The Father Says Today – June 2017

Daily prophecy for June 2017, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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June 30, 2017.   The Father says today, that your gifting is making room for you.  Jabez cried out and petitioned Me to enlarge His coast.  I granted his request and I will grant yours.  Though you have felt hemmed in and much disregarded, I have placed the gift of heaven on the inside of you.  I have anointed you and I have called you to ministry purpose.  You are not just some random person walking through life without a connection to My purpose.  I have brought you to the kingdom for such a time as this.  I have called you.  I have anointed you.  My unction is upon you.  Fear not those who do not see you as I see you.  Do not concern yourself with those who don’t seem to understand what I have anointed you to do.  Do not meddle with those that are ignoring you – go and pour yourself out to those who are hungry.  I have called you to the hungry, says the Father – not to those that are full.  When those that are invited refused to come, I sent out into the highways and the byways.  Are you willing to go out – ALL THE WAY OUT, in order to fulfill My call on your life?

This is your calling out time, says the Father.  No more frustrating yourself over the fact that this person or that group does not recognize your calling.  That pursuit is a vanity and a misdirection of the enemy.  Forget what men think.  Never mind that others are not paying attention.  I say to you, be a vessel poured out.  Find those that are wounded and bleeding.  Find those among the unwashed masses that are willing to hear, that are looking for answers.  Go out this day and give yourself to the felt needs of those around you.  It isn’t necessary to sell others on what you have to say.  The constituency I have called you to will need little convincing, for I will go with you confirming the word with signs following.  John the Baptist did not find success on Solomon’s porch in the temple.  He went to the banks of the Jordan and cried out – and multitudes gathered to him.  Are you willing?  Are you prepared?  Then you know – now you KNOW what you must do!

June 29, 2017.   The Father says today, that My gifts are available in your life.  The nine gifts of the Spirit are not Holy Ghost parlor tricks given for the mere amusement of My people.  I have given you the fullness of My Spirit that you might deploy them as weapons of war against the enemy of your soul.  Receive this day the hearing of God to begin even now to acutely hear My voice and know what is going on around you from My perspective.  You will not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices.  I will speak to you and reveal to you his lies and plans that you might thwart all the work of the devil by the power of My word.  Receive this day the greater activation of My voice in your life says the Father.  Step out this day expecting to move in gifts of knowledge, utterance and yes even healing and deliverance.  The enemy will be exposed and My name will be exalted as you boldly obey that which I have called upon you to do this day.

This is a time of a greater activation of My gifts in your life.  I AM an increasing the activation of the Spirit of Christ that lives on the inside of you.  Christ in you is the hope of Glory.  You are not dependent on finding someone else who moves in My power to get your answers.  I have empowered you.  I did not die to relate to you only through the experience or gifting of another.  I have placed My habitation IN YOU and it is IN YOU and THROUGH YOU that I will be made manifest in this hour.  Receive the greater gifting of your God through the Holy Ghost this hour.  Know that you are a conduit of My grace and My ability and it is in you that My name will be known and glorified in the earth says the Father as you obey and yield to all that I am purposing to make manifest in your life!

June 28, 2017.   The Father says today, that money moves by the Spirit.  Money is not evil.  Men mistakenly say money is the root of all evil.  Money is not the root of all evil.  Money moves by the Spirit in the hands of those destined for the transfer of the wealth in the end times.  When I said “you are the salt of the earth” I was saying you, in your person, are the currency of My Kingdom, for in those days men were paid in salt.  When I said follow Me, and I will make you …, I was saying follow Me and I will spend you – from the treasuries of heaven into the needs of lost humanity.  Are you spendable?  Are you willing to be the currency of My Kingdom, spent lavishly in love upon the needs and struggles of unwashed humanity?  Get your eyes off what you do not have and begin to think in the limitlessness of My resources.  Be a vessel poured out.  Give and give with abandon.  Know that My resources will find you and fund you as you make yourself, your whole self in every area, fully available to Me.

In ancient times men took a vow of poverty, and that vow has corrupted My church and My people.  They rail and dispute over a pittance, and turn their eyes blindly from the abundance that I came to bring them.  Life and life more abundantly are yours in the provisions of the cross.  That is not just spiritual riches as the obscene doctrines of men have contended.  Beloved, I became poor so that you could be rich.  My pillow was a stone so that your nail could be fastened in a sure place.  My garment was gambled away so that you would be clothed with a robe of righteousness and a ring of authority on your finger.  Reject and renounce the poverty mentality that has polluted My people.  Become not just a repository of resources to your own need, but a conduit of blessing out to ministry purpose and out to the needs of those around you that are hungry and thirsting.  I say again be spendable.  Be bendable.  Be pliable to My purposes and great will be your reward of My Father in heaven.

June 27, 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM the God that never planted anything in a row.  I AM the qualifier and not man and not even your own opinion of yourself.  I do not use those who seek in vain to qualify themselves, neither do I use those that others qualify.  I AM your qualification, says the Father.  As I pit you against the impossibilities in your life, you will see a new fresh outcome where there has been defeat and disappointment in times past.  The Father says, I AM going to use you like a billboard. You are going to be a poster child for the incongruous way in which I do things that nobody expected that I would do.  Men will look on and be amazed at that work I AM bringing about in your life.  There will be pressure, says the Father, for it is through great pressure that you enter the Kingdom, even My Kingdom and break out into righteousness, peace and joy.  Stop complaining about the pressure – the pressure is the prelude to the breakout into all you have asked and petitioned Me for.

