The Father Says Today – December 2013


31 December 2013:   The Father says today don’t look back.  Don’t take your eyes of the rails of the purpose that I have set before you.  The Father says let the past go.  Forgive, release, and bless.  As the locomotive clicks down the rail so let FORGIVE-RELEASE-BLESS be the staccato pattern of your forward momentum in this great plan I am unfolding in your behalf.  Your sound in the heavens is a sound of progress and momentum toward destiny says the Father.  Forgive-release-and-bless will thrust you forward into the coming year and accelerate you into the newness of life that awaits you there.

I have seen the things that you have gone through.  Your set backs and woundings have not escaped My eye.  I say to you refuse to allow those things to even give you pause for I working with you both to will and to do my good pleasure.  I am moving by My hand even NOW to heal and to restore and to correct says the Father.  I know the way through the wilderness and this is your coming out day.  I am bringing you out as the bride out of the wilderness who was terrible as an army with banners and you will not be empty-handed.  Your hands will be full of the spoils of conquest and the enemy of your soul following behind in abject defeat.

30 December 2013:    The Father says today that I haven’t called you to be successful I have called you to be obedient.  Purpose in your heart today to define your life by obedience to My voice and let Me concern Myself with what success looks like.  I am taking you on a path that you will not have time to sit down and think “what is the best way to go about this….”  This is GOD-SPEED ACCELERATION TIME and you are going to be called upon to act many times without pondering or thinking ahead.  Do not allow your head to hinder your heart from transcending failure and walking in the victory I have apportioned to you.  You have ventured in My kingdom before and you have set out to do exploits and the results have seemed mixed.  Many times your best efforts have been a misfire and seemed like failure.  All of this is in My hand therefore refuse for your part to judge before the time.

Do you fear making a mistake?  Know this says the Father that I will make your mistakes to be far more profitable than the things that other people do when they think they getting it right.  Your life is seriously going to be like a roller coaster at times and the G-forces at work would throw many right off the ride.  But know this says the Father I have My hand on the tiller of your life and I will keep you safe and bring you to success beyond what you could ever ask or think.  So don’t be afraid to make a mistake for I am with you and I will bless everything you put your hand to.

29 December 2013:   The Father says today that it is My goodness that leads you to My path for your life. That path is a path of enlargement, increase and promotion. There are those who have stood by waiting for you to fail. Do not allow the mockers to distract you or the spirit of mockery to discourage you. The broken relationships that have weighed you down are under My scrutiny and My hand is there at work. Purpose in your mind to walk wisely and prudently before those who have enmity toward you and do not allow them to set the agenda for your life by their misrepresentations and outright lies. When they prattle and rage let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth. Refuse to step out of love for a step out of love is a step into failure.

It is My GOODNESS that is leading those fractured, broken people in your life to repent. Set the example therefore before them says the Father. Be one who is quick to repent and quick to change. Let change be embraced in your thinking and reflected in your choices. Let the public face you put on your own life be one of shame-facedness and humility and change. Allow Me to fix your apologizer Be quick to apologize and do not worry about what that makes you look like to others. When you defend your reputation before others you are in effect deconstructing your credibility in heaven. Man’s honor is fleeting and fickle but the approbation I will heap upon your life will be lasting and unimpeachable as you maintain yieldedness and humility against all of the lies of the enemy.

28 December 2013:   The Father says today set your affections upon me and not on things of earth.   Do not be distracted by the sights and sounds around you or the reports of those who erroneously think they are in the know.  Most of the things that the people of the world make such a high priority honestly do not matter says the Father.  It is My kingdom that shapes your future and assures your path and not any other thing.  As you seek the kingdom I will activate in you the Matthew 6:33 dynamic and I will add all of those things that you have wondered about and that you prayed for.

Purpose in your life therefore to be a serious, all out Kingdom seeker today.  As you rise up every day let it be your resolve to say in your heart: “what does seek the kingdom look like today?” Then pursue that will all your being. In so doing you will come crashing into the ALL THINGS BEING ADDED scenario. I will bless you with the blessing that only hints at the greater things to come for My favor is already upon you in extreme measure.

