Holy Ghost Alarms Are Going Off!

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Kingdom Advancement

Remedial mindset:  operates with deficient skills, have difficulty in learning or comprehension of something.

Kingdom advancement:  requires you to have the ability to understand the language, methods and behavior of God when it concerns how He is moving in the earth.

Some persons are trying to produce what they have not learned yet.  Yes we have the Holy Ghost, but we also need to have working skills also.

For some reasons, people think God is just going to send them an angel to do all their work for them.  You need to know laws, rules of employment, how to set up administrations in the church and business, you need some kind of knowledge of finances to operate a church ministry or business.

Strategy, planning and a sense of business, are all good elements that you need both in ministry and business.  Even as a church, we need outside businesses so that we have other provisional sources supporting, so that we are not draining the people.

I say that, because I have seen were leaders lose good people because there is sometimes a small remnant carrying the load of the ministry, financially.

Teaching the people how to produce provisional sources, how to maintain income, how to govern their finances, will help not only the ministry to continue to flourish, but will cause their personal lives to experience increase.

This helps to eliminate those who don’t have the larger finances, from thinking that all they want is their money, when their lives are flourishing also.

Kingdom advancement requires us to have the ability to produce the word and ways of God in the earth, in a larger measure.  We have to see beyond what is right in front of us.

We can’t limit our thinking, but we have to go outside the box of our familiar thinking and see more.

God spoke to me and said, we can’t be an Abraham, a Joseph or a Solomon, if we don’t put Him totally first in our strategy and plans of Kingdom Advancement and Economic Development!

Sowing and Reaping in Season

Look at your neighbor and tell them you will never be a billionaire or millionaire with your dollarnaire mindset.

Some people are talking about being prosperous, but are afraid of prosperity.

They operate from a position of caution, rather than faith.  The power to get wealth causes for you to trust God and to do something.  Nobody ever increases, just sitting back waiting on others.

I will not apologize for teaching on the Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping, seed time and harvest. I  have put into operation this principle in my life, sowing when God says, giving where He tells me to give.

I sow when God directs me to and to who He says and each time He has brought forth what I directed my seed for.

I learned to sow where I want my life to operate from.  Wanting to be a distribution center to the Body of Christ I had to learn how to operate in my sowing with a different mindset.

I have to watch myself also, that I don’t sow out of compassion, because there are those whom God is teaching and training to walk in their own faith, and who must go through certain trials and test.

Yes, God does want us to have wealth so that we can continue to build His Kingdom on earth and to help the people.

I’m teaching and training the Kingdom principles of sowing and giving, but I’m also showing them by example.  In order to increase you have to go above and beyond when directed by God.

Faith strategy and plans will bring you into the billionaire Kingdom status so that you can continue to sow reap and pour out into the Kingdom of God and the people!

You can’t lend to nations if you don’t have a nations plan and income!

Holy Ghost Alarms Are Going Off!

Right now my spirit is at a place of alertness as the LORD gives answers concerning situations.

The alarms of the Holy Ghost are going off strong, as well as a peaceful assurance that everything is going to be alright.  I see God snatching souls out of dangerous situations and delivering them.

The assignment of the Men and Women of God right now is a tremendous task, because of the demonic opposition they must now face from the world and the church.

There is a major increase of mental violence that shall erupt.  The oppression of the enemy will drive people to madness and they will just snap and go on killing sprees, but in a greater measure.

I see April 2018 will be a month of great activity both spiritually and demonically a clashing will happen major events will occur concerning the government in the next nine months also the force of nature will continue to be fierce all over.

Right now things are just starting to boil.  This is why we have to be about our Father’s business.  We have to move quickly concerning His will we must be in alignment with His timing concerning our lives and our assignments in the earth.

We can’t be off balance.  We can’t be shaky in our walk with Him.  We must move with stronger discernment making sure we are in the right place at the right time.

Preachers, make sure that you only go were God is allowing you to go.  Don’t just take speaking engagements!  Make sure that you are going only where you are sent.

Prophets, be careful when releasing words in this hour.  Make sure you only say exactly what God gives you, because it’s important.  Directions and instructions are being released.  We must know exactly what God wants from us to survive and be protected.

Those who travel by plane, bus, trains, pray and seek God about times of departures and arrivals; what airlines, bus line, train to travel on, as the terrorists are being stirred to strike.

They are now doing trial runs to see how secure these ways of travel are.

Watch all things be careful.  Those who travel by automobiles and who are sent with words of warning and to challenge the errors and sins in the church, make sure you examine your automobile before leaving those places, as the enemy will be in a rage at the things you will uncover and expose.

As I was listening to God, I kept hearing, “Intimate enemies, inner conflicts.”  Those persons who know you personally and are close.  Family and friends will start showing the truths of their hearts.

There will be uprisings in ministries and churches.

I keep hearing, “Mutinies to overthrow leadership.”  Some will be thrown out of the very churches they established and built.  Yet in all these things, the Glory of God shall go forth and there will be signs wonders and miracles performed in a great magnitude.

There will be much healing taking place and blessings will be released for a remnant who have remained faithful.

There will be an outpouring of God’s refreshing restoration and the sons of God shall rise up now in areas which the church once considered off limits.  Politically, they will invade the government.

Some will remain faithful, but some will become corrupt.  Much prayer must go forth now for those whom God is sending into different arenas in the earth.

The media will bring more sensationalism, many times reporting news that has not been proven, to cause negative reactions.

Take heart people of God, if you are standing in faith and walking in holiness and living righteous, God will take good care of you.

This is the hour of realness.  You can’t have a form of godliness and you can’t be compromising and fearful.

God is revealing not to frighten us, but to prepare us.

Right now I’m trying to inquire about gas masks, radioactive suits and bomb shelters.  It’s going to get real and this is the time to take heed and take notice.

Some things in the government are a distraction, so you won’t see the secret laws they are passing to take away our rights, and to give them full control of our lives.

Wake up!  Look around!  Things are not what they seem.

Pay attention.  It’s crucial that you heed warnings.  Look beyond your natural eyes and thinking.  Get in the Spirit of God and let Him reveal to you what is truly taking place.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying.

Watching, praying, interceding and sounding the alarm……


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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Holy Ghost Alarms Are Going Off! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for sounding alarm ! I also sense a very dangerous development, and only a few – compared to the amount of Christians worldwide – are informed or prepared. They know that it`s getting worse, but they are not as much concerned as we are. This is no reproach. A childlike faith is good. Today I`ve read from a proven sister, that many, particularly children got dreams / warnings and clear words, that the 3 days and nights of darkness are coming very soon. When I recently bought candles and lighters, some laughed at me. I dreamed 2 times that skies were filled with thick cloud, sulfur smells even through the window. I watched from inside a house through a window. In that dream I knew, this would be a longer time to stay inside. Many dreams of others confirm exactly this: We must stay in the houses when this predicted time comes. There will be chaos through the unprepared in the cities and street everywhere.
    You are also very right in the warnings of taking care in trains, cars and on every travel way. Sister, we worked hard to rescue some out of the fire. I think more and more, that all is said and done, especially in the high developed countries. Yes, the alarm was sounded loud, and clear, and it`s getting off now more and more… Many of the strongest already closed their pages.

  2. Apostle Thomas I enjoy your words so much.you have an awesome ministry. Please pray for me. I started getting sick in June and it seems like different things hit me over and over. I went to the hospital 3 or 4 times the doctor offices just as much. I am asking the lord to speak. I surely need to hear him.thank you for praying and for letting the lord use you

  3. My God Apostle..I was wondering why He dropped April in my spirit this morning (had a vision of the word too)..God bless you!