Remember that I am God in your life and I can do anything I want anytime I want and I do not have to check with ANYBODY.  I AM redefining My greatest on the inside of you.  I AM doing a redefining in your life.  The angels are bringing in the heavy earth moving equipment and you hear the shaking of those things that can be shaken until there is NOTHING left to impede the fulfillment of all that I have promised, says the Father!  I AM excavating and increasing your capacity to receive and express and embrace My fullness.  This is NOW OR NEVER time, says the Father, so BE BOLD in this hour for in the BOLDNESS is the fullness of all that you have asked Me for concerning your life!

June 26, 2017.   The Father says today, you have greatness in you.  There is nothing about you that is small or insignificant.  I AM a God of Vastness and My Immensity – IN FULL dwells on the inside of you.  As I make room for Myself in your life, I push out your personal boundaries to enlarge what is achievable and inescapable of My goodness to be poured out upon you in complete measure.  I AM that I AM, says the Father, and it is My all-encompassing ability and compassion that come together over you as an impenetrable shield of protection and glory.  Rest in that truth.  Recline in that one deep place of rest without any fear for what tomorrow holds, because all your tomorrows are written in My book and not one of them is a story of downturn or defeat.

Receive, says the Father.  Receive this day the full and comprehensive understanding that My favor surrounds you and moves with you throughout each and every day.  My favor blends itself into every transaction and every relationship that touches your life.  As you choose to be one who follows My ways, I will even make your enemies to be at peace with you and to seek your well-being.  I know that is not what you have been taught by the assemblies of the uninformed but you be a Father-pleaser and set your attention upon the assurances of My word knowing that life and life more abundantly is the ONLY outcome I have in store for you.  I AM perfecting and finalizing Myself in you until the habitation that you are of My Spirit is an exact replica of heaven come to earth in full and broad measure.

June 25, 2017.   The Father says today, there are angels assigned to you.  They count the very hairs of your head and every tear you have shed from birth till now they have carefully gathered and stored before the throne of My remembrance.  The glory I have imparted to you and released to you this day, they are tending and deferring to, because they are not looking at you, they are looking at Me.  It isn’t necessary to convince an angel to act in your life.  Before you were ever born they were created and they were assigned to specifically make mention of your name before My face forever.  Understand then, says the Father, that you will judge angels.  The angels that have watched over you from before your birth will receive reward and assignment based upon your assessment of the faithfulness with which they have discharged their duty in your life.  They are created for you – you were not created for them.  They are not in My image but you are in My image.  I have crowned you with the glory and virtue of My presence and it is that presence they are pressing into on a daily basis in your behalf.

Understand then and know that there are angels assigned to attend you everywhere you go.  Your life is attended by angels to bring about signs, and to bring about miracles.  You don’t have to follow after the angels, for they are going ahead and behind you at My command lest you dash your foot against a stone.  They are protecting you every day from all causality as you listen and attune your ear to what I AM saying and where I AM directing you.  You don’t have to accommodate the angels for they are not superior in the ranks of heaven to you.  You are seated in heavenly places in Christ.  Angels have never been seated at My right hand but you are at My right hand in Christ, oh My beloved.  You will know the angels are acting and near to you.  You are going to sense at times, even when you are alone in a room that you are not by yourself, for the angels of My presence are attending you, are standing by you.  Because of this, you will have many varied and unique experiences, for I have set My love upon you this day, to spare you and to bring you to the break through and benefit you have so long cried out to Me for.

June 24, 2017.   The Father says today – laugh the laugh of faith.  If you aren’t laughing, you are in danger of capitulating to the lie of the enemy over your life.  Laugh, says the Father!  Laugh the laugh of one who knows when the enemy does his worst,  I WILL DO MY BEST.  Be that one who completely trusts and aligns yourself with what I say happens next and not what the enemy is threatening.  I AM working in your life to confound the enemy.  I have been doing some things to confuse and create question marks to those who are looking on that do not have My perspective on your life.  Do not worry or be concerned that others do not understand what I AM doing, or even deny that what you are believing for is of Me.  The promise is not for them – so don’t waste your effort trying to bring them along.  Identify the “Lots” in your life and learn from Abraham’s mistake.  Be willing in My purposes to leave some behind in order to step into that unique walk and promise that I have laid out for you.

Find your identity in My presence, says the Father.  You are not Generation X or Generation Y or a Baby Boomer or any of those false identities.  I have made My throne within your life and caused you to be a part of the JESUS GENERATION.  Don’t look back to what was.  Don’t pine for yesterday or some distant, ephemeral dream.  What I have for you is real and substantive.  Time and happenstance have no bearing on what I AM bringing forth in your behalf.  You are neither too young or too old!  Because I AM the God of time – you have time.  I AM elongating the timeline of your life.  The span of your years is in your hand and determined by the words of your mouth.  Every one of your days is written in My book and not one of them is a tragedy or heartbreak.  Rejoice beloved!  Laugh even when you want to cry – for in the laugh of faith is friendship with God – friendship with My throne, out of which all the dust and ashes of past disappointments are redeemed and rendered into fresh blessing for you on this day’s altar of worship!

