The Father Says Today – April 2017

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

30 April 2017.   The Father says today, you are not a son of restriction, you are a child of latitude and indulgence.  I formed and fashioned you before you were in your mother’s womb to walk in entitlement and abundance.  Those who revel in paucity and rail upon those I have blessed from the bully pulpit of their lack and insufficiency, are bound by a demon called “poverty”.  Shake off the chagrin and offense that those who suffer lack often heap with great vitriol upon those who know Me as their abundance and their provision.  Cast down the chains of those ancient vows of poverty that have defiled My people and kept them from their heavenly and natural inheritance.  I AM a God who goes first class all the way and I place no premium upon want, or scarcity or privation.  Shake yourself free this day from the false notion that any such condition reflects for one moment My choice for you or My plan in any way.

I am the God who dwells between the cherubim upon the crystal sea, surrounded by a city with streets of gold and foundations of every precious stone.  There is no poverty in heaven!  Why would you take a vow of poverty upon the earth?  Repent of all such vanities.  Did I not instruct you that your prayers are to be structured upon the template of “as in heaven, so on earth”?  Poverty is no preparation for heaven, for there is no poverty there!  Sickness does not make you more godly, for I have never been sick.  Set your sights and your hopes on the God-life, and the God-expectation!  I have created you and designed you to walk through life as a master of circumstance and a ruler of every situation.  There are times that I say no and there are times that the enemy says no.  Learn to discern the difference and when the enemy tells you no, shake his teeth out of his mouth until he releases to you the blessing that he sought to steal from you of My promise!

29 April 2017.   The Father says today, do not be late for your flight.  If you are going to experience being seated in heavenly places in Christ, then there will need to be a transition from the earthly to the heavenly.  Being seated in high places doesn’t require a death certificate.  Remember Enoch.  Get ready, says the Father, for your transport is ready to leave the terminal.  Have you considered translation as a form of transportation?  Know this, says the Father, that what I have for you does not come to pass in your life through some cosmic sleight of hand on My part.  You are involved.  Your cooperation is necessary.  Watching and waiting never brought the faintest glimmer of My glory into the hearts and lives of men.  My name is not only Comforter, My name is Helper.  I come alongside and add My grace, My ability and My power to your determinate efforts to step out into the nothingness of natural expectation knowing that I will give you a water walking experience.

Know this, says the Father, and be assured in your mind – you are walking into what others have been waiting for.  They can perch in their ivory towers of existential theory and religious day dreams but that is not your portion.  I haven’t called you nor am I willing to leave you pressing your nose against the glass of someone else’s miracle.  You are not “waiting on”, you are “walking into”.  Enoch of old walked with Me and commiserated with Me and knew Me at such a depth that he was not, for I took him.  He walked into that body-felt salvation that others are yet theorizing and waiting upon.  I say to you that only those like Peter who cry out “Lord is it you…” and cast themselves on My mercies will see the fulfillment of that testimony that is yours to fulfill.

28 April 2017.   The Father says today, you are not inferior.  Never allow yourself to think you stand as an inferior among greater or more accomplished men.  Every man and woman begins in life as a singular mass of protoplasm that I breathed life into just as I breathed life into you.  It is who I AM on the inside of you and not what others think that determines your potential.  Reject all false boundaries and limitations.  Refuse to pursue the admiration of men who are no different than you are.  When you seek the favor of men you are making judgments about them and about yourself that are false in their nature.  You are one in whom the mastery of the universe and all creation resides.  If you can tell a man or woman by the company they keep, what does the fact that I live inside you indicate?

You have permission now.  You are walking in My permissiveness.  You now have permission to lay aside every sense of being lacking or inferior.  You are not inferior by birth, education, or gender, race or caste.  I have brought you to the Kingdom for such a time as this.  I have breathed of My fullness into your heart and life.  I have raised you up and there is nothing that will stand before you.  Man cannot separate you from My love. Demons cannot separate you from My love.  My love is the one constant that exists in every environment you find yourself in.  Because My love never fails and My love is in you and surrounding you, then you can know assuredly that I AM working in you that grace, that ability that will set you on the fail-safe path of absolute success and accomplishment, according to all that I have called you to do.

27 April 2017.   The Father says today, forgive, release and bless no matter what.  No matter how deeply you have been wounded or how egregiously you have been wronged, it is imperative that you let all that go.  You cannot move forward toward what I have promised until you jettison all the baggage of the offenses of the past.  Offense and refusal to let such things be healed will only hinder and delay the opening of the heavens in your life.  Offenses and wounds immunize you from My promise.  When forgiveness – true, heartfelt forgiveness is unrealized you become imprisoned behind the bars of every bitter memory and your only sustenance will be the moldy bread of yesterday’s disappointments and the bitter waters of Meribah where the bones of the unbelieving lie bleaching in the sun to this day.

