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Holy Ghost Alarms Are Going Off! — 3 Comments

  1. My God Apostle..I was wondering why He dropped April in my spirit this morning (had a vision of the word too)..God bless you!

  2. Apostle Thomas I enjoy your words so much.you have an awesome ministry. Please pray for me. I started getting sick in June and it seems like different things hit me over and over. I went to the hospital 3 or 4 times the doctor offices just as much. I am asking the lord to speak. I surely need to hear him.thank you for praying and for letting the lord use you

  3. Thank you for sounding alarm ! I also sense a very dangerous development, and only a few – compared to the amount of Christians worldwide – are informed or prepared. They know that it`s getting worse, but they are not as much concerned as we are. This is no reproach. A childlike faith is good. Today I`ve read from a proven sister, that many, particularly children got dreams / warnings and clear words, that the 3 days and nights of darkness are coming very soon. When I recently bought candles and lighters, some laughed at me. I dreamed 2 times that skies were filled with thick cloud, sulfur smells even through the window. I watched from inside a house through a window. In that dream I knew, this would be a longer time to stay inside. Many dreams of others confirm exactly this: We must stay in the houses when this predicted time comes. There will be chaos through the unprepared in the cities and street everywhere.
    You are also very right in the warnings of taking care in trains, cars and on every travel way. Sister, we worked hard to rescue some out of the fire. I think more and more, that all is said and done, especially in the high developed countries. Yes, the alarm was sounded loud, and clear, and it`s getting off now more and more… Many of the strongest already closed their pages.

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