Off With Her Head! — 14 Comments

  1. I believe this! Emily Rose prophesied last week that heads were gonna roll! Glory of Zion had a prophecy the same day where the Lord said I am bringing back the head of the enemy. PTL

  2. Thank You, for the encouraging word I hearing keep your eyes upon Jezebel the decree has been given through your word. Off with her head!

    • I am saying God is going to remove her that is what I meant by off with her head and not her head taken off God removing her from the her powerful position. I want to clear that up in case it get misunderstood.

  3. Stand firm know what you were given will come to pass! The enemy is a liar he will try to make you doubt, this he when you know to Keep Standing! No apologies needed!! Trump will serve 2 terms!!

  4. Finally a prophet willing to wait until there’s an actual final decision!  How does one make a decision until all is settled? Bless you!

  5. God gets the Glory.  And He does things in ways that are unmistakeable….such as the walls of Jericho falling out.

    …….isn’t there a tea party in Alice in Wonderland?

  6. Sherry hi,no one who has supported DT need to apologize. My walk with the Lord during the years has many times allowed me to walk in one direction then suddenly it is revealed what was hidden behind the door and I have been shocked, but that is how He can teach us “the scheme of Satan” because we cannot figure it out on ourselves.

    You need to ask what result will you get despite who take office? Will you live under restrictions if you are not vaccinated?
    If China is the cause of all these things, then why do all governments,regardless of their political orientation take away the human rights from their own citizens?

    I listened again to Kim Clemence prophecy if I maybe had missed something, and this time I noticed that he says that Lord says that “Trump shall be the trumpet” (not president) and that He,the Lord, shall “fool the people”. We must take a step back and ask the Lord if this trumpet maybe was a signal of something else than we have believed, specifically now when sall these vaccin things happens.It can be that the Lord has allowed us to be “fooled” only for that we shall see the real danger behind this.

  7. One thing that is NOT being considered or at least seems I should say is that Bdien has not yet been inaugurated. He’s not done the oath thing….yet.  So it is NOT like this is all officially stamped sealed said and done. Further even if that were to happen, there is always impeachment and other means. So in all actuality we can’t say, “Well, that’s it. No hope left.”  People are that way cause emotions are riled up and they aren’t thinking logically.

  8. Here is an interesting tidbit about the Queen of hearts and how she ends up. I just found it on the internet. At the end, the Queen’s own forces, led by her son and Alice, rebel against her, ending her rule.

    Very similar to the story of how jezebel and evil rule ends. At the very last moment Jehu arises whose name means HE is the LORD
    and finishes jezebel and her evil rule. America shall be saved.

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