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Mental Disorder or Demonic Oppression or Possession — 5 Comments

  1. Transgender is a demon deceiving many people. I ask Pastor Nathan Penny, Tim Tebow, and Jesus Christ we need gay, lesbians to be deliver today.

  2. Hello Everyone, please pray I have to write mild DD Autism. I understand demon within me in my brain. Please I ask Jesus Christ to cast it out for good.
    How can a young man keep his way pure?

    By guarding according to your word.

  3. I do want to say this: Satan can use Mental Drugs, whatever they are for his purposes if that person leaves a SPIRITUAL DOOR open long enough to enter.  I have seen this in my own family, one of my family members been tormented by the same voices over and over, he is trying to use CIGARETTE smoke to some GET RID OR ELEVIATE his mind so to speak.  Unfortunately when you leave a OPEN DOOR TO SATAN he will come in and talk alot of garbage and lies to your mind.  I believe Mental drugs should be more looked at, why they are given to people and what actually for,
    instead of WE WILL GIVE THIS DRUG FOR ABCD”, I just think it’s wrong and YOU ALL PARENTS NEED TO SPEAK UP IF YOU HAVE SEEN ANY EVIL SIDE EFFECTS TO THESE DRUGS!  Don’t let your ones suffer
    because your family member is “mentally illed” when YOU HAVE SEEN A EVIL SIDE TO THESE DRUGS!

  4. What is your view about the Transgender problem with young and old that have confounded confusion about their gender identity. They seem in some cases to truly believe they can change from one gender to another. I have spoken with grandmothers of two young girls 13 & 14 who want to be boys and their parents are supportive. The grandparents are aghast!

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