June 23, 2017.   The Father says today, make your calling and election sure.  You have a calling upon your life.  You were not brought into the earth outside of My purpose and plan.  Your life matters!  I AM not willing to do the things in the earth that I AM going to do without you!  Before you were born, while you were still in your mother’s womb I called you and put My Spirit within you to accomplish My purpose and fulfill a destiny chosen specifically for you.  Your life is not just about you and the people immediately around you.  I have made you to be a leader and a guide even to those that are wandering, instruct those that are ignorant, give strength to the weak and the love of God to those that have been marginalized and rejected.

Do not despair because of lack of understanding, or time to devote yourself further to your passion of following hard after Me.  Just keep seeking the Kingdom.  You do not have to comprehend some grand plan or mystical teaching.  If you will simply and daily just seek first the kingdom, I will take care of the details.  Just set yourself aside to My service.  Know that I will make Myself known to you and I will qualify you.  Begin by teaching your loved ones and your family My word.  Read My word to them and let it be daily manna and the water from the rock that brings refreshment to their spirits.  Do not say you are not qualified.  I will qualify you by My spirit.  I will cause you to understand and to know what to say, and as you do it will become life to others who are crying out for more.  The day is coming and now is that your whole life will be reoriented to the pursuit of My kingdom.  Be faithful to that which I have called you to do and great will be your reward says the Father.

June 22, 2017.   The Father says today, leave the results up to Me.  When I show up in your situation, My reward will be with Me.  I will recompense you for the decision you make to stay aligned with My word in your character, thought and deed.  Refuse to take matters into your own hands.  Resist complaining and murmuring.  You know that you have faith.  I have given you faith that will surely move the mountains in your life.  Do not allow that resource to be contaminated by a selfish, self-serving heart attitude.  Frustration and exhaustion arise from trying to force an outcome or control situations that are best left up to My capable hands.  Cease from your own labors.  Resist the error of demanding the recompense that only accrues to you as you faithfully serve and continually trust in My plan and purpose even when it looks like things are not working out.

This is crunch time, says the Father.  This is the place in your life where we separate the men from the boys and the true disciples from mere followers.  Peter faced this hour and sadly decided to go fishing for what I had already provided and promised to multiply in his life. I AM the one who makes happen for you what your natural mind insists you can bring about on your own.  This is leaning to the arm of flesh.  Cursed be he who makes the arm of flesh his strength.  When you look to man or to your own abilities for what I alone can provide – things will seldom work out.  Rather focus your energies and maintain your fidelity to seeking My Kingdom in all things.  Seek My kingdom in ministry portion.  Seek My Kingdom in personal pursuits.  Seek My kingdom beloved, and all those disappointments by which things have not worked out for you will be erased in the outpouring of all that I have promised to those who prioritize My Kingdom and rule in their lives, above all else.

June 21, 2017.   The Father says today, this is the hour to put away childish things.  Know this day that My favor is upon you.  It is not necessary, nor has it EVER been necessary for you to burn a candle or keep a religious icon before you in order to be blessed, safe and taken care of.  I AM not moved by such vanities.  Religious trinkets and trivialities do not move the throne of heaven in your behalf.  I have already afforded ALL TO YOU in the work of the cross.  You ARE HIGHLY FAVORED.  The price HAS BEEN PAID.  Say in yourself with finality – THE WORK IS FINISHED!  Put your confidence, not in the superstitions of the church – but in the FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS.  I AM the God of yoke easy and burden light.  I have kept My hand upon you and upon your loved ones for many years.  You didn’t come to this place in life by mistake.  This is your NOW season.  NOW is the day of your salvation and not another.  Accept it by faith and declare it is your portion.

I do not need convincing to move in your life, says the Father.  It isn’t necessary that I be talked into doing good things for you or those that you love.  I gave Jesus as a sacrifice for your sins and it is My plan and My purpose to bring you and yours into a good place, even a place of great blessing.  Therefore, when you pray – simply pray in My name with the confidence that the answer has already been dispatched from the throne.  As you pray, know that you are praying into the finished work.  I in everything you put your hand to.  Be willing to set the example of godliness and faith to those around you who are languishing in unbelief.  Expect prompt and full answers to the cry of your heart.  This is your portion and this is the work of My hand in your behalf, says the Father.

June 20, 2017.   The Father says today you do not know your own strength.  Say within yourself in the time of weakness “it is the Father in me that does the work…”  You are not weak.  You are not a weakling.  The Greater One dwells within you and all things are possible.  I have placed a spirit of excellence upon you and favor within you to get things done.  I have given you authority to persuade, require and demand that will cause things to get done and cause the deaf ears of the rebellious to hear and obey.  Ignore the weak excuses of the flesh and refuse to take no for an answer.  I AM giving you a renewed ability to require and even demand what is due.  There will be a rendering up of that which has been withheld from you.  Miracles of provision will come out of the least likely sources.  Things in your life that you thought were just a write off to experience will suddenly produce fruit and render up that which is outstanding.  Keep your expectation high and know that I AM working to close the books and seal the deal says the Father.

You have asked “what are you doing, Lord?”  I say to you that I am training you.  You are in training for reigning.  If you are willing, obedient and determined I will promote you.  I have also placed a calling upon your life in the midst of challenge and struggle at times that requires putting Me first in all things.  The enemy wants to distract you and get you off of MY plan but purpose in your heart that you will wait for My best.  Be willing to cut off the toxic relationships that only result in frustration and taxing of your patience.  Refuse to be detoured or distracted.  Continue to look to Me for the good things that I have in store for you.  There are blessings ahead for you and as you accept the pressure and the demands of greater responsibility.  New doors are opening up that are beyond your imagining.

