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God’s Hand is Moving on the Supreme Court of America! — 3 Comments

  1. Please use careful discernment as you consider the video with the apology from the veterans to the Native Americans.  I am Native American.  My great grandfather became a strong Christian.  While one could say that America was “stolen” from the red man, if the white Europeans, who were largely Christian, had not taken this land, then China or Russia or someone else would have.  And there would have been no reservations, and no attempts to work with (to civilize) the very pagan Indian population here. They would have been killed, enslaved and assimilated.  The Indians have been romanticized.  They did have, perhaps, a great civilization here at one time, but most of the tribes were terribly brutal and violent. There are still major satanic strongholds tied to the remaining Indian sites.  I believe it is indeed God’s will that He will one day take over ALL of the nations of the earth, and make them his.

    I do not excuse the process of taking this land–my relatives were driven out west on the Trail of Tears–but again, if it had not been the white Europeans, it would have been someone else.  This was a different time.  I have grave questions about the video posted above.  I feel the apology was misguided.  I hope the Native Americans will join the people of God as brothers, but it is not appropriate for a Christian bow before a pagan culture.

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