Say in your heart, says the Father, “I am not a victim”.  Whether you feel the authenticity of it or not, say within yourself, “I forgive. I release. I bless”; and then name every person whose wrongful conduct toward you preoccupies your thoughts.  Unforgiveness is like a poisonous plant that will spread its venom throughout the fertile ground of your heart until there is no more room for the promise.  That is not your portion beloved. It is time to weed the garden.  It is time to root out the unregenerate and polluted growths of past disappointment, wounding, pain and resentment.  Bring them to the cross.  Release them to Me.  Shake yourself loose and move on. It is moving on time now.  The promise, the bright promise of My goodness awaits you on the first footfall you take out of the past and into what is ahead for you in My Kingdom.

26 April 2017.   The Father says today, there is a finishing anointing upon you this day.  I AM positioning you for final victory.  The struggle and the wrestling you are experiencing is not intended to go on interminably without end.  I will make an end, says the Father.  Even as your heart has cried out before My throne “how long oh, Lord?” – know that I have heard you and I have answered.  The time is now and there will be no delay.  This is your time.  This is your hour.  You are not time bound or time referred.  You are living in the now of My promise.  It is a false premise among men to think that I AM waiting on some specific time or condition to be met before I act in your defense.  Learn when confronted by the enemy to promptly counter-attack without delay, knowing as king David knew that I am with you always!  I AM with you and because I AM with you there will be no downfall, because you have chosen to align your expectations with all I have promised and not with the enemy’s threats.

Receive the key of David, says the Father.  David threw himself into terrible battles against impossible odds knowing that I would never forsake or abandon him.  As I was with David, so I AM with you.  I didn’t love David then more than I love you now.  I AM no respecter of persons but I am a respecter of faith.  As you do with your faith what David did with his faith, you WILL have the SAME results.  I have said and I have declared that you are a king and a priest before Me.  David knew WHAT I had made him and WHO I had made him to be . It is time for you to fully know who and what I have made you beloved.  Then you can come out of the place of cowering behind a clock or some cosmic timepiece trying to figure out when you can act in such a way that I will underwrite your efforts.  My answer toward you is yes and My invitation is now.  Every promise is yes and amen.  My faithfulness and My willingness to bless and bring you to destiny is not in question.  The only question you must settle is are you prepared to radically believe and commit this day to all that I have promised you in My word?

25 April 2017.   The Father says today, speak to the things that are in your life.  As you speak to those things that are, they will diminish and be removed.  The things that are seen will yield and bow before the things that are not seen when you release the power of My word in your mouth.  Is there a mountain or obstacle before you?  Is there an impassible barrier barring your way?  Is there something or someone standing between you and what you know in your heart I have promised?  Then that is your mountain.  What are you saying to your mountain?  Ask yourself and hold yourself accountable before Me to speak to the mountain until it is removed from the horizon of your life.

Mountains move and demons tremble at the sound of My word.  My word must originate out of dry pages into the living vibrancy of your own heart and mind.  My word on your lips make you a master of the winds and the waves.  My word on your lips make you a master of every demonic force that is ranged against you.  Contradiction to My promise in your life is dislodged, dissolved and swept away in the torrent of your faith.  Right now, open your mouth, release words of confidence in Me against the obstacles of your life.  Arm yourself and clothe yourself with My words in your heart.  Let your mouth become the howitzer cannon of faith that bombards and destroys the embattlements of the enemy raised against you until total victory is yours, says the Father.

24 April 2017.   The Father says today, learn to trim your words.  Why would you dispense the waters of your knowledge and wisdom in the streets for all to see and hear?  Not everyone you know or come in contact with are as excited about what I AM doing in your life as you are.  Remember the lesson of Joseph.  He dreamed a dream and rightly saw his destiny.  In his youthful indiscretion he told it to his parents and his brethren and as a result spent decades in struggle.  I worked in the midst of the situation, yes, but I say to you, BE A GATHERER OF INFORMATION and not a dispenser of information.  Mary likewise heard the vision and believed what the angel declared to her but in wisdom hid those things in her heart for an appointed time.  Remember Solomon, that in a multitude of words there wanteth not sin.

Receive the vision that I have given to you.  Hide it in your heart like precious gold.  Other people hearing your vision does not validate what you heard from Me.  Trying to talk someone else into believing what I have said has nothing to do with authenticating what I have hidden in your heart.  In writing the vision – do so on the tablets of your own heart so that YOU may run.  It doesn’t matter whether anyone else knows, believes or runs with you.  You and I are in the majority in every situation when you put your confidence upon Me and refuse to be distracted by fear of man or the insecurity of seeking the favor of man.  I AM with you.  I have promised to you great and mighty things.  Have I not said it and will I not bring it to pass?  Learn beloved, I say to you LEARN to trim your words and the vision you pray out in secret will be a manifest reward when it becomes sudden reality in your life for all to see.