27 December 2013:    The Father says today that I am leading you by My peace and by My joy.  Reasoning and logic and man’s understanding will not take you where I have intended you to go this day.  It will be necessary to set aside the rigid, structured approach to problem solving that you have applied in the past.  Miracles are not rational.  You will not birth the miracles you long for with a slide rule and a calculator.  My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are past finding out by intellectual inquiry

You are going to have to get detached from your sense-ruled mind in order to cooperate and to align yourself with My plan and my purpose.  There is a radical shift coming up in your life in the coming year.  I will be the originator but it falls upon you to be the initiator by your obedience to My voice.  It will be frustrating to feel like you’re not in control.  Do you trust Me?  Let Me take it from here.  Let Me take you where your head will not go.  Let me take you where your heart will soar to ascendancy in My kingdom.  It is time.  This is your hour and not another.  Trust Me and step out beyond feet and hands and let your wings take you aloft in My purposes.

26 December 2013:   The Father says today don’t look at the darkness, look at the morning spread on the mountains.  Dark days come and dark days go but My faithfulness is the one constant that will shield and protect and provision you from every challenge.  Do not allow the threats of the enemy and the evil reports of shortsighted men cause you to react or to be alarmed in any way.  Am I not the water from rock?  Am I not the manna every morning?  In your life I will continually be the cloud by day and the fire by night.  I will ward off and remove far away from you the scourge that flies at noon day and the terror that lurks by night.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh says the Father.  Where do you take your seat this day?  Are you in the observation tower of the natural perspective that sees only problems?  Did I not command in My word that you not set ANY evil thing before your eyes?  The evil report is not INFORMATION it is a tissue of lies impugning the faithfulness of My character.  Failure is not an option when you are in Me and I am in you.  What is there to fret about?  Set aside and wholly reject the threat conscious, fear mentality that others are emulating and take upon you My mind.  Let the MIND be IN YOU that was in Me when I walked the earth.  Let the CHRIST MIND release the true clarity that leads to answers and victory and empowerment in your life today over every obstacle.

25 December 2013:   The Father says today that angels are accompanying you today.  Just as angels attended the birth of the Son so they have attended you throughout your life . In a thousand instances you have been spared, protected and shielded from calamity.  They have upheld you and intervened when outcomes could have been much worse.  There are accidents that didn’t happen and assaults that did not take place because of the intervention of these unique creations of heaven.  They gather around you just as they gather around the throne for they are drawn to the glory.

Angels are drawn to My glory and I have placed My glory on the inside of you.  When the angels behold the glory they cry “Holy, Holy, Holy!”  Angels attend My glory wherever it is found.  As I said in My word, I have placed the HOPE of GLORY on the inside of you.  Therefore the angels know your coordinates every moment of every day for it is the glory they attend.  So open your spiritual senses today that I might show you the watch care with which I am attending you says the Father.  Never allow the enemy to place filters of self-pity and isolation over you for they blind you to My ever constant love that over shadows you moment by moment!

24 December 2013:   The Father says that that I have placed favor upon you not just for spiritual blessing but for natural increase. I am teaching you the truth that MONEY MOVES BY THE SPIRIT. Poverty is not a part of My value system says the Father. Heaven is not on a budget and meeting your needs is a line item in the financial plan of My kingdom. I will now teach you says the Father how to handle money in such a way that others will puzzled and yes astonished at the end results I bring from your acts of faith and trust in Me in this area.

I will break the hand of oppression in the earth says the Father. I will bring again into the earth the value of brotherly love and mutual concern for those around you. Let yourself be the trend-setter and I will see to you that you become a first partaker of the transfer of the wealth that is now breaking through. Others that are limited by a calculator or a bank balance will shake their head in disbelief at the favor I’m releasing upon you. Give without expectation upon man for as you give I am going to open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings upon you that you cannot contain.

23 December 2013:   The Father says today keep your focus upon who I am in your life and not on the distractions around you.  I know the path you take.  I am ever aware of each and every challenge that you face.  Do not allow your eye to be drawn aside to this problem or that trial for I am at hand and will guide you through and over all difficulty.  Remember this says the Father that you are where your attention takes you.  If you allow yourself to be emotionally compromised by the ups and downs of your life you will always live on a roller-coaster of insecurity.

So be anchored in Me this day says the Father.  It matters not what others think or say.  They are ultimately not in control of your destiny.  Do not allow hurtful words or vain threats to steal your joy or your composure.  If I choose to bless you and give you peace then what person or situation can change that?  Set your affections and your attention upon Me this day says the Father.  Know that My inexorable and eternal purpose is to see that you experience the full benefit of the sacrifice of Calvary!

