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My Purpose — To Display Who I AM! — 3 Comments

  1. “The Word that is Sent” SO, unfortunately, true. Thanks for sharing this. Intimately knowing Jesus and His WORD plus spiritual discernment, are of the utmost importance. It will make the difference between Eternal Life or Death. Leaving The First Love and satanic deception are only increasing, culminating in the antichrist.

    Earlier, I was studying this portion of Scripture.


    1Timothy 5:22 Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.

    1Timothy 5:24 The sins of some men are conspicuous (openly evident to all eyes), going before them to the judgment [seat] and proclaiming their sentence in advance; but the sins of others appear later [following the offender to the bar of judgment and coming into view there].

    25 So also, good deeds are evident and conspicuous, and even when they are not, they cannot remain hidden [indefinitely].

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