23 April 2017.   The Father says today, just because men do not believe does not stop My hand from working and bringing forth.  The unbelief of man and skepticism of man only determines whether they will partake, not whether or not the outpouring will come.  I say to you that fresh oil is pouring out.  I say to you that angel manifestations are being renewed in the lives of individuals and in groups large and small.  I will step into large meetings by the angel of My presence and take the microphone.  The speaker will fall out in the glory and lay prostrate and it will be My voice coming over the sound system finishing the message.  Whole congregations will sovereignly be visited and lay for hours in My glory.  The despising and mockery of times past will resurface as the testimony comes but My work will be so quick that when the railing is in their voice I will come suddenly and they too will fall and lay prostrate in My glory.

From now and through the end of this year there is a new, fresh outpouring coming upon My people and even upon the whole earth.  A spiritual acceleration is coming so rise and eat of the angel’s food that is now at hand that you might out run the chariots of Ahab and experience the full rain of My glory in a time of drought.  Stop striving.  Stop striving and rest.  Stop striving in the flesh and just burn the fuel of My resources that is changing your life and changing the direction of things.  Ask of Me concerning the heavens and act.  Refuse to look through the lens of the natural.  Fear looks, beloved, but faith jumps.  I will be there to catch you and further you on into that very destined purpose I birthed in you so long ago says the Father.

22 April 2017.   The Father says today, get ready for something more to be birthed in your spirit.  This is a day that you must come forward for the birthing.  I AM bringing forth the new.  I AM bringing forth freshness of spirit and that which is unprecedented of the moving of My Spirit.  I AM birthing those things that not only bring forth outpouring, but those things are being birthed that will sustain the manifest glory in your life.  You will wake up in the glory, and lay down to rest in the glory.  You will eat your meat in the glory, and go about your day in the glory.  You will no longer wait for visitation.  You will no longer go from spiritual encampment to encampment.  This is a day that you are moving from tent to tabernacle, and from visitation to habitation in My glory, even a continual testimony.

I AM enlarging and increasing the things of My Spirit, and the knowledge of My glory in your lifetime.  What you have contended for is breaking through the distractions in your life to lay heavy on your heart and your experience.  You didn’t back up at persecution or flee because of the harsh looks of man.  Men have despaired and despised My promise, but you have delighted and had respect for My promise.  Therefore, the new is coming now.  The fresh, crisp life of a glory-saturated entitled one is breaking forth in you says the Father.  Despise not and despair not at all, for you have been going and moving in the right direction, and I have been moving toward you.  Get ready.  A new flow and a new experience of signs, wonders and miracles is being birthed in you and through you.  This is your portion and the time is now.

21 April 2017.   The Father says today, that as Moses hid the glory with a veil, I AM pouring out a glory that cannot be hidden and will not be hidden.  Your face will shine with My glory and others will see it and be moved.  You will walk down the street and strangers will stop you – inquiring about the unusual brightness of your countenance.  You will walk into a room and all voices will fall silent because My glory will walk in the room with you.  Are you ready?  Think of the greatest glory of My Spirit you have ever experienced.  That is only a foretaste of what I have for you.  Together with Me, you will move with other heralds of My glory and My rain will be known in a dry and thirsty land to those who are crying out for answers and for deliverance of that which they cannot name or articulate.

You will experience the abiding presence of My Spirit in a deeper way, says the Father, from this day forward.  It is a new day – a brand new day.  The former things shall be forgotten, for the greater light of a greater day is being made manifest.  You will no longer long for the vintage of what was done in days gone by, for you will say in your heart “this is the day of days beyond anything of God’s goodness I have ever known…”  Are you ready My beloved?  Have you trimmed your lamps and secured the oil that will sustain you to the bridal event?  The bride groom approaches and the watchman fills his breast with breath to declare My coming.  This is the hour and this is the time when all that will be fulfilled is beginning to come to pass in unmistakable watermarks of scriptural promise.

20 April 2017.   The Father says today, are you prepared for the GREATER GLORY?  Are you prepared for My glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea?  Are you prepared to see in the coming days My glory become the headline and all the glory of man to become an insignificant byline not worth reporting?  My glory shall be revealed and all flesh shall witness and see it together.  As the nations reel to and fro and careen against each other in war and in bluster – know that My hand will quell the violence of the sword.  My hand will push down the ballistic missiles and cause confusion of armies and that which seems immanent will be stayed by My hand in a moment of time.

