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Now We Must Pull Up Our Spiritual Bootstraps Even More! — 4 Comments

  1. Patricia thank you for all your encouragement. You really inspire me! Ahhh, David Wilkerson will always have a tender place in my heart. One day we will meet him face to face.
    Yes my friend and sister, we can trust the Lord to see us through! Also, what a honor for us to help bring in the harvest. :)
    Surely the Holy Spirit has to show me how to put anything at all together! Believing it is about us being in ‘tune.’
    Think that is key with all of us. If we are walking in the Light as He is in the light, it will come out right. God’s richest blessings. Joyce ❤️

  2. Joyce that was rich to listen to and your spiritual Father singing and message is very uplifting. David’s message is for now. We have his books and have listened to his messages over the years as Carter Conlon is from Ottawa. Truly the Lord used you to put this together in a way that only God can. Smile. His message was comforting and gives a clear message the we can trust in the Lord to take care of us and use us to bring in the precious harvest. Love you dear Joyce and keep those messages coming. Love it when God uses His servants. ❤️

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