June 19,2017.   The Father says today, well done.  Walking in My Kingdom is not an endless sojourn without coming upon landmark seasons when past assignments are fulfilled and new assignments established.  The Father says for all that lies before of My plan, learn to ascertain and appreciate when you have actually managed to hear and obey My voice.  This is where confidence is built, not in yourselves, but in My patience, and the fact that I have worked with you and shown the necessary longsuffering to bring you through the valleys and challenges that you didn’t think you would survive.  The past is the past says the Father.  Are you ready today for a new assignment?  Put your confidence in Me and not in the feeble arm of flesh.  Men will fail you every time, but I will never fail to put you over in life when your trust is in Me in all things.

No man comes to the Father unless I draw them.  I drew you.  I pulled you along with cords of a man and gave you grace to obey, and beloved, grace to continue to obey in the days ahead.  Set aside the preconceived ideas that your rationale and affections have crafted.  Man’s thoughts are not My thoughts.  I have something so much better in hand and in store for you.  Lay aside your understandings and embrace My fullest and best for you.  Be willing to serve even when you cannot see the end result.  Be willing to step out without demanding an explanation beforehand.  I AM God and I can do anything I want anytime I want and do not have to check with any one.  When you can walk with Me in that level of yieldedness and prompt obedience you will experience the immediacy of My blessing and the fulfillment of all My good will in your life in this day and in the next.

June 18, 2017.   The Father says today, you have a call on your life.  You are not a person content just to go through life living for yourself.  I have put a fire in your belly and a determination in your heart that your life is going to count for something.  Keep pursuing that passion.  Make your calling and election sure.  Do not give in to the lies of the enemy.  The enemy of your soul has offered you some pretty tempting things in exchange for what I have in mind for you.  I will always deal honestly and in a straight forward manner.  I will not misdirect or deceive you.  My plan is not a plan that will bring you to down turn.  Your gifting is at work.  Your gifting is making room for you.  I will set you in high places. You will speak to kings, nobles and potentates.

I am giving you favor with those that you need to have favor with says the Father.  Others will see your qualities and will want you by their side.  That kind of promotion can be a heady thing but you can lose it all in a moment so always keep Me first in all things.  Come out of striving and I will give you rest.  Roll over on your back in the middle of the river of life and let My current take you.  Good things are ahead.  I will show you what is on the morrow.  You will look by the Spirit and know what is coming and just what to do at the right time.  This is the trusting season, when the rapids of My goodness and the current of My favor are fast-tracking you to the center of My will for you in all things.

June 17, 2017.   The Father says today, I have put My tenderness in you.  This isn’t weakness – it is My mercy heart that I have given you.  There is tenderness in you that I can work with.  Sometimes in life you feel like you need to toughen.  There are people around you that try to take advantage – but the Father says, you can stay tender in your inner person because I AM coming to bring his spirit into a closer relationship with Mine.  There are people around you that are making illegitimate demands.  Refuse to be manipulated.  Just learn to hold all those commitments loosely and just wait on Me.  Though others try to hang on to you and lock you down into their problems and struggles – know this isn’t My highest or My best plan for you.

Just keep loving them, says the Father, on MY terms and not THEIR terms.  Be willing, says the Father, to set aside toxic and unproductive relationships and to wait for what I have for you.  I will never harm you or shame you in any way.  I have a purpose and a plan for your life.  Your starting place is in seeking a renewed commitment to all that I have for you with no strings attached.  Let Me work out the details.  Keep trusting Me for the end result.  I have promised you some things and they are coming about.  I haven’t laid aside or forgotten one thing you have asked Me for.  The best is yet to come and it is much closer than you could ever know.

June 16, 2017.   The Father says today, that you are a much better person than you give yourself credit for.  Being spiritually minded is not equivalent to tearing yourself down and putting yourself down all the time.  In your lifetime, you have known what it is to face hardship and difficulty.  Even at a very young age the enemy purposed to put you through very difficult things that would extinguish your hope and cause you to go sour on life.  Nonetheless, you held on to your joy and you held on to a simplicity of faith that has been greatly tried in your situation and in your family.  The Father says, it is time to dream the bigger dream.  You are second to none and are not disqualified.  You have nothing to bow your head in shame for.  I took your shame and took your suffering and dealt with it upon the cross. All things are new. I have made all things new in your life.

This is a new season, says the Father.  Lift up your head and be encouraged.  Get ready for blessing.  Get ready for the little things that will put a smile on your face.  Look for big things to happen that will completely shift your understanding of the intensity of My blessing that is available on the earth.  This doesn’t mean that you will not face challenge.  Even those close to you will not always understand what I AM doing.  Refuse to live out of a wounded spirit.  Stay sweet in your soul and just love others unconditionally.  Love never fails, says the Father, and you need never step out of love to get anything done.  My love is lifting you higher like the song says, and in that will come a great transformation, peace, joy beyond that which you have ever known.