Nation will rise against nation and there will be wars and rumors of wars.  Refuse to be troubled.  Refuse to look to the false messiah’s who claim to have all the answers to the complexities of nations, crowding out My peace from the hearts of men.  Your promise is in Me.  Your provision is in Me.  If all the world and its systems crumbled to dust tomorrow, you will still ride high above the nations of the earth, for the high place is where I promised I would commune with you.  Come up higher then, says the Father.  Come up higher to a higher truth and a higher narrative than all of mans false wisdom has access to.  I will enlighten you and I will inform you and you will know today what tomorrows headline will be and you will just have peace in the midst of challenge, for it is My hand that is keeping you all the while.

19 April 2017.   The Father says today, that this is the day that you will experience and be anchored more and more in what I AM doing on the throne.  My throne is anchoring in you and you are being anchored in My throne.  What is proceeding from the throne and from My Spirit is penetrating you and mooring who I AM in you.  I AM anchoring Myself in you, not to halt in a static place, but to draw you and lift you into a higher place.  I have called you to rejoicing, and I have called you to celebration in the deep, even the deeper things of My Spirit.  Where others mourn, and contort themselves in the false severity of a religious expression – I will cause you to laugh and sing and rejoice because beloved, he that sits in the heavens shall laugh.

Let there be laughter on the inside of you.  Laugh the laugh of faith even as Sarah laughed.  Laugh the laugh of those who know as Sarah knew that those things that are impossible and implausible with man are possible with God, and that is your portion.  That is what your tomorrow looks like: the impossible becoming conceivable.  The implausible becoming reality.  When it all looks like failure, My angel, even the angel of My presence, will come suddenly and every dry thing in you will suddenly blossom and bloom and come to fruitfulness according to My word.  This is your portion for I love you greatly and will manifest My love in tangible movements of deliverance and change beyond anything you have ever experienced or even sought Me for.

18 April 2017.   The Father says today, who do you say that I AM?  You haven’t come to know Me in fullness until you get to know Me in that manifestation that doesn’t come through man or by the hand of man.  That is where the keys of the kingdom for your hand will be found.  There is a glory and a manifestation of who I AM in you and around you that will not come to you by conferring with flesh and blood.  Only by the revelation of My Spirit on the inside of you will I not only disclose the glory – but the greater glory.  Though you partake of and learn of what others have said and what others have experienced, I will give you then that which is your own that doesn’t have any man’s finger prints on it.  I will give you in this hour a relationship with My throne and in My Spirit that is unique to you and particular to your experience of My deeps in your own spirit down deep inside.

There is more, says the Father.  You have cried out for more and I say it is available.  The storehouses of more glory stand open, ready to be emptied by your faith.  Say that to yourself and affirm this within yourself.  There is more.  My Spirit flows in and toward what has been released and established, but there is a mounting up and breaking out of what has yet to be disclosed and it won’t come through man or originate in flesh and blood.  My glory shall be revealed and every eye shall see it together and My sons and My daughters will partake and be – FOREVER CHANGED.  So, come together and share what I AM doing and what I have done, but get ready beloved for what I AM about to do, because you have been invited to that marriage feast of My glory, My fullness and even My manifest glory, says the Father.

17 April 2017.   The Father says today, I AM making that which you have longed for to become accessible and available.  I AM causing what others have portrayed as complex to be made simple.  Because you are hungry, now I AM pouring out that glory you have asked for.  Because you are crying out, I AM bringing together and making available in simplicity, even now, the explosive glory that renders your life transformed by My hand.  I AM taking that which others have depicted as available only to a few and making it manifest to many.  At this very moment, I AM rooting you and grounding you in My glory that you might move freely and natively in the glory realm.  The glory realm is your native environment.  You were born in the glory and called in the glory and destined in the glory, so think it not strange that you become more comfortable in the glory than you are anywhere else.

The glory you have seen in times past is not the full breaking of what I AM bringing now.  The manifestation of My glory is coming forth and your eye will see it and every eye will see it.  Even the news organizations will report on the glory and gnash their teeth because they cannot gainsay My glory.  This is what you are destined for and what you will be a participator in – even My glory.  The last years of sowing out of yourself into greater outpouring will now come to harvest and the full corn in the ear will be seen.  The full fruit of My glory will be manifest and the experience of previous generations will pale beside what I invite you to walk in even now.  You will tell of the glory and write of the glory and sing of the glory.  You will have a testimony of glory and in the enlargement of heart and spirit that comes in the glory there will be fresh manna and new rivers for you to drink from – in the glory.  This is your portion, says the Father, and you will not be denied, so PRESS IN!

16 April 2017.   The Father says today, I have ordained that you should see good success.  Success is not a dirty word in My Kingdom.  As you meditate on My Word and store up My word in your heart, I will cause you to go out and have good success in all that you put your hand to.  I AM a loving Father.  Just as you long to see your children come to success and blessing, so I would that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  There is no other plan.  I have not chosen for you a desolate wasteland void of My goodness.  Even when the landscape around you is dry and barren – will I not be the water from the rock and the manna every morning?  I AM your Everlasting Father and I will be found faithful in the midst of all those who keep their minds and their hearts stayed on Me.

