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  1. PART 4

    Just a note: I don’t live in the US and none of the above is meant as a political point. We must look at things spiritually. The enormous pressure that the enemy has put the US under, and its blue collar workers under, must be undone. The wounds caused by the enemy must be undone. It isn’t really a political point or even a directly political dream, but it does say that the life and financial situation of blue collar worker needs to be fixed.

    It could be considered staggeringly presumptuous of me to post this in the natural, but I did feel in prayer to do it. Apologies if I have repeated myself too much!

  2. PART 3

    Maybe this message is being given to you because you have, you say, wrestled with God about unanswered prayer? Maybe God is saying, the prayers are being answered but the workload in this area is enormous and involves recueing blue-collar-worker.

    Edmund Burke: I believe that the message of this scene is simple. It is saying: don’t set up society so badly this time. Watch carefully what you are doing. It is really a governance point. What is the point in fixing blue collar worker if governmental authorities simply make his life a nonsense again. So wisdom is needed in government too. To break bad habits for example. HENCE THE TASK IS ENORMOUS BY HUMAN STANDARDS. Government must be fixed, politics must be fixed, to fully and permanently fix US blue collar worker.
    Finally I believe the woman who doesn’t say anything at the table with EB represents much of the church. She doesn’t do or say anything (is she able to anyway?), so in effect God is saying, you are climbing the stack with the worker, but very few of you can make an impact.
    The vineyard is ready but the workers are few, springs to mind!

  3. PART 2

    Enter Elon Musk and You (The Church). Elon Musk and the church both understand that there is a problem and are accompanying the blue collar worker in his dystopian walk. For make no mistake, although his environment can be explained away as normal to the untrained eye, it is a distopia as we have seen above. Unhealthy and dangerous life in a far from ideal environment.

    So here we are, God needs to completely reshape Blue Collar worker’s environment. The work is staggering in its size. The entire city is a mess. He needs to be saved from this ridiculous obstacle course, epitomized it seems by his search for his/a paycheck.

    Strangely, Elon Musk is the guy who understands this and is willing to open his wallet to help. I find it strange actually, because isn’t Musk notorious for putting up messages in the workplace about working hard ? But there it is. I feel perhaps Musk understands this because he is a very international man. He has been able to compare the workforces and people groups that he has seen in the world and he realises the USA blue collar worker needs recueing somehow. I personally believe that this dream is showing you Elizabeth that God has had to do, and still needs to do serious surgery on US-blue-collar-worker-world to rescue it from its quandary.

  4. PART 1

    I submit the following:
    firstly that all your interpretations above are correct. But further:

    In your dream, the blue collar worker is doing a very strange thing, he is climbing an old stack to find a solution to his life. It isn’t that his actions aren’t virtuous in this, it isn’t that it is completely illogical, since his paycheck is at the end of the journey and he needs it. But it is jolly dangerous. And in any case, the landscape is far from ideal.

    “The next scene was a city where there were foundries and tall old industry-type cement stacks.”

    But a city can be beautiful and orderly. It doesn’t need to have dusty stacks everywhere, especially in a dream message God could put the industry in a pretty industrial zone, gleaming metal stacks, on the side of a beautiful city, for example.

    So I submit that this dream may be referring to both the macro and micro situation. You are seeing the blue collar worker, his entire environment is far from ideal, especially by the standards of a prophetic dream. And in practice his life is strange and dangerous.

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