22 December 2013:     The Father says today make it your determination to make a memory for all those around you.  During this holiday season give without expectation and love without limits.  Find those who are weighed down and distracted by their own self interest and give yourself to them unreservedly.  Dare to forgive and to ask forgiveness without any signal that you will be accepted.  Give of yourself as I gave those centuries ago.  Give of your acceptance to those who have rejected you and of your approval to those who have misjudged and maligned you.

Clear the air says the Father and release those who have retaliated against you and treated you unkindly.  Pick up the phone, write that card, pick up your keys and go be the difference in someone’s holiday season.  Set the parameters for a year of unparalleled breakthrough and blessing because you wiped the slate clean and began afresh and anew with every relationship and connection.  It isn’t about what is deserved or who was right or wrong.  I know there are consequences and questions and unresolved, even brutal suffering that needs to be addressed but LEAVE that to Me says the Father.  Launch into love.  Launch into love says the Father and I will see to it that you land in your highest heart’s desire.

21 December 2013:   The Father says today press into the pressure that is pressing you for I am bringing you to a new assignment.  Many times people give their life to Me and they say “God I will go where you want me to go and I will do what you want me to do…”  Do you know how many times I have heard that and was refused when the time came?  You are one of those who have definitively deposited your destiny in My hands.  I have looked within your heart and I see that you ARE willing to comply even under pressure.

Are you ready says the Father?  Are you willing?  You are not one destined to have a pedestrian, pedantic religious experience.  I have given you feet like hind’s feet that you might scale the elevated geography of my Spirit and see things around you with a perspective that others do not see.  I am delivering you from the fear of heights says the Father.  I will cause you to hope with an audacity that others will label presumption and foolishness.  But the foolishness of man is a definition of the wisdom that originates in the depths of My heart.  Those things that men call folly I will bring to fruition and substance in your life says the Father with signs and miracles and wonders!

20 December 2013:   The Father says today that I am scribing myself in you and I am writing my story on the scroll of your days.  Even as you have had your times in the Garden of Gethsemane I have prepared for you the table of celebration.  The time is even at the doors says the Father so rejoice in expectation.  I saw when you cried out “not my will but thine be done…”  I took notice and laid in store a sure recompense in your behalf.  You have had the times of carrying the cross of obedience when you wanted to do something else but know of a surety that I am bringing you to resurrection power.

I will cause you to know what it means in the scriptures to be seated with Christ in heavenly places far above all principality and power.  You will surely know what it is to pray with authority to speak with audacity like the apostles when they told the Pharisees we would rather obey God than man.  Do not listen to your critics . Do not listen to those who don’t see you the way I see you.  You are not who they claim you are and you haven’t done what they claim.  My truth in your life will out live their live says the Father for My favor is your defense and your ongoing provision this day!

19 December 2013:   The Father says that some people love me with all their heart and some people love me with their mind.  You are in a season where you are loving Me with your mind.  You have wondered have you erred or failed in some way because you have not sensed My presence as before.  This is by My design and My purpose.  You haven’t done anything wrong.  There are seasons when I withdraw My manifest presence that I might capture your mind and teach you the revelatory things that escape you when you are distracted by My glory.  This will not last says the Father.  Relax and open your mind and delve into My word.  There will come the moment when those seemingly dry words will leap to living truth and life and you will see the answers you have been crying out for in times past.

In some ways you have sold yourself short when it comes to quality of the intellect and I put on the inside of you says the Father.  There are times that you wish you could have excelled in My knowledge beyond that which you actually did but it wasn’t that you could not learn.  I am about to excite you, I am about to bring the epistles before you in a revelatory way and open the windows of heaven.  I will cause the breath of the Holy Spirit to fill and to flood the room where you sit before Me.  Allow me to teach you.  Allow me to take your mind and correct you and guide you fill you with my knowledge.  I said the knowledge of the Lord will fill all the earth and my knowledge will fill all of your earth says the Father and with the knowledge comes the glory and with the glory comes transformation and miracles.

18 December 2013:   The Father says today that you are a worshiper ordained to My courts.  Even as Miriam of old was a worshiper so I have mantled and anointed you to bring forth the sacrifices of praise and honor in My house.  There is a difference between a true celebrant and a performing spirit says the Father.  My calling upon you is to bring oblations before Me that constitute the sweet smelling savor that moves My hand to act.  As you worship so I act. I act in your behalf and in behalf of those you pray and care about.  Worship is not vain religious form but an act of intimacy whereby I bring you step by step closer to Me.