This day, says the Father – under this sun, I will feed you with the bread of miracles.  I will cause the Daystar to arise over the darkness in your life and dispel every contradiction to My promises in your circumstance.  I AM a good God and the only way you can experience Me is to experience My goodness and bathe in the waters of My mercy that are flowing out to you now.  Receive the cleansing, says the Father.  Accept the healing waters of Shiloah that go softly, even now, over every area of your life.  I AM reviving you and renewing you.  Accept the renewal.  Receive new life and new hope beyond what you have dared to believe for.  Know that I will content you with My goodness and preserve you with My mercy and lovingkindness this day and forevermore.

15 April 2017.   The Father says today, refuse to be discouraged.  Never let discouragement hold you back.  Discouragement is insidious in its leavening influence.  Reject every morose and negative thought.  Fear not.  Believe only.  If you refuse to accept discouragement, then the prince of this world comes and will find nothing in your heart that he can take advantage of.  Courage and trust in who I AM and what I AM doing in your life makes you impervious to the strategy of the enemy to hold you back or keep you down.  I say to you again – be encouraged and of a good courage.  The courage of heaven is not vain bluster.  The courage of heaven is the preamble to the breakthrough you have petitioned Me for in your situation.

Cultivate confidence.  Dig down into the fallow ground of your heart and mind to break up the clogs of past disappointment.  Take My promises like precious seed and plant them in your innermost being.  I will cause you to have the seed / fruit / harvest of My promise as though in a day.  I will bring the 100-fold return of seed / fruit / harvest into your life when all others are faltering and failing.  I have not called you to a place of blistering failure or downturn.  I have commissioned you and ordained that you go out and boldly receive all that the cross affords you.  say to you this day that you are a receiver and a beneficiary of My promises, for this is the purpose I came into the world – to raise you up as My beloved child and to demonstrate My goodness and My character in your life.

14 April 2017.   The Father says today, come to Me and ask with specificity.  It is not necessary for you to pray in generalities.  You need not approach My throne vaguely hoping for crumbs from the Master’s table . You are an entitled one.  You are born again of the incorruptible seed.  There is nothing in you I choose to look at that disqualifies you from the promise of My word.  Come expectantly.  Come rejoicing.  Come before Me with a knowing that I receive you as a loving Father receives His favored child.  You are as the apple – the pupil of My eye and I will tend you and care for you with a kindness that will overwhelm and quench every assault of the enemy against you.

So, accept My love and embrace a view of your standing before Me based on what I did for you on Calvary.  You are not required to EARN what I have freely given.  Come.  Come to Me with a knowing that all of heaven will be bankrupted, if necessary, to answer your need.  I will move heaven and earth to satisfy the necessity of your life.  Cast your expectation and your faith upon the work of the cross.  Set aside all sense of rejection or past disappointment.  Learn from My promise and let My promise – the promise of My word, have the ascendency over every other expectation.  I AM here.  I AM present and I AM working right now to elevate and increase you in every area of life this day.

13 April 2017.   The Father says today, you are in training for reigning.  Ruling and reigning in Me is not something you are waiting to die in order to step into.  Regardless of what men may say – you are a principality and a power in My Kingdom NOW.  You are a king and priest by My ordination.  Are you a king?  Are you a priest?  Come into agreement with My word, says the Father.  You are king – for I AM the King of kings.  Just as I have a domain and a jurisdiction, even so you have a domain and a jurisdiction.  Stand up in your life and claim your territory.  Every place where you place your foot I have given it to you.  Everything you put your hand to I will prosper.  I AM not demanding you to live on the razor’s edge of some mystical purpose.  My wisdom is easy to be entreated and readily found out as you quiet yourself and say “yes” to Me.

I have placed upon you the robes of entitlement in My Kingdom.  I have put the signet of My favor upon your hand.  The angels of heaven gather around you on a daily basis to go out before you and make your way prosperous.  Expect blessing.  Anticipate benefit and dividend of My glory to be paid into your life.  Know that My default plan for you is that you live a life whereby everything you say and do is as effective as if I said it and did it.  There will come opposition but did I not say resist?   As you resist the devil, the only option available is for him to flee.  Resist the enemy with My word.  Resist the enemy with My promise.  Resist the enemy by renewing your mind to everything I have said about you in My word, and from that vantage point you will go forth conquering and to conquer.

