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  1. This so resonates i awakend from lost beautiful dream yesterday morning between 3 and 5 am i saw the Lord com to me and hand me a bundle of glory light i saw the gold and bright shing light and amberish color placed in my hands he said im giving you my glory light you asked for and i had prayed and decreed Malachi 4:2 hallelujahi ask him to shine his glory light in me in every dark area till there was nothing left but his fire and Glory Praise God it is so i have received confirmation Glory to God and i decree his Glory Light it shall now manifest in my meetings and where ever he sends me Hallelujah wonderful Jesus

  2. Thank you Deborah for this word given to you for us, this is what I have been saying, We need to see His Glory. I have seen and felt with my eyes wide open. Thought I was seeing things but when others came close to where I was standing even though they could not see it the felt something their eyes were wide open and could not figure out what was happening. I had just prayed for a coworker who was in saver pain, lead her to the lord and he healed her. All this happened in the break room. I am praying for God’s Glory to be seen in the church I go to.

  3. Yes, indeed so my Daddy, for you have Spoken unto me, before hand, Yes, your
    Glory, your Awesome Glory, Shall be Seen Upon Me, in a darken world, where
    there is darkness all around. I am yours, you are mine, one called out as one
    to represent that light. I am being changed from Glory, to Glory, Hallelujah !!

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