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I AM Causing a Whirlwind Amongst My People — 2 Comments

  1. Early Wednesday AM, after praying for our country and the church regarding its decisiveness, I kept hearing “if My people will HUMBLE themselves”. For over a year, many have sown rhetoric of hate, anger and bitterness instead of being at peace and praying: we are now reaping what has been sown and it is beginning to pour out into our streets. American church – REPENT! Humble ourselves before our Lord. Do not bring this judgment to your door. Please lay down “us vs them”; “we won” and repent.

  2. Greetings and blessings to you Stephen.

    Yesterday, when I opened my computer I saw a small headline on Yahoo which said that the Tv show ‘Simpsons’ has ‘predicted’ many events before they happened and among them also that Donald Trump one day shall be president.
    I have understand it as D.T was unknown as a politician before this election(?)so how can this be that he is mentioned several years ago?

    It can be for the reason that we are, as I have wrote before, in the last of Satan’s kingdoms before God will save His people out from it (out from it, not to be able to still live in it!) That means that one can not´(mentally/spiritually) stay in this human system!
    These satanic forces are – if one is not 100% committed to God and can discern this – deceiving the great multitudes to believe in that they are living in a ‘democratic’ system and that their ‘voice’ can change something.


    “Whoever has come the understand the world has found only a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world”
    (Gospel of Thomas 1:56)

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