12 April 2017.   The Father says today, I give you access to all that heaven affords.  In the heavens, you will find laid up in store every resource, every strategy and promise that My word makes available through the work of the cross.  I haven’t called you to achieve by human effort.  I do not need your help, but I do require your cooperation.  I AM the one who comes alongside of you in the midst of your effort and adds My nature and character to decide the outcome.  Your outcome is not defined on human terms by what man says, but your outcome is determined by the word of favor that I have spoken over you before the foundation of the world.  You are a child of My favor.  You are a recipient of My favor.  I am making things come through for you, not because of your striving or efforts, but because I have set My love upon you and purposed before time that you would prosper and overcome.

Reject all contrary thinking to My promise.  Guard your heart from the false teaching of downturn and diminishment.  I did not go to the cross to diminish you – I went to the cross to enlarge you and give you life and life more abundantly.  If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will I bestow upon you all that heaven affords because of My great love wherewith I have loved you.  Beloved, if I withheld not heaven’s best, but sent My only Son to suffer and die in your behalf – is there ANY OTHER THING I will withhold from you?  This isn’t what you have always been taught, but choose to be a Father-pleaser and believe the GOOD report, for that is your portion, says the Father, for in Me you will never be disappointed.

11 April 2017.   The Father says today, this is a great day.  It may not look like a great day, but it is a great and glorious day.  You are not bound by the 24 hour period of time that stretches tediously out before you.  You are walking in the day that is known as the DAY OF THE LORD and as such, you are experience kingdom timing and Kairos timing that controls all that happens next in your life.  This is the day of the Lord and I have crafted it for your good and for your blessing.  There is no challenge or difficulty that will not bow before you as you move forward in faith, for I AM in you – implementing the promise of Calvary in your behalf.

So, purpose in your heart this day not to meditate on everything that is going wrong – but set yourself to discover just WHO I AM on the inside of you.  In so doing, you will discover that I am POWER, putting you over in every challenge.  You will find that I AM LOVE, surrounding you with My goodness and My blessing.  You will know assuredly that I AM YOUR SHIELD, wrapping you up in My favor till even your enemies will seek peace with you because they will recognize that My hand is upon you for benefit and blessing.  This is the hour that changes the world.  This is the moment that who I AM is being made manifest in your life.  Trust Me in the trial and rejoice in Me through the midst of the fire, for I AM bringing you out without even the smell of smoke on your garment.

10 April 2017.   The Father says today, refuse to think small thoughts.  I AM a big God capable of doing big things.  Let your heart pray the prayer that Jabez prayed.  As you cry out to Me for enlargement of coast, will I not increase your borders and push back your boundaries?  Keep your attention on the big things that I am doing, not the big problems the enemy threatens you with.  The enemy’s threats are empty lies without power to overcome you, for I AM in you – safeguarding and surrounding you with My favor.  Call upon Me. C all upon who I am on the inside of you.  Allow My Spirit to rise up and equip you for the great things that I have called you to.

This is the hour to stand up and be strong – not to grovel in fear or draw back in weakness or worry.  Call upon who I AM from the innermost recesses of your spirit and you will see My judgments, My wisdom and My truth burst into your circumstance and reshape everything you are facing according to My promise.  You are more than a conqueror for I AM is on the inside of you.  I AM animating you and infilling you with every power and every grace that man has ever possessed by My hand.  I AM not a respecter of persons but I AM a respecter of faith.  As you do with your faith what others have done with their faith you will surely see the same results.

9 April 2017.   The Father says today, My ability is in you.  You are not unable or incapable.  The limitations that you might see in yourself or that others might limit you by are false evidence appearing real.  The Matchless One lives on the inside of you.  The All-Sufficient One lives on the inside of you.  I AM your ALL in ALL and there is nothing too hard for Me.  Lift yourself up out of despair.  Shake yourself and let all conflict go.  Relinquish all unbelief and leave it in the dustbin of those things that are counted but dung and refuse in your life.  I have given you all things that pertain to life and godliness, therefore there is nothing lacking and nothing missing.  I have strengthened you and I have given you My mind that you might face your day and face your challenge filled with the confidence of one who knows that I AM backing your every move.

Call upon those stores of ability that I have laid up on the inside of you.  The wisdom of the ages is yours to call upon.  I AM in you as all power, all knowledge and all opportunity and favor.  Nothing is lacking, for all things necessary and needful to bring you to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled are yours by My promise.  I never lie. I am not a man that I should lie nor the son of man that I should repent.  I certified to you all My good promise signed in My name from the inkwell of the shed blood of Calvary.  I will do it. I will keep My word as you keep your attention upon Me and trust Me in all things.  Trust. Obey.  Move forward in confidence refusing to be confounded or confused.  I will sort out and iron out every contradiction in your life according to My promise as you keep your mind stayed on Me.

