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In the Promised Land — 10 Comments

  1. Yes Yeshua! My defender, My King of Kings My Lord Of Lords , The Way the Truth and the Life! You hold the crown, You have the final word!  You are Alpha and the Omega! You are Triumphant no one can stand against you God! Amen

  2. I am as-a-matter-of-fact astonished by this Word.  Because God has been leading me from the old (shedding the old wine skin into the new season that is upon all of us).  Not only have I been called out but your Word has confirmed I am stepping into my promised land!  And the most astonishing part is the end of the Word ‘ “My Name is linked to your name”, says the Lord.’ And my name is King-yee.  Glory to God in the highest and I will continue to proclaim His magnificent Name that is above all names. And I will declare His Great Works among the nations.  Glory be to our King Jesus who is indeed above all and sits enthroned.  Thank you Heavenly Holy Father for this Word.  I receive it now in Jesus’ Name. The Lord bless you Dr. Reinke.

  3. Amen.

    Yes Lord! I just believe it and I receive it!
    I will be astonished at My goodness and mercy that I have reserved for those who love Me and trust in Me as their LORD.”

  4. Oh Yes, Yes, indeed so Almighty Savior, I know that I know I am so close to entering into the promise land which is set before me this day. I thank you. I praise your name on high. I exalt thee, thou are so worthy of highest honor, and praises.
    I am delighted in your words this day, it is close, very close, not much longer now, as I am in you, you in me, together we will walk as one. Hallelujah!!

  5. Thank you Father God of all Heaven and Earth. I receive this word today for cleansing, healing, restoration and reward according to your promises for me and my family. Yes and AMEN!!!!! Glory to God in the highest.

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