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Lazarus! Lazarus! Come Forth! — 3 Comments

  1. Sadly I am not convinced that Mr Trump will be re instated as US President, despite the appalling fraud of the election. I believe with the incoming administration judgement will fall. However this will hasten the Rapture of the Church and after the seven years time of Jacob’s. Trouble, the return of Jesus Christ. Of course I am praying for America, that God’s will will be done.

    • I’d love to think God has extended His grace and the miraculous would happen with a President Trump 2nd inauguration. However as a nation we have turned away from God too many times. We have called right wrong and wrong right. We have voted in and supported persons that believe godly principles have no role in governmental decisions. We have equated legal with moral & have chosen secular humanism over biblical principles. Thus, an extended period of grace is not to be. Good news, I do believe as a consequence of the election many will come to the Lord. I’ve had dreams of churches being filled with people looking for answers because of coming changes that will negatively impact their lives. The field will be ripe for harvest. I also believe the prophetic timetable moves forward with the decrease of US global influence which the incoming administration will serve well in making happen. All that said, God allows nothing to happen without purpose. I’m always reminded His ways and thoughts are higher than mine. I trust Him implicitly and as you said it will “hasten the Rapture…” that’s a very exciting thought. In the meantime we must spread the “Good News” whenever and wherever. May God bless and keep you as you put your hands, feet and mouth to work for Him!

  2. God bless you. We are all standing together in faith, many millions strong, believing God for the mighty Trump miracle that will glorify His name.

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