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Make ME Your Priority! — 2 Comments

  1. Dear LORD, You are FIRST and Foremost #1 Priority in in the life You blessed me with.Thank You LORD for the gift of life and Your gift of salvation. You are LORD over every area and aspect of my life.LORD, You have done so many Miracles in my life, it seems my whole life has been a series of Miracles. Starting at my birth when I was pronounced dead and You saved me.Thank You so much LORD, I Love You now and forever. ALL GLORY TO YOU LORD! amein and amen

  2. Father God, you are My Priority, I give you First Place of Priority ! for you are King Of Glory In My Life, In All My Life. I Come To You In Total Trust, Knowing you are Faithful And True. I Love You ! What a Blessing to me, to receive your words daily. Thanks for sharing June Reinke, Blessings to you this day !

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