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God’s Anointing Brings a Cross to Bear! — 3 Comments

  1. Coming together for to fall in spasms is NOT mentioned in the Bible and is not a sign of the Holy Spirit.
    IF one falls, one falls the only reason must be in trembling fear,reverence of God and conviction of sin. Nothing else.
    The “signs and wonders” which shall “follow the one who believes” are personal signs from God to the believer in which God confirms that His servant is on the right path and in His Will.
    No one else but the servant knows about those signs unless not God also confirms it through another person who can not know anything about it without spiritual revelation.

    What is said in the verse below is what a congregation shall do when coming together.
    If one not brings a teaching that comes from a revelation in the Spirit and which is edifying for someone and helps that person to walk in more dependence ón- and fear of the Lord then one does NOT walk in the Holy Spirit.
    And if it is not building up according to what this verse teaches the “coming together” is actually working the opposite:

    “What then is it, brethren? WHENEVER YOU COME TOGETHER, EACH OF YOU of you (shall!) hath a psalm, (shall!)hath a teaching (shall!) hath a tongue (shall!) hath a revelation, (shall!) hath an interpretation (from the tongue), let ALL things be for building up 1 Cor.14:26

    Every time in the Bible when the Holy Spirit fell and they spoke ‘in tongues’ other people understood what they said and praised the Lord. No mystical words were uttered. No one fell.
    No one had spasms.
    Nor did anyone fall when Jesus – without screaming and without the need to repeat the words- commanded evil spirits to leave a person.

  2. May the Lord bless you with over the top and beyond blessings for your post! It is so good to be rejected by man, and to be accepted in the Beloved! To Him e all the glory, honour and praise!

  3. Praise be to the name of the Lord! Thank you for the Word of warning Brother Johann Van der Hoven.

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