When Miriam took up timbrel and harp she was not concerned with the entertainment value of that wish she was doing.  When you worship, mountains are moved and armies of the enemy are destroyed.  As you worship destinies are launched and futures are changed.  This is worship as warfare says the Father and this day I have armed and equipped you for the battle.  Open your mouth wide even in the company of other believers.  Open your mouth and sing the war hymns of the kingdom.  Some of these are songs you can find the lyrics.  Other songs will come directly out of your spirit.  I will give you anthems says the Father anthems of power and transformation for that is your portion and that is your connection to My kingdom purpose.

17 December 2013:   The Father says today that joy is your portion and laughter is My gift to you.  Laughter and lightness of heart are the gift I give to release to you My joy, My peace and My love.  I will not allow you to live without joy.  Let go says the Father.  Forgive, release, bless, move on past the hurts and disappointments and wounds of the past.  My joy is the ointment of recovery and healing that I am pouring into your spirit when it is wounded.  Rejoice says the Father. Rejoice and be joyful and be at peace.  Those problems and assaults of the enemy against you will be brought to dust and ashes for I am on task and the provision has already been made on your behalf.

The joy I give says the Father is not an anemic joy neither is it the mirthless laughter of the world.  The joy I give you is a fountain that bubbles up from the depths of your being for it is in those inner recesses where I live and dwell and have My being within you.  Receive the joy says the Father.  Say within yourself that you will not live without joy.  I am releasing a fresh draught to you and filling you with the choicest vintage of My heart.  This joy that I accord you was pressed out on the wine vats of Golgotha and delivered to you by My hand. D rink says the Father.  Drink deeply and laugh.  Drink deeply and rest and rejoice and know that I am here with you now and you have nothing to fear.

16 December 2013:   The Father says today put your expectations on My faithfulness.  Look not on the inevitability of natural circumstances but the supremacy of the eternal life I have placed within you.  Salvation is so much more than assurance of a home in heaven says the Father.  My eternal life is an irreducible fountain of strength and life and blessing.  Draw from the wells of salvation this day. Drink from My fountain by your faith.  The exercise of your faith activates and releases My grace and power and favor.

Teachers of religion suggest a performance based approach to My blessing but I say to you that it is not possible for you to earn that which I freely give.  Some may say does it not matter that we work and earn and conduct ourselves in a godly fashion?  Know this says the Father that everything I expect of you is produced not by religious striving but by ongoing intimacy and communion with My Spirit. Trust and rely and pursue says the Father and I will imbue your heart and your character with the fullness of My holiness and grace.  You will reflect My heart as you see Me and as you see My says the Father you will most assuredly be like Me.  That is the key to fulfilling the full scope of My expectations on your person.

15 December 2013:   The Father says today that I am establishing you the heart of a servant within you.  The Father says I am establishing a servant’s heart within you that I might give you a son’s reward.  I am bringing a new mantle of entitlement over you that you might with confidence take hold of the promises that were established by the blood of the cross 2000 years ago.  I said in my word that you are a living epistle.  You are a living epistle written by My hand.  Your chapters of your life do not comprise not a classical tragedy but a testimony of success victory and overcoming.

So let not your heart be distracted when others around you fail to serve or to be about the Father’s business, for the reward is not theirs but yours My child.  I am sending angelic assistance to come alongside and open doors of opportunity for you.  Let your life be poured out like a drink offering for as you pour out of your limitedness and limited resources I will pour out of my irreducible and eternal benefits and blessings and power in a new way and a broader capacity than you have ever experienced says your God.

14 December 2013:   The Father says today that this is the season and the time for you to dream a bigger dream.  There are things that you have asked Me for that have been long in coming because it is necessary to relinquish to Me the process and simply trust Me for the outcome.  Let your heart refrain from considering HOW I will do the things I have promised and simply know that they will SURELY come to pass.  Keep your eye on the prize that is awarded to those that run with faithfulness and fidelity to My purpose the course I have set before them.