8 April 2017.   The Father says today, work out your own salvation.  Your salvation is not religious practice.  Your salvation is not acts of service or sacrifice.  Your salvation is wrapped up in who I AM to you and what I have done for you through the work of the cross 2,000 years ago.  Allow the work of the cross to work its way out in your life.  Allow who I AM on the inside of you to work My way out into your life, into your character and into your personality.  You are a recipient of the work of the New Covenant, and your place in My Kingdom is purchased not by your own efforts but by the shed blood of Calvary.  Walk out and work out the life and character of one who understands the price that was paid.  Expect the full dividends of the sacrifice of Calvary to be manifest and paid into your life according to the purchase price of the cross.

You have been bought with a price, says the Father.  Never cheapen what I have done for you through random acts of religious expression.  Cooperate with Me as I originate My character and My grace from the inside out in your life.  This is what it means to live life in the “Jesus style”.  To think as I think and act as I act and to walk with Me through life as I walked in the garden in the cool of the day.  Hearken to My sound, and move always toward the sound of My voice – for where My Spirit is, there is a level of liberty and freedom not found elsewhere.  Work out, says the Father, and walk out who I AM in your life and you will see what life and life more abundantly – just as I promised, looks like on a moment by moment basis.

7 April 2017.   The Father says today, this is the hour and the moment to take radical action.  What you do with what I have ALREADY said and done in your life is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than what you are expecting Me to do or say further.  You have waited and waited beloved, and in the waiting I want you to know that My Kingdom doesn’t come with observation.  The righteousness, entitlement, peace and joy of My domain does not float down as a feather upon those who refuse to act or to move forward according to My promise.  You have asked “what am I going to do?”  To which I answer – you are to go out in your day and ACT like you believed every word of My promise were true.  Do what I would do in your situation and act as I would act if I were facing the same challenge before the throne that you are facing in your life right now.

Do not accept the lie of the enemy that you are excluded or that your heart’s desire is illegitimate.  You are capable of hearing and I am capable of speaking.  There is no misfortune of your birth or your past that can hold you or keep you from My promise.  There is no scorn or derision of others that determines what happens next in your life.  Though all the world hate you, it is My favor that is elevating you and promoting you.  I have set before you a table laden with every good thing.  It is a table prepared in the presence of your enemies – so don’t look at the enemy, LOOK at the table and what I have made available to you there.  This is the mentality of all those who put their trust in Me and they will not be – YOU will not be ashamed.

6 April 2017.   The Father says today, you can trust in My goodness.  My goodness never changes, never fails and never ends.  My goodness knows no limits or boundaries and flows freely from My heart to all.  Even those who are unaware of My goodness toward them reap the benefit of My unfailing love and kindness.  I AM not willing that any should perish or fall short.  My arm of beneficence is extended to all.  My provision of the fullness of My goodness is freely given to all who will receive it.  My goodness gives and My goodness forgives.  Every part of My goodness is presented in the gift I gave at Calvary.  Every need of mankind and every good desire is fulfilled in My goodness given through the price that was paid.

My goodness is yours.  Every barrier broken and every chain released by My goodness that forgives to the uttermost.  My thoughts toward you are of goodness continually.  I AM not sometimes good with occasional thoughts of kindness toward you but My zeal of love and compassion and the goodness that burns within Me of tender mercy toward you is that which leads men to repentance and humble worship.  It is that which changes the heart and mind and brings the trust in knowing My goodness is a security that will guard and protect you from everlasting to everlasting.  For you shall know the fullness of My goodness even in this hour says the Father.

5 April 2017.  The Father says today, that the desire of your heart is not just a good idea – it is a GOD idea.  This is a year of refreshing and reinvention.  You may feel like your dreams are cast in ruins.  You may be tempted to despair that things will never get any better.  That is the temporal view.  Forsake all such vanities.  Keep your eyes upon the eternal realities that shape and fashion what your tomorrows will look like.  I will give you beauty from the ashes of bitter disappointment.  Forgive others, forgive yourself and move on.  Cease wallowing in the mire of self-pity and remorse.  Stop blaming others for what they did and what they did not do.  That is what they are and who they are – forgive them, dust yourself off and journey on into the things that I have for you just ahead.

You have asked, what is necessary and what is it going to take to break through into the new day I have longed for?  I say to you, says the Father, it is just having the FAITH TO MOVE AHEAD.  What is that in your hand?  Do what you can with what you have and stick with it – I will take care of the rest.  Relinquish the need to understand or to have an explanation before you move forward.  I declare to you that there is a peace that PASSES understanding and puts you in the fast lane of blessing and favor.  Do you want peace or do you want understanding?  You can’t have both.  Let go of the need to comprehend just how I AM going to do the things I have promised you.  Your part is not to understand but to obey, and as you obey, I will enlarge your steps before you and cause the heavens above you to open and the beneficial rains of My goodness to water every desire and dream you have planted so long ago.