June 15, 2017.    The Father says today, you are a Daniel.  As Daniel had an excellent spirit, so I have placed an excellence within you that will open doors that have been closed to you.  The Daniel integrity I have called you to is opening portals of favor beyond your wildest imaginations.  Daniel was a man who was promoted to serve the king.  That is who you are.  I AM the king and you are the king’s cup bearer.  You are called to testify and demonstrate what the cup of My suffering paid for in the lives of men.  Neither are you alone in the thing I have called you to.  Daniel had many people around him that he discipled and trained in the things of My Spirit.  You are called to learn yes, and to impart to others what you have learned, that they might stand when the fires of adversity are hot all around them.

You are called to be an example.  You are not an example of failure but an example of blessing.  Are you ready to be blessed?  Then accept this responsibility.  From this day you are to set an example for who will follow you as you follow Christ.  You are a leader.  You have leadership in you.  Those who won’t follow anyone else will follow and listen to you.  Promotion is at hand. My wisdom is guiding you that you might know what to do and when to do it.  When no one has answers, you will hear My still, small voice and know what to do and things will all work out.  Others will look and marvel when they see your prayers being answered. They will come to you for prayer.  They won’t come to someone else but they will come to you and you will make a difference in their life.  This is a huge part of the call of My Spirit on your life and as you give yourself over to it, there will be great blessing and benefit come into your situation.

June 14, 2017.   The Father says today, get ready for a course correction.  There are many choices and directions you can take in life.  Do not resist or be fearful because you do not feel in control of what happens next.  The Father says, you are stepping right now into a time in your life where even minor decisions have major implications.  Hold everything loosely.  Do not make assumptions about what to do next.  Put your ear to the track of My word and My purposes and at all cost get your life aligned with what I AM currently doing and saying in your life.  You have an ability to see in the spirit which is not psychic ability but spiritual gifting.  My sheep hear My voice.  This is not a time to second guess, but to know that you know that your life and situation is in My hands.  Step forward trusting not in your wits or your ability to handle what is ahead – but rather trusting wholly and totally on doing things MY WAY, says the Father.

The path you have found yourself on may not seem clear to you but it is one that leads you into the manifestation of being seated with Me in heavenly places far above.  I have made you a principality in the earth, says the Father, now act like one.  Open your mouth and let the rule of God proceed from your mouth.  Open your hand and let the rule of God proceed from your hand. Stand up.  Step up.  Step forth and I will enlarge the steps in your path by My rule and it will be known that I AM Jehovah God who has chosen to covenantally obligate myself in your behalf, for you are Mine, you are my child.  You were bought with a precious price – I will not squander the resource that you are in the earth.  Get ready for great things . Get ready for good things.  I will not leave you, I will not forsake you, and I will not fail you, says the Father.

June 13, 2017.   The Father says today, experience My rest.  I AM bringing a great calm over the waters of your soul.  Make it your goal to always move in calmness of spirit.  No matter what the boisterous waves of circumstance may indicate – refuse to be alarmed.  You are in the secret place of the Most High.  You have chosen contrition and humility and in doing so you stepped into the express elevator that leads to the high place where My Spirit abides.  Stay there.  Do not allow the claxon ringing of someone else’s panic to compel you out of the place of My peace.  Always, no matter what, make a priority out of spending time with Me and soaking in My presence.  I will speak to you in dreams.  I will speak to you in visions.  I will take you, even by the Spirit and I will show you what’s taking place in hidden counsels and secret things.  Battles come and battles go, says the Father.  Never move out of a sense of reaction.  Only step out when My peace leads you.

Break the tyranny of what others demand you “ought” to be doing.  Stop it!  Stop trying to meet all the demands you place on yourself and that which others place upon you.  Stay in the place of peace always.  My Kingdom IS righteousness, PEACE and joy.  It doesn’t just BRING peace – it IS peace.  Never let anything or anyone move you out of the place of peace.  I will take you through every trial.  Your situation did not develop overnight, so stop asking for instant answers.  Just walk out the process.  Things will not play out like you think, says the Father.  My thoughts are not your thoughts but you CAN trust Me for the outcome.  I love you greatly and you do not have to earn My love.  I love you because I love you.  I will never stop loving you.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  When others curse you, when others malign you, just know that I AM in charge and what man thinks will not determine the finality of all the good things I AM bringing about in your life.

June 12, 2017.   The Father says today, stop beating yourself up over past mistakes.  I took your humanity into account when I made certain promises to you – therefore My best purpose for your life is still available in spite of it all.  Self-recrimination and self-loathing is as the man cutting himself with stones in the tombs.  I spoke deliverance to that man, so I speak deliverance and liberty to you.  The Gadarene heard the word and was found sitting composed at My feet in His right mind.  You will know you are recovered when you are content to do just that.  Come and sit at My feet as Mary.  Sit at My feet and learn of the yoke easy and the burden light.

Let go of the false burden, says the Father.  Do not be the “Martha” who hides in busy-ness in order to drown out My still, small voice.  I AM not calling you to detest yourself or to recriminate yourself.  Forget the past.  Let the past go with all its mistakes and miscalculations.  You may think your past looms large over you but I AM bigger than your past.  I AM bigger in your future working to bring you to your uppermost heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  You cannot fix those things that are broken – leave that to Me.  Sit at My feet.  Breathe.  Enter into My rest.  Do you trust me?  Let me take it from here.  I will direct you and I will move and I will mend and I will manage.  I will move, I will mend and I will manage.  You are to do nothing out of reaction.  You are to do nothing in response to outward demand.  You are to wait.  You are to wait upon me.  You are to take every day, every choice, every action and lay it before me and sleep on it, believe me and ask me to come and direct you what to do.  Move forward only in the quiet confidence of the prompting of My Spirit and you will come to know the outcomes that I have promised you in My word.