You have asked and requested and I have heard you for this is the time appointed.  I will affirmatively enlarge your coast and increase your boundaries.  I will cause you to know your territory and to claim your borders.  In those areas that your life has seemed unfairly bounded and limited know this that I am not limited and will cause you to rise above the waters of adversity and rejection.  I am not limiting you but am enlarging you.  I am expanding the spiritual geography of your life and I’m giving you the warrior spirit to go slay the giants and overcome the obstacles to bring you into the greatest of My purpose for your life.

13 December 2013:   The Father says today that I am an EVER PRESENT help in your time of need. Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will not trifle with you I will ANSWER YOU and that right speedily.  I will not delay says the Father so there is no need to run for cover or try to manage the problems before you with natural wisdom or a delaying action as though I am not in your midst.  I am your God and I am in your midst as your God.  I never sit before you as a spectator or some aloof observer.  I have acted, I am acting and I will continue to act in your defense and in your favor.

So go ahead and rejoice.  Go ahead and dance.  Go ahead and enter into rest and breath the sigh of relief for I am pushing the pressure of the enemy out and bringing the pressure of My kingdom and My blessing together in your behalf.  Can you feel My touch?  The touch of My hand is all that is necessary.  I am not a far off God . I am near in proximity to you and My hands are open and My heart is willing.  Trust Me.  Expect My goodness to be manifest as your portion this very day.

12 December 2013:   The Father says today follow me and I will MAKE YOU.  You are going to move from insignificance and questioning to purpose and power.  I am going to use you as one to combat religious pretense and foolishness.  Be strong and hold not back . Do not be hesitant to put your word and your influence on the corrupt situations I am illuminating before you.  You are going to expose religious spirits and point people out of a state of hypocrisy and into deeper relationship with Me.  I am imparting a mantle and a garment to you of authenticity and intimacy.  It is not for you alone but it will become a tent even a spiritual firmament above and around you that many will seek out and come to fresh intimacy and relationship with Me.

I am enabling you to try those who say they are this or that or have this gift or that gift and they will be exposed as fraudulent ones.  This is the day that I will no longer allow My people to be held captive or to be abused in any way.  Open your mouth. Be forthright and willing.  My people will be willing in the day of My power and My power is always released toward the purpose of bringing freedom and liberty to many.  This is your portion and this is your authority so be quick to obey and bold to act for I am with you and I will never leave or forsake you in the midst of the fray and the battle.

11 December 2013:   The Father says today that I am the Alpha and the Omega.  I am the Author and the Finisher.  That which I have begun in your life I will keep safe and I will finish.  Fear not says the Father for My hand is at work to do My good pleasure.  My good pleasure is expressed as your highest happiness and My greatest purpose.  These are not mutually exclusive.  There is no contradiction between My purpose and those things your heart aches for.  I am causing a fresh wind to blow in your life  this day.  Turn into the current of what I am doing today and let the things of the past go by the wayside.

Yesterday’s Manna will not strengthen you for today’s challenge says the Father.  But I have laid in store for you all that is needful to face this day’s challenge.  Refuse in your heart to allow any consciousness of weakness or lack to cloud your vision or dim your confidence in any way.  Those things that I have authored in you through My promise will be finished by My faithfulness and you will not be ashamed or turned back from the purpose that I have planted in your heart. Trust, rest, go forth in confidence.  I am with you, before and beside and within you.  I am your stay and your buckler and you will overcome.

10 December 2013:    The Father says today that I will make your land a delightsome land.  I will cause you to be as those that dreamed for all of My goodness that I will bring to bear upon you in this season.  Allow the benchmark of your expectation to be upon My word and not upon things that are past.  I am initiating change in your life says the Father in the very areas where it is needed most.  As change comes things will look unstable and uncertain, but refuse to be troubled.  Trust says the Father trust and obey and you will see the positive and fruitful outcome of faithfulness and blessing.

I place no premium upon suffering, deprivation or lack.  That isn’t what you have been taught or what the wise counselors of religious authority claimed.  Know this says the Father that those who are ambiguous about My promises do so at their own peril and the detriment of those unfortunate enough to listen to their platitudes and rationalizations.  Faithfulness is My basic nature and I honor My word above My name.  So lean on My word and lean on My promise and set your expectations into the rarified atmosphere of impossible blessing for that is exactly what I have slated for you in this season says the Father.

