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Sinless Perfection is Not Scriptural! — 5 Comments

  1. I kinda notice how people are struggling in this world … there are a lot of problems . I always think about 2 Timothy 3 – love of self , money , etc . That stuff is going on right now … the individualistic life a lot of people believe to be normal . It isn’t only in the world we live in – it’s in God’s church too but not many people seem to see that .

    I always try to get to church , church groups but never seem to have a friend / family beyond those . I have been getting out to bars and talk to people and find creative ways to share my faith too . I’ve also been lectured by two Christians on alcohol abuse … outsude the church no one cares to get to know me in life .

  2. Bro. Ken,

    What a needed Word, rightly divided. A good reminder indeed. We don’t need to go backwards to the ‘leaven of the pharisees’ and get stuck in that mess. Your post clearly shows the balance- between the law – and – grace. Too many weights on either side of the scales ⚖️ unbalances it all.
    Thank you.

  3. YES sir man of God. Thank you for helping us understand Redemption: past, present, future, Christ paid at the Cross! Sometimes times, it’s a mis-informed Biblical meaning of the word “perfect” – which we understand means “mature”, whole, becoming fully developed in Christ in faith by GRACE. Keep sharing these Truths. Amen.

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