June 11, 2017.   The Father says today, you will not be diminished. Your destiny is not one of diminution.  Your portion is not one of loss but of breaking through to the brighter day.  Stop measuring yourself by the metric of man’s opinion.  Small minds will never see in you what I have placed there to fulfill My purpose.  Go down inside and commune within.  There in the secret place you will discover the lens through which I looked in time immemorial at the masterpiece that you are.  I formed you.  I fashioned you.  I released your unformed substance in the earth to fulfill and to become – not to falter or fail. It is not My hand that feeds you the bread of adversity or failure.  Step out of the place of resentment.  Let the past go.  Turn your eye and your ear from the protestations of man who has no clue what I AM doing in your life.  Step up into the rarefied atmosphere of My promise and know it as your base state and the spiritual habitat set aside for you.

Go first class all the way, says the Father.  I place no premium on lack or penury.  I became poor so that you might know abundance.  I endured the nails and the thorns that you might shake off the heavy bands of restriction and step forward into the new day of My promise.  Not everyone will go there with you.  Many have imbibed the waters of Meribah and can see nothing but loss.  They have gilded the lily of the death of their dreams and want to take everyone down with them.  Reject the message of defeat.  Embrace the full promise of My word.  Abandon yourself to My purposes and the disciplines of My Spirit.  There you will be renewed and brought to a place of reviving.  No more suffocating spirit of unbelief for you.  Step out of the grave clothes of doubt and take a deep breath – a breath of hope, life and new promise.  This is your portion, says the Father, and your righteousness is of Me.

June 10, 2017.   The Father says today, that My eye searches throughout the earth to show My arm mighty.  My purpose beloved is to bear My arm in your behalf.  I AM flexing My muscle in your life to burst the bonds and break the bands that have sought to constrict you, restrict you, and bring you to ruin.  I have bound Myself to you by an everlasting covenant to seek your best welfare and benefit.  Position yourself to trust Me above all else and remain in a place of quiet confidence, yielding to My word in all things. Know that My mind wraps itself around the affairs of your life and My desire is that you prosper, that you be in good health, even as your soul prospers.  You can know that surely this is your portion.  Will I purpose a thing and it not come to pass in your life?

Impoverishment is not your portion says the Father.  How could poverty ever rule you when I said, I became poor so that you can be rich?  Will sickness possibly destroy you when I said, by the stripes of My Son you are healed?  The efficacy of the blood of Christ flows down into your life, flows down into the very pores of your body.  It flows into the very recesses of your mind, the very depths of your spirit.  My grace reaches into your past, My grace establishes your present, and is assuring your future.  Fear not those things that are on the morrow, says the Father, for I AM on the morrow with provisions that you know not of.  When tomorrow’s challenge comes, there will be a supply from the inventories of My glory.  I will supply all your needs.   I will supply all that is necessary for every need and great will be your rejoicing as you align your expectations to the promises of My word knowing that My word is ruling over every contrary condition in your life.

June 9, 2017.   The Father says today, not all despising is bad.  I despised the shame of the cross and I AM not offended when you despise those things in your life that are contrary to My promises.  Do not be distracted and do not be misled.  I didn’t say in My word to give thanks FOR all things.  I said give thanks IN all things.  Thanks for what?  Thanks for the promise to bring you out of all contradiction.  I AM working to iron out of your life every contradiction to My promise in your life.  You do not have to pretend that the suffering you are going through is not happening because it doesn’t line up with My word.  Look the contradiction full in the fact and say, “I despise you because this is contrary to My Father’s promise!”

It is time to make war on the contradictions to My promises, says the Father.  I never planned to deny you what the cross has afforded you.  Healing is yours.  Provision is yours.  Deliverance for you and deliverance for your seed!  I will deliver your seed! Your children will rise up and call you blessed because they are blessed by your testimony.  I will work in their lives because you allowed Me to work in your life.  Did you understand that?  I will work in your children’s lives and in your loved one’s lives because YOU have ALLOWED Me to work in YOUR life.  This is the mercy you have purchased to those after you, that they might be lifted up and delivered in the midst of their trial and hardship says the Father.

June 8, 2017.   The Father says today, follow Me where I take you.  Even though I take you through the eye of the needle, I will yet enlarge you and increase you with all My good promises.  Grieve not over the people, situations and things that you cannot take where I AM bringing you.  When you seek My kingdom – all things are added.  I will add to you and add to you until there is no room left to receive those things that I AM blessing you with.  The path is narrow beloved.  Though the path be narrow and all cannot go, know this that you will come into your blessing place.  In fact, as you asked and prayed and prayed this narrow place walking is what you were asking for.  When you were under pressure and cried out “I didn’t ask for this!” that was not true.  You asked for My best and My highest for your life and My love – this is the path that brings you there.

Receive the carrying of the cross of obedience.  Even as I carried My cross so you are to carry your cross.  The cross you carry is a cross but it is still yoke easy and burden light.  I took the heavy lifting.  You are never called to carry something that I died to take off of you.  That isn’t what men have taught but their words are false toward Me.  I never give you sickness because I died to remove sickness far from you.  I never give you rejection for I was rejected that you might be accepted.  I never give you poverty because I became poor so that you could be rich.  Believe the good report, says the Father and accept the narrow path and the eye of the needle that I might bring you to all that I have for you this day.