9 December 2013:   The Father says today don’t look back. Don’t look to the things that are behind you but look to the things that are ahead. The furrows you have ploughed of disappointment and frustration are behind you. I am shifting you today from a ploughman into a reaper. Make haste and let go of all disappointment for disappointment and disillusionment will deny you access to the NEW LEVEL and NEW PURPOSE that I have already opened to you.

Let GO says the Father. Relinquish the past and embrace the new promise of My purposes in your life. Forget the things that are behind. Press into the glory that is ahead. In so doing I will cause you like Enoch to be caught up to a new geography of Spirit that you have not known neither have you seen but it is nonetheless a spiritual territory that I have given you the title deed unto!

8 December 2013:   The Father says today that there are no cookie-cutter Sons or Daughters in My kingdom.  I haven’t called you to look like or act like or emulate ANYONE else says the Father.  I have determined that you will reflect My glory in your own unique and singular way.  The mantle I have crafted for you will not fit comfortably until you jettison all false and illegitimate authority that imposes it’s will or its religious agenda upon you.

Determine in your heart today to be a Father-pleaser above all things and I will bring you out to the high-ways and by-ways where the real work of the kingdom gets done.  You will be a threat to the status quo and you will get criticized but LISTEN TO MY VOICE and not the voice of another.  The truth always outlives the lie and the truth of WHO I AM in you will not only make room for you but will vindicate you as you purpose to do ONLY what you see your Father do!

7 December 2013:    The Father says today that your warfare is ended.  You have struggled with yourself and argued and wrestled but I am bringing you to a place of rest.  You shall rest and in the resting enter into a new and accelerated time of fruitfulness and blessing.  You see says the Father in My kingdom REST is not INACTIVITY.  When you enter into the rest that I have provided – then the works of your hands are doubled back to you in increasing fruitfulness.  Learn this says the Father.  Learn this and know it as the key dynamic by which I answer prayer and make all things new for you every morning.

Set aside the cares and the complaints and the opinions even the opinions of others.  They have said that My word doesn’t work.  They have crafted bodies of theology to explain what it is My fault they can’t get their prayers answered.  Reject all such thinking says the Father.  Let Me be your truth and your life and your access to greater treasuries than man in his limited self-excusing disposition can ever know.  This is your day says the Father.  Your blessing time has come!

6 December 2013:   The Father says today that the currency of man is a weak and anemic resource in a time of trouble. I am causing you this day to be flush with the currency of the kingdom. The wallet that I give you is one that waxes not old. The account that you are drafting to meet you need does not know any insufficiency. This is a new day and a new economy says the Father, even the economy of My kingdom. Partake and rejoice. Partake and rest in the knowing that I am the provision for every need and I’m not on a budget neither am I stingy with My goodness.

In 2014 you are going live in dependency on Me like never before. I will see to it that you taste – YES that you taste and see and partake and know My faithfulness in every area of your life. So settle in to the secret place of the Most High says the Father. Come without complaint or concern you can check every worry at the door for I am the God who is capable and willing and working to bring about every promise I have made to you in My word.

5 December 2013:   The Father says let the heavy burden of self-recrimination be lifted off of you today.  There are self-imposed burdens you are struggling under that I have not set upon your shoulders.  Allow yourself this day to come to yoke easy burden light.  This day I break off of you the false balance and the false weights and burdens imposed by the lie of the enemy.  It is time to still the echo of accusation that has even come from those closest to you.  It is time says the Father to wash yourself from the contamination of guilt and unkind words that have been spoken over you.

Forgive, release, bless and move on to a higher place of freedom from every lie of the enemy (wherever it arises from – even trusted companions).  I am bringing you to rest in the threshing floor says the Father.  I am threshing out My purpose in the earth and in your life.  You will participate in the harvest and rest in the garner as I gather into safety every precious thing that you have been so overly concerned about.  Cast the care on Me says the Father you are closer to deliverance and breakthrough than you know.

4 December 2013:   The Father says to you that My Name Jehovah-Rapha – Your Healer will be known in your life.  I have covenanted Myself with you to bring deliverance not just spiritually but across the full spectrum of your life including the physical.  Your body was not created for sickness or pain or disease.  To your body this day I speak PEACE BE STILL.  May the storm of stress and debilitating conditions be calmed and may restoration come.  I am restoring health to you and will bring healing through you.  The good news of your own physical recovery by the blood of the cross will be the gift that you are empowered to give to others.

