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  1. Mama Joyce, more Grace & Anointing on you! I was asked twice in dreams to leave two different churches where the Holy spirit had previously led me to join. I later found out that there was so much envy, jealousy, name callings, gossiping, factions, competitions e.t.c.among the elders & many other members of these 2 churches over spiritual gifts & material things. I left in OBEDIENCE to where HE asked me to go to & since then, the Lord has been showing me Great & Mighty things! Its so painful to see the body of Christ that should be ONE being DIVIDED due to FACTIONS! May God help us all in Jesus name! Merry Christmas to you all over there.

    • Ahh Adams how I have missed hearing from you lately! So very glad you stopped by.
      Isn’t this so sad? Still often it is what we face. Still wherever He leads me I want to follow.
      Right now the Lord has me worshipping in a church with some like minded believers. We all must just hear the Lord and obey. It will be right then and we will have Peace. How can we help it as His peace is upon us as we walk in obedience to Him? God bless you.

      • I have so missed you my Mama Joyce. You used the right word Ma’am in response to my post & its exactly what the Holy spirit made you see & penned down. I pray God will help us all to have patience to run the heavenly race, despise insults/persecutions & set our eyes on the Crown. Thank you for your prompt response MAMA! God will uphold & increase your anointing in Jesus name.

        • You know I just saw your reply. Still I think it is all in God’s timing! The ones on here born agan, if not before will certainly meet in heaven one day. What a glorious time that will be!! God bless, Adams.

  2. He is definitely preparing hearts to open their homes for Houses of PRAYER. WE ARE THE CHURCH. Love “where HE leads.” On time word, dear one, as always. You are a Mighty Warrior always dressed for battle. xoxoSandi

    • Thank you my precious friend, Sandi. Still the Lord corrects this one as I need it. That is a message in itself, maybe, lol? Chinks in our armor at times. It surely is a daily walk, and sacrificing our ways, and our thoughts to let the mind of Christ be formed in us. Oh Lord help us be faithful till the very end! xoxo

  3. Praise the Lord! Amen! You are absolutely right, that we must follow God’s lead through the Holy Spirit, despite what everyone is doing or not doing, but to be obedient to His perfect instructions, following Him every step of the way. I had to leave many churches, because the python spirit was trying to suffocate and drain my energy spiritually, also physically. The Lord would not allow me to get settled in any of those churches, because the foundation was not built on him, but built on sinking ground.

    Jesus is the Only Way, for we must continue looking up, looking towards the hills from where our help comes, from Jesus Christ, our Savior, Blessed Hope, Blessed Assurance, Strong Tower and Deliverer. Thank you, for sharing this timely message and word, very much appreciated! The battle is raging, but the battle is the Lord’s, He is our very present help in trouble. The Holy Spirit inside of us is our Divine Lead, Comforter, Peace,Guide in all things on earth. God bless you! I pray that the Lord continues to use for Divine Glory with His precious Kingdom Work.❤️

    • Norman, most assuredly thank you for the truth stated. It is sure a time like no other, to hear the Lord and be Obedient! Yes the battle is raging but it is the Lord’s.
      All of you have been an encouragement to me here. God bless you much.


    GOD always tells me that OBEDIENCE to HIM is the highest order of praise, because it is the hardest thing to do. 

    Home groups is HIS HEART, to keep it more intimate with HIM & allow for more worship & prayer on HIS SCHEDULE, not ours.

    GREAT job of listening MIGHTY WARRIOR!!!

    • Ahh Beverly I so appreciate your reading and reply! Also what the Lord spoke to you that you shared. Yes obedience is the highest praise! I love your heart sister. God bless you.

  5. Amen!  The Lord’s people need to be as a family – and as local families – of believers again.  This is facilitated in the informal setting of the home rather than the institutional setting of a public building. 

    I also think of the analogy of the earthquake.  In a literal earthquake many people die because of poorly constructed buildings.  We may be now in or coming into a spiritual earthquake where the spiritually safest structure is the home. 

    Another thought is that we may come out of the institutional church but the institutional church also needs to come out of us.

  6. Yes. Amen. Straightforward and True…I see you with a “Lantern” like with the Word and Holy Spirit , “This is the way;walk here.”
    (As from Isaiah 30) Thank you for your faithfulness, and the way that you build “unity among the brethren”
    Blessings from Western Canada.

    • Shelley, you are most welcome and I can’t say how I appreciate you and your encouragement.I love your country and have known several from different parts of Canada. As I sought the Lord for you I heard the word ‘flint’. I looked up flint in the Bible. Strongly felt it was Ezekial 3:9 especially for you. You are a very strong person in Christ. God bless you.

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