June 7, 2017.   The Father says today, My light is gone forth into all the earth.  Darkness is being dispelled.  Some I have called to come and some I have called to go.  Are you willing to go?  Are you willing to lay foundations in dark places?  Are you willing to build on bare ground and not on the foundation that another has laid?  This is the apostolic spirit that refuses to glean in another man’s vineyard.  The congregation of the unenlightened is busy building walls around that which I have declared will remain without walls.  Come out, says the Father, from the false security of religious infrastructure.  Come out to Me outside the camp that I might establish in you the unmarred, unfettered reality of just what I have called you to.

Are you willing to come out?  Are you willing to come all the way out?  Are you willing to follow Me so fully and completely that others around you will not accept you in polite company?  Are you willing to commit your way to Me so completely and go so far afield that others will not even consider you a good Christian?  I haven’t called you to be a Christian, says the Father, I have called you to follow Me.  Bind your sandals upon your feet I say to you this day.  Take your staff in your hand and let us be going, for your assignment is changing and where I AM taking you others are not invited to go.

June 6, 2017.   The Father says today, I have entered into My rest, now YOU enter into your rest.  There is a rest accorded to the community of faith this day. Men strive and seek and look furtively to experience or receive something but I say to you it is available already.  My Kingdom doesn’t come with observing and hoping for something – some day – for I say to you that I have put in your hand the instrument of your salvation.  What is that in your hand?  Why stand gazing up into heaven as though I AM not enthroned NOW in your heart and life?  You are not waiting on Me and I am not waiting on you. I am not waiting I AM working.  I AM working in you both to will and to do My good pleasure.  Acknowledge My process beloved – for it is working in you to produce highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

Say of your soul “I will not miss the mark”.  There is a high calling in the earth for all those that choose to take Me at My word.  Believest thou this?  I AM the resurrection.  I AM resurrecting things in your life that you thought were dead and buried.  There are no graveyards in heaven.   Did I not instruct to pray as in heaven so on earth?  There are no mourner’s benches in heaven.  There are no grief counselors in heaven.  Come out from among them and be separate.  Separate yourself to the positive promise that I have planted deep within you.  Sequester yourself to My promise and My promise only and THEN you will experience the shaken together running over fullness of what I have in store for you.

June 5, 2017.   The Father says today, that NOW is all I have to give you.  It is vain to look back at times past.  There is no need to look back, for I AM not the God of the past but the God of the NOW.  It is pointless to yearn in your heart for some imagined future.  All that you wish for in the future is breaking forth as seed – fruit – harvest in your now.  Can you take now for an answer?  Then why would you listen to the scribes and Pharisees that are denying you the reality of My now in your life this very day.  They point to the past and make it unavailable to you.  They preach of the future and make it inaccessible to you.  I say to you, the veil of disqualification has been rent and I AM now immersing you in the fullness of all I have promised.

Do not live below your privileges.  What you are expecting from the future is available now.  This is why I gave you and every man the measure of faith.  I have granted you fullness of My promise NOW.  Now is your time.  Now is your season.  Now is the hour of your deliverance.  Now is the day of your salvation.  Provision is yours now.  Healing is yours now.  Now chains are being broken.  Now things are shifting from the experience of disappointment and downturn to blessing and favor.  Now.  This is your now.  Accept it and walk in it, for it is your portion by My hand.

June 4, 2017.   The Father says today, abide in Me and I will abide in you.  Do you know from whence the incorruptible seed came from that I have planted in you?  That incorruptible seed of who I AM in you originated in the tree that I withheld from Adam after he sinned.  Adam partook of the tree of knowledge and I cast him out of the garden to keep him from the Tree of Life that I AM in you.  What I excluded Adam from I have offered freely to you in the person of My Only Begotten Son.  I have not only given you of the Tree of Life to partake of, I have actually planted the seed of that tree on the inside of you.  It is growing.  It is changing and transforming you into My full image this day.

Abide in Me says the Father.  I AM that vine in the center of the garden.  I AM that vintage that having received you are made whole.  Wholeness is your portion.  Healing is yours this day.  Take it and partake of it through the instrumentality of your faith.  The deeps others would deny you stand open for you to enter into.  This is where the knowledge of Me can be found.  What I have to teach you only comes by consummation and fullness, not by outward testimony.  I stand at the door and knock.  As you open to Me daily I will reshape and transform all you know until nothing of lack, fear or death will touch or hold you in any way.

June 3, 2017.   The Father says today, bring your thoughts into the obedience of Christ this day.  Then My voice will be heard clearly within and no distraction will drown out what I AM saying on the inside of you.  Reject the sons of the stranger who are attempting to connect to you.  Refuse to accept the pronouncement of men that you are a dry tree.  You are not a dry tree.  You are a fruitful branch in My kingdom.  You have fruit and you will bear fruit.  The original extract of My life is on the inside of you, influencing every outcome of your circumstance and situation.  Abundance in Me does not flow from your mind but from your heart where I sit enthroned.  The excellence is of Me, not of your own making.  It is My strength producing the outcome and you can trust that it will be certain and will not fail in any way.

