No Character Change? No Deliverance!

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Private Cheerleaders, but Public Scorners

This is one of those thinking days were I’m just listening and taking notes.

One thing God is dealing with me about, is intimate jealousy and secret hate from those who say they are in covenant with somebody.

Many times the actions of those whom we are around daily, often show the inner feelings that they try to mask.  Sometimes the emotional outbursts of anger, is really them wanting to get off their chests, those things that have been in their heart all along.

We tend to overlook the actions of those close to us, until they do something so incredibly evil or wicked, then we begin to see all the little signs and warnings that God was trying to show us.

I often see those who will work closely with somebody, but publicly, tend to distance themselves from them, because of their stand on some things.  I know myself personally, that even here on social media that there are those who work with me in ministry,  who won’t comment or like what I post [on Facebook] because they don’t want people on social media to connect them with what I’m saying, because my words can be controversial in religious circles.

So they will celebrate with me privately, but publicly refrain from drawing attention to their connection with me.

Many leaders are dealing with the “private cheerleaders,” but “public scorners.”  Those who will even deny them around people, so that they will not receive backlash or retaliation for their association with the leader.

In this hour, The LORD is not only revealing our enemies, but He is more showing us the hearts of those who work with us.  Some things He is revealing, so that we can just know were our warfare is entering in at.

Even though we know these things about people, we can’t allow them to be a distraction.  Keep moving forward and shake it off and don’t let anything distract you, or hinder you!

No Character Change? No Deliverance!

NEWSFLASH:  If you are yet wearing the behavior, character, mannerism and attitude of the spirit you say you delivered from, then you are not delivered!

REAL TALK:  God doesn’t leave residue behind.  Old things are passed away behold ALL THINGS become new!

Too many people are claiming victory, but yet manifest defeat.

If God has delivered you, then your inward change will show a outward display.

Don’t tell me God has set you free on the inside but you are yet displaying the characteristics of the spirit in your lifestyle.  I don’t see no where in scripture, that when a evil spirit was cast out, that they didn’t completely change in every area.

When some were delivered, the people couldn’t even recognize them, because even their countenance change.  So how are we getting delivered, but nobody can tell any difference in our character or spirit?

I’m just saying.  If you are free, you don’t want any part of what made you bound!  People need to stop playing and preachers, you should know if the spirit has left the person.

Sometimes people are working the altar and they are getting the people up like they are free and the Spirit of The LORD will have me tell them, they NOT free, and then tell me the name of the spirit and where it’s hiding in the person body.

That’s why you need altar workers who are prayed up and full of the Holy Ghost, so they can see beyond a fleshly demonstration of a demonic spirit that wants to play hide and seek with them.

Real deliverance sometimes requires more than two minutes, especially when the spirits feel they have a legal right to be there, through some door that’s open.

The First Rule of Deliverance is Repentance.  If they don’t confess their sins and receive Jesus as their Savior, your deliverance work is in vain, because you are trying to illegally cast out something that has been invited to stay.

Jesus has to come in, for satan to be legally removed.

We are trying to cast devils out of sinful people who have not repented, which causes them to be open for demons to come back to their former dwelling place,  (Matthew 12:44).  And even if you cast the spirit out first, if they never repent and give their live to Jesus, you just open them up to greater torment by the enemy.

While you are trying to be a wonder before the people, remember, you can also be a lying wonder before the enemy.  It’s time to have real altar calls and not fake victories!

It’s a new season with some true warriors!  Nobody is scared but the devil and all those living a lifestyle of sin!

It’s NOT about making $$$$

Not every conference is built around giving you a opportunity to sell your stuff.

Some conferences are truly just about getting people saved, delivered, healed and set free.

Sometimes we just need to go preach the Gospel and not worry about selling our merchandise.

This is not a put down about you promoting or selling, but I believe that there are times when The LORD doesn’t want these things done.

I know I’m different, because my first reaction is about souls, not rather, “Am I going to be able to sell something?”

I’m just saying.  Can it be about more than making money!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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