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  1. Sandi,
    As soon as I saw the title of this post, I thought of the 70s song (I think the band ‘Chicago’ sang it..heres the opening lyrics): “Does ANYBODY really know what time it is, does anybody really care, about TIME”.

    Yes, God cares about TIME. His. Our. The world’s. As your post shows, He is always on time. My prayer is I sync more on His schedule; and less on mine, or the world’s. Selah! Shalom.

    • Amen, Elizabeth. I love your emphasis on ANYBODY because I often begin to think when not many are responding or saying anything about the TIME, that no one is conscious that the clock is indeed clicking and some days to me it seems time is fleeting. Each day there seems to be so many distractions and it is a fight to stay focused. Grateful that HE is always on time. God bless you richly Sandi

  2. What a refreshing from the Lord, Sandi.
    It’s like the balance of the Lord is so very evident here!!
    We can choose to either go down or up higher during this day and time! I choose to come closer and seek to go higher in our Lord!
    Love you my sister. ❤️

    • Sandi, This is so good. After each line I said. YES.  Earlier in my daily scripture I posted, But we have the mind of Christ. Have heard the Lord say, to redeem the time. This is a good reminder to be aware of our time. Only yesterday, I received my plaque that says, The War Room with Col. 4:2 on it. Am using it on my scripture posts daily on my FB. On it I have only a few friends and family and am daily posting scriptures to encourage them. Have dedicated this space in my living room as Gods War Room and prayer closet. Glory to God!
      Will print and share your post. Again, this is so good!  ️

      • Patricia, The era of war as Chuck Pierce calls it is definitely 24/7. Standing with you as you pray. Thank you for sharing. As we move forward, may God redeem the time and accelerate the victory, my sister. Love and prayers, Sandi

    • It surely is like a neon sign to me each day, Joyce, CHOOSE..do not delay to come up higher. I sometimes see us with arms out wide to balance us as we are walking on a tight rope with our eyes fixed on our destiny. Much love to you my sister, Sandi

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