This is the straight path I have set for your feet.  The spiritual senses I have given you first and foremost are there to identify who I AM in you and who you are in Me.  From the foundation of the world I descended into the lowest parts of the earth ON THE INSIDE of you.   As I walked the streets of Jerusalem 2000 years ago so I AM walking the avenues of your heart and spirit and mind this day.  I AM standing within you and declaring who I AM and who YOU ARE.  My life is asserting itself within you beloved.  I will not leave you nor forsake you in any way.  I will lift you up and establish you.  I will make Myself known in you and your life and circumstances will reflect that glory as I deliver and set free and answer every need.

June 2, 2017.   The Father says today, embrace the witness of My Spirit within you.  The testimony of lack is a false witness.  The testimony of brokenness and strife is a false witness.  These things were not originated in Me and therefore can have no hold on you in any way.  I AM one with you says the Father.  You are one with Me.  Death can no more hold you than it can hold Me.  Let My “yes and amen” of life, and life more abundantly, take hold of you this day.  Let your life – by your faith – become a net breaking catch this day.  My resurrection is in you.  I AM lifting you up and out today from the mire of contrary circumstance.  This is the day I set your foot upon the rock to stay.

Because of who I AM and what I AM doing in and through you – determine to be a witness-bearer, not of the false witness, but of the true witness.  The true witness is reflected in the promise of My word.  Others may look only at the negative, but My promise in you is YES and AMEN.  My default response to you is YES. Can you accept YES as your portion this day?  I didn’t form and fashion you in the bowels of your mother to bring you out into denial and downturn!  Step this day into the entitlement of a son!  The blood of the sacrifice on Calvary cleanses you and entitles you this day to all that heaven affords.

June 1, 2017.   The Father says today, I did not spin the worlds off into space to establish a religious expression.  I did not send Jesus to live in the earth and to die upon the cross to erect a building with a steeple on every street corner.  As I said to My son David, what house will man build Me?  What altar can man lay a sacrifice upon that would satisfy My holiness?  Yet I invited you in the shed blood of Christ to come closer and know Me as your All in All and the Father of who you are at your deepest point.  Come and drink of those resources I have placed deep within you.  Plunge into the trackless depths of who I AM on the inside of you this day.  Wash in that reality and truth and come away clean and every whit whole.

Develop within yourself the capacity to discern between the contrived and the genuine.  I seek and desire a heart offered up to Me in purity and truth.  I AM not looking for perfection but know that I will work My perfection in you.  Cast yourself adrift in the fullness of all that I have planned.  Refuse to allow what those around you think regarding your potential in Me.  I AM the God before whom nothing is impossible.  I AM the God who loves you with a fathomless love.  There is nothing small or insignificant about what I AM doing in your life.  Embrace this day all that I have planned even though you realize the magnitude of it eludes you.  Those things that you do not comprehend you can entrust to Me for I AM working both to will and do My good pleasure in you this day.


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The Father Says Today – June 2017 — 1 Comment

    !Amen Praise the Lord Alleluia!!… All faithful people of the Lord God the Most High God let us praise his name forever!. Yes for the ‘Hope of the Future’. God the Father thy Creator is preparing a hope for the future for those who believes in him and worship him earnestly. God the Father will provide his servants all what they needs in this present life as God’s Kingdom. God will provide his people with riches, honour and long life in Fiji as Christian State..
    First and foremost; God the Father will intervene and will rescue his people from their enemies in Fiji. These enemies who try to hide their plans from the Lord are doomed!.. They carry out their schemes in secret and think that no one will see or know what they are doing. These enemies of God they turn everything upside down as mentioned above.. – ‘’They totally rebels against God the Father in denying Fiji to be a ‘’Christian State’ ’I quote’’…. ‘’WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT THE PORTER OR THE CLAY’’ – ‘’GOD THY CREATOR OR THE MAN’’…
    As the saying goes, before long the dense forest will become farmland and the farmland will go back to forest!. It will be the end of those who oppress others and show contempt for God. God will destroy, those who prevent the punishment of criminals and those who tell lies to keep honest men from getting justice – BOOK OF ISAIAH CHAPTER 29:18-21..
    Na vei wekani lomani – ‘’Na Kalou ena vakarusai ira era dau saqati koya,ka dau talaidredre kina nona i vakaro’’..Era na sega ni taukena na Viti Vou – Matanitu ni Kalou..
    Au kerea mo qai wilika taucoko na vola nei – AISEA WASE daru qai qaqarauni tiko kina.
    When all enemies of God thy Creator are been removed from this land Fiji, than he will restore this land for his Kingdom on earth. God will transform his people to have a new mind and a new heart to his likeness and his image. – BOOK OF EPHESIANS 4:23-24..
    In God’s Kingdom Fiji, there will be supernatural power and divine connections; the deaf will be able to hear the book being read aloud, the blind will open their eyes and see. The poor and humble people will once again find the happiness which the Lord, the Holy God of Israel, gives…. ‘’RICHES, HONOUR AND LONG LIFE’’… BOOK OF ISAIAH 29:18-19.. ‘’HOPE FOR THE FUTURE’’
    God’s servants will take the words of God to those who are been lost. God’s people will bring deliverance; and to bring the good news to the poor, heal the broken hearted, to announce release to captives and freedom to those in prison. ‘’This is the New Fiji for God’s Kingdom purpose as Christian State’’- ‘’HOPE FOR THE FUTURE’’..
    ISAIAH CHAPTER 60:17-18.

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