


“Since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves with the “same way of thinking”, for whoever has “suffered in the flesh” has ceased from SIN, so as to LIVE for the REST of the TIME in the flesh —- NO LONGER for HUMAN PASSIONS but for the **WILL of GOD**,   1 Peter 4:1-2.

God will do exactly as He says!

God says, I will do exactly what I said….  No devil from hell will stop My plan!  Hallelujah….!

Yes God…..  The Lord says,

“I will make them all bow. Now or later, but they will all bow to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  To he who was and is and is to come…..  I will do as I choose and I will use who I use, its for my glory.  All for my glory, learn of me.  Learn of me.  Get to know My ways, for I  AM He who rose, that all who are mine shall rise and come and dwell with me, in new Jerusalem,  (Isaiah 66, Revelation 21).

For I will indeed make a new heaven and a new earth.  Even as I have spoken it in My word.  For the whole earth is the Lord’s and all of its fullness.  Who will override me? Who will stop that which Ii have willed?

I AM He who holds all power.  Yet, they take my cross for granted, and though My blood was shed, yet I AM rejected by those who say they know me.  Will i not judge the land?  Will I not speak to and through my holy messengers?  Who shall stop my hand.

I say who stays and I say who goes.  I AM He who judges the intents of the heart.  Stay alert My children and set your priorities in order.  For I AM soon to come, I AM soon to come like a thief in the night.  Yet they will miss Me.  Those who do not keep watch.

I AM that I AM.  I AM the Lord.  I change not…..!”

“Now I saw a NEW heaven and a NEW earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.  Also there was no more sea.  Then I, John, saw the HOLY CITY, NEW JERUSALEM, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a BRIDE adorned for her husband.  And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be WITH THEM and be their God.  And God will wipe away EVERY TEAR from their eyes; there shall be NO MORE DEATH, nor SORROW, nor CRYING.  There shall be NO MORE PAIN, for the FORMER things have passed away,”  (Revelation 21:1-4 NKJV).


~ Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell
Crown Jewel Ministries.
Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.

End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne KendellOriginal message written and published by End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne Kendell




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  1. Wow! This is so divine! I will pick up the cross and follow him even if seems there is no way! God is good all the time! Thank you very much for being a blessing to us.