4 April 2017.   The Father says today, I AM looking for that one who will stand in the gap.  I AM looking for that one who will take initiative and assume responsibility.  All around you are those who point the finger and seek to fade into the crowd without any sense of accountability or concern.  Don’t be afraid.  Refuse to be swallowed up by timidity and cowardice.  This is the moment to step forward and face what is before you.  When all others are passing by as though there was no cause to champion – make it your determination to make a difference.  Lay your hand to the plow of My purpose.  Open your mouth and address the injustices that others pretend not to see or take notice of.  Let your courage be strong and your will resistant to every threat of the enemy for I AM with you and will strengthen your resolve and give you boldness to slay every giant in your path.

Say in your heart that you will be a defender of the weak and a champion of the defenseless.  Because I AM in you there is a limitless reserve of power and authority that flows in your veins.  You will not fail.  You will not come to nothing.  You will not be forgotten for I will make My name famous in the lives of all of those who abandon themselves to Me.  You will run through a troop.  You will leap over the wall.  You can and will get the job done if you simply choose to have the courage to initiate and get started.  Say in your heart “I am an initiator because the Author and the Finisher lives within me”!  Your destiny will not be an abortion.  You will bring to the birth those dreams and visions that you have held so precious to you for so long.  Press in, says the Father.  Be resolute.  Refuse to look to the right hand or to the left and all will be fulfilled and brought to pass that I have promised.

3 April 2017.   The Father says today, that you are not a failure.  There is nothing in your make up that predestines you to falter, fail or come to nothing.  There is no obstacle before you that is impossible to overcome.  There is nothing in your past – regardless of immensity or significance that can hold you back or keep you from My promise.  When I created you, and wrote all your days in My book – there was not one page of insurmountable sorrow that was intended to be the totality of what your life would consist of.  You are a child of destiny, intended by My hand before you were ever born to achieve, overcome, establish and be blessed in everything that you put your hand to.

Trust in who I made you to be.  Trust that when I formed you in your mother’s womb that you were fearfully and wonderfully made for a specific purpose that will not fail to come to pass.  Forget the downturns of the past.  Cast away from you every scornful look, every unkind word that was ever spoken to you.  Choose to believe the good report.  Choose to believe that in Me you are holy and without blame.  The past is forgiven.  The future is secure.  Your present is but one stepping stone by which you will go from glory to glory in the plan that I laid out for you before the world was ever conceived.  This is who you are.  This is what I made you to become.  You are this day stepping into your greater NOW and in the light of that promise nothing shall prevent you or stand before you, says the Father.

2 April 2017.   The Father says today, step into the seeing and knowing of My full faithfulness in your life this day.  As the children of Israel in the land Goshen, you are being protected and provided for.  You are being blessed and walking in kingdom benefit as I thresh the nations and shake the earth in My sovereignty.  There is nothing to fear for in nothing will it come near you.  Though all the world be in darkness and confusion you will not grope in terror and neither will you be confounded and confused, for I will be that GREAT TRUTH that liberates and empowers you with My peace though all around are cowering in terror.  I AM with you.  I will never leave you and I will never forsake you, for you are as I AM and in My great love will I defend and preserve you.

Eat your meat with joy, and sit at your table with gladness, says the Father, for this is your coming out season.  This is your coming out time and you are not coming out empty handed.  I will cause you to sow in the land and reap the hundred-fold return in the same year.  This is a year of abundance.  No more being put to flight by fear for I AM blessing you IN PLACE.  Refuse to run.  Refuse to bow to the enemy.  Square your shoulders and know that you are in your NOW season and My default answer toward you is yes.  Purpose this day and purpose every day to walk in alignment to My promise, for this is your portion and this is time of endearment and enlargement for you in all this, for you ARE My beloved.

1 April 2017.   The Father says today, I AM working My endearment in you this day.  I have taken you this day and I have placed you in the cleft of the rock of My protection and preservation.  I AM protecting you and I AM preserving you and nothing shall by any means harm you, for I have set you as the very pupil of My eye.  As one that would touch the pupil of your eye – know this, that My blessing and My favor that surrounds you acts on an autonomic basis without any hesitation to say YES, I will bless you and YES, I will defend you and YES, I will be there for you through the midst of the fire and bring you out without even the smell of smoke upon your garments.

You will no more go round and round about in the frustration of nothing changing or the wilderness experience being unbroken in your life.  This day – at this very moment the heavens you walk under are open heavens where the blessings pour down and that which you decree rises up before you in spontaneous manifestation of My promise and My faithfulness in your life.  So go ahead and measure.  Go ahead and place the plumb line of My promise and the metric of My words that I have spoken to you against the boundaries of your own experience.  See that I have caused you to break out on the right hand and upon the left and established you this day as that one in whom the diadem of My goodness is being fully made manifest.


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