Miracles, signs and wonders in the physical body will become your familiar environment says the Father.  It will from this day forward become commonplace for prayers of healing to be answered by the fire of God to recover and redeem physical bodies.  Don’t hesitate to pray or stand on My promises for yourself and others.  This is your portion and this is that aspect of My own character that you will sow like seed into the hearts and lives of others and they will partake and be renewed from head to toe.

3 December 2013:   The Father says today that I am fulfilling ALL righteousness in your life.  Did you hear what I said? Not just some, not just a measure but I am fulfilling ALL righteousness in your life and bringing you to FULL entitlement from My throne.  There are those even as John the Baptist when I was immersed in the Jordan who hesitate to be a part of My entitlement process.  Do you remember what I told John when he resisted?  Allow it to be so to fulfill all righteousness.  Do you understand that what John saw was not his cousin but rather the glory of God in Me at that moment?  I have placed that same glory in you.  The CHRIST ANOINTING is in you in substance THIS DAY says the Father just as it was IN ME that day and abides in Me still.

If John could see who I am in you he likewise know that he was unworthy to touch what I have placed within you.  I have invested the Christ anointing in you that you might come to the full measure of My stature in the earth in THIS generation.  Are you ready? Be prepared to endure many things and instill you into many processes that have nothing to do with your standing before Me but are NECESSARY to accomplish My assignment through you in the earth.  Give Me radical cooperation this day.  Defer not to obey says the Father and I will manifest My glory and bring My delivering hand over every aspect of your life and the lives of many.

2 December 2013:   The Father says today that I am fulfilling ALL righteousness in your life.  Did you hear what I said?  Not just some, not just a measure but I am fulfilling ALL righteousness in your life and bringing you to FULL entitlement from My throne.  There are those even as John the Baptist when I was immersed in the Jordan who hesitate to be a part of My entitlement process. Do you remember what I told John when he resisted? Allow it to be so to fulfill all righteousness. Do you understand that what John saw was not his cousin but rather the glory of God in Me at that moment? I have placed that same glory in you. The CHRIST ANOINTING is in you in substance THIS DAY says the Father just as it was IN ME that day and abides in Me still.

If John could see who I am in you he likewise know that he was unworthy to touch what I have placed within you. I have invested the Christ anointing in you that you might come to the full measure of My stature in the earth in THIS generation. Are you ready? Be prepared to endure many things and instill you into many processes that have nothing to do with your standing before Me but are NECESSARY to accomplish My assignment through you in the earth. Give Me radical cooperation this day. Defer not to obey says the Father and I will manifest My glory and bring My delivering hand over every aspect of your life and the lives of many.

2 December 2013:   The Father says today that your task is to be about your Father’s business.  When I was in My earth walk I didn’t wait for complete maturity or opportunity to be about the Father’s business.  Still a young boy I was yet in a growth pattern when I put Myself in the very heart of religious opposition and boldly spoke My Father’s wisdom to the very men who would conspire to bring about My death.  Stop waiting for the perfect occasion or perfect maturity.  Waiting and watching for the perfect moment will rob you of your testimony and deny you the early victories that are your portion from My hand.

It is time to step up says the Father.  It is time to set caution aside and refuse to be a careful failure.  Timidity is not a virtue when your breakthrough is a breath away.  Do not yield to intimidation or the considered opinion of those who have never and will never endorse acts of audacious faith.  Failure is not an option says the Father.  I am with you and I will never forsake you.  Be bold and of a good courage and this day you will take the victory and the enemy will leave the field in shame and defeat!

1 December 2013:   The Father says today that I will cause you to know the day of your visitation.  This day I open the heavens above you and break up the fountains of the deep at your feet.  I declare this day that as you petition so you shall decree.  As you decree so shall you declare.  The angels assigned to you from your mother’s womb do always behold My face and they see in My face the affirmative response of My heart to the cry of your heart.

I am come this day says the Father to sit as a refiner’s fire and fullers soap and I will thoroughly purge and cleanse and bring you to rest at My threshing floor. I will thresh out the contamination of fear and unbelief and give you the good word of My provision and love and unmerited favor toward you.  I will cause you to see My face for I have prepared a place for you here by Me and by Me you shall find solace and security and stability that man cannot rob from you.



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  1. Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth for your confirmation. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God- You are awesome Lord thank you. Bless you and thank you for awesome encouragement so as